Can we all agree that Naruto's voice actor in the dub is horrendous?

Can we all agree that Naruto's voice actor in the dub is horrendous?

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I hate both of them

they should've gone with a male voice actor like they initially planned

honestly this , like Naruto sounds like such a autism kid due to the girl trying to sound like a guy. Naruto would have at least been bearable to watch with a pleasing sound.

They're both kinda annoying, but it fits him and I honestly can't imagine him being voiced by anyone else.

Fuck you I liked it

I've hated old women voice acting young boys since Bart Simpson. That goes for any language.


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How does Sup Forums do it? Even with all it's flaws it still manages to maintain a level of quality far above the other media boards.

I think Naruto's voice was one reason I could never get into it.

also I don't think I like Naruto, Sasuke or Sakura as characters from what I heard, all of them sound terrible.

It really grows on you.

All the side characters are amazing in Naruto the main ones not so much

It fits. It's a somewhat annoying 12 year old voice.

OP said english dub and Asta's voice isn't cancerous in the dub

Because Sup Forums and reddit have little overlap here

judge for yourself

Shes fat and old too

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The raspy chain smoker voice, I can't imagine Naruto without it desu

Can we agree that Naruto is horrendous?


I was personally sold in his knucklehead personality orange jumpsuit, and just being the village underdog. I believed it.

but Shippuden wiped most o those traits away.

I feel the VA captured how annoying the guy is

It's the only bad one yes.

That's actually better than the original with all that yelling

>Sup Forums
Videogames are harder to reach their potential and become "good entertainment" because of the number of factors needed to reach that standard. Sup Forums is thus composed of people holding perpetual resentment towards their hobby. Sup Forums is spared by anime being broad enough that it's easier to find happiness in even new seasonal releases. Sup Forums just hates their topic more than other media boards.
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Television has no barrier of entry. To watch anime, you've got to try and watch anime. To watch western Sup Forums, you just turn on your television. It is hardly a hobby to begin with and entire threads can be composed off trailers making it incredibly easy to shitpost. Sup Forums also cares less about "jap celebrities" where as Sup Forums very easily enter celebrity gossip mode and focuses on what actors are doing rather than their role in the show/film.
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it's sports, it's inherently shitty fucking banter over people putting a thing in a thing.
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Sup Forums is fine for it's topic but has a very foreign user base primarily from tumblr and reddit that was invited over by mod/tripfag redwood. Sup Forums would be better without these foreigners. Also unlike japanese media, which doesn't trigger Sup Forums, the entire comic and cartoon industry of the west is just one big circlejerk of everything Sup Forums hates and so you have that issue lowering board quality.

Also lets be honest, Sup Forums gets special treatment for being the original blood of Sup Forums, it has extra special mod focus.

Slightly off topic but I just finished reading Naruto for the first time. I thought Part 1 was a lot more enjoyable than Part 2. 2 had some great moments with Jiraiya, the Ninetails, and Guy but I felt like a lot of the rest was bad. The war was really tedious.

I remember being really surprised at Jirayas voice since I watched it dubbed as a kid then re watched it.
It really fits

I like the Japanese voice actor's singing voice.

I think they're both fitting and I don't find them "annoying", just fitting. If Naruto existed, I feel like this is exactly what he'd sound like. That's what really counts, IMO.

The main three in Naruto are an odd bunch, the further they get from each other the better they become. When all of them are in the same scene they're all at their worst, though in any case most of the side characters are more enjoyable. I personally think that's only because the side characters don't get enough screen time to become unlikable.