Design a cute girl

>design a cute girl
>ruin her with glasses
Why does anime keep doing this?

Even worse if it's big ugly red frames.

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this show is so fucking bad i want to break the fingers of everyone at kyoani who thinks they can make a show that isn't SoL cgdct

Was the LN as bad as the anime?

>ruin her with glasses

You're a faggot OP, glasses only make girls cuter.

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>ruin her with glasses

Literally FUCK OFF.
Glasses are her best trait, without them she just looks like any other kyoani moeblob girl.

>OP doesn't into megane
I bet he doesn't go outside either

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The LN had more focus, it was meh but still felt more competently made.

Plebs. Real modern girls have augmented reality glasses that can filter people faces.

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>ruin her with glasses
you've made some poor decisions in life

You wouldn't have that gif saved if you weren't a meganefag.

But nearsightedness only makes them more endearing.

Only a bitch would willingly wear glasses.

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I saved it cuz she took em off

but user...

poor eyesight is cute

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Glasses is the only way most japs know how to draw an ugly character.

Glasses, begone.

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But glasses + flustered personality is a powerful combo

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Whatever man. I liked it. Middle was kinda meh but the last 3-4 episodes were good.
such a great design ruined by 3DCG and furries.

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>such a great design ruined by 3DCG and furries.
And glasses removal in her furry form.

Oh, you.

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seems like they didnt learn anything

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I hated this show

Good Taste in Women.

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I love glasses but man this show is actually awful and I don't get how people like it.

Season 2 when?

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>ruin her with glasses

it's okay to be wrong

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