Märchen Mädchen

So, confirmed cast for upcoming Märchen Mädchen audio drama include: Hazuki, Shizuka, Qazan, Lynne, Maria Rasputin, Arthur, Ariko and on

Content for three chapters of audio drama include:

EP1 "A day in Magical Academy"

Hazuki will introduce an ordinary day at Kuzunoha Magical All-girl Academy! Magical spells are tongue twister? Extraction of magical medicine from plants are super dangerous? And then at last together woth Shizuka-chan at hot spring...?

EP2 "Tinderbox"

Hazuki is now at the place where leader from each schools meet! Need to welcome all the leaders who are say absolutely nothing? Shizuka-chan please come back soon!

EP3 "Philter"

Shizuka have asked Hazuki to return an origin titled "Philter" back to the library of origins. Due to the effect of the dangerous origin, all the people meet along the way seems to become insane....?

"Bonus Track"

Free Talk "Grand Mädchen Afterschool Reflection Gatherong" will include free talks among casts afyer the main story!

To obtain the audio drama, you shall buy the limited edition of Volume 4 novel that will be released on April 25, it will come with script for these audio drama as well as download code for the audio drama. No physical discs.

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>No russain chapter.

The anime have more screentime for them than all the novel sofar combined

But where is Hazuki?

Is Häzuki coming back this week?

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In a shallow gräve.

Has this show just not aired for the last two weeks? Why?

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The animators' brains were melting from exposure to the Russians' retardation so they had to take a break.

There was an explosion and huge fire in the okinawan prefecture where the studio resides in and some of their tools were damaged apparently

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Yes. Episode preview should come today?
To improve animation quality

Text preview for episode 9 released


The First Night of Hexennacht have been ended with the end of American school vs Chinese school duel. The Japanese school team then have a training trip to home of Tsuchimikado's main family in order to prepare for the second night that would take place one week later, however Shizuka have been called out by a member of the committee of 13, and due to the certain suspicion she have been demanded to submit her origin. Shizuka is now faltering between the will to clear the suspicion and to appear with friends in the second night...

Whoever on the production team gave these kawaii bakas more time deserves our gratitude then.

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They probably decided to split it up, all other teams have some amount of plot in main or side novel while Russian team have next to no which they probably planned that foe anime, while Chinese, Indian, British team get a bit of coverage in the novel so they aren't focusing on them in the anime?

So is it airing this week?


Is this Märchen Mädchen?

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ah the op also have hires version

mora.jp/package/43000033/A60284/ for artist disc
mora.jp/package/43000033/A60282/ for anime disc

lyrics also included

Why do people on councils always have to be assholes?

It seems to be actually the same particular guy

That's how it works.

When is Hazuki going to tell her mother and sister that she has a cute girlfriend from a prestigious family?

She couldn't break her sister's heart just like that.

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