Why do people like this bitch?

Why do people like this bitch?

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Because we are really needy.

All female attention is fine.

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But she doesnt give, shes just a big tease

How can you hate this slutty bitch face

Everyone on here is so starved for female attention they'll take anything, even clear harassment/abuse

>nagatoro will never put a collar on you

The same reason why people like the souls games.

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Because it makes me hard. Also, she doesnt do anything that terrible, idk why you are mad

Sup Forums id full of cucks

Manga just get cuter and cuter and characters are better than takagi

>normie faggots wondering why people like things that deviate from their comfort zone

Jordan Peterson says people mature and become competent by doing things (people) they are afraid of.

Still more than absolutely nothing.

>*glug glug glug glug*

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The Dark souls of waifus

Mangatoro > Original Nagatoro

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tsundere done right,
if you want to see a bad example of tsundere look at Kirino

Yeah, go ahead and make fun of people with legit problems. That'll help.

Epic meme my bro! No one will suspect you're insecure and lead an empty, meaningless life now!

The only people with problems here are faggots like you and your butt buddy.


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That's my fucking point? You're not helping by being a fucking asshole.

>if you want to see a bad example of tsundere look at Kirino

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Fuck, I just rubbed one out too.

nagataro doesnt do lasting damage on the protag kirino is just abusive and does lasting damage to everyone

For me personally it's because in high school I had a beautiful female friend who was really hot and she would sort of treat me like a lackey but there were moments where we were almost like a couple
She was my best friend and the first girl I ever fell in love with but I never told her my feelings because I was too nervous so I just left things as is.
She's married to a physician now but I still look back on the time we spent together.
Nagatoro some what reminds me of her.

Because it's basically getting attention from a qt anime grill

Why are female animes such bullies?

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best girl

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>She's married to a physician now
You never had a chance

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OK, who the hell is this meme slut? You guys have been fawning over her for weeks now.

But she was a really shitty person.

this is the correct opinion

Thats fine too

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The art in those doujin make me diamonds everytime.


>being this much of a newfag

If I were more confident at the time she'd have been mine but I've accepted things as they are.
Physical abuse isn't funny for real.

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i didnt like her until i found out she had tanlines

nagataro isnt harming senpai in any way you dolt. She is actually doing the exact opposite: giving him encouragement.
Kirino on the other hand beats Kyosuke and Minami for no reason not to mention doing damage to her "best friend" and Kuroneko

This pretty much.payed some prostitutes for a shitty handjob, and sex that I didn’t get, but none of that mattered because the best part was just being able to cuddle in bed with someone for once, and not wake up alone.

>Why do people like this bitch?

Cucks and femdom.

What is the sauce, my guy.

[Aiue Oka] Bullied ~Revenge Hypnosis

I'm not sure if I'm envious or felling superior. I have not had contact with other individuals for a very long time and I would have no other way, people disgusts me, I would much ratter not deal with them ever;

if I ask for sauce are you guys going to bully me? if so can you please do it as females (male)?


Why is the idea of a cute 2D girl giving you a collar so erotic?

Someone on Sup Forums called her his Tyler Durden and reading it under that pretense made it pretty fun.
I don't think she ever makes fun of him in front of others or hurts his reputation either which gives their interactions a twisted intimacy.
In the end, she's a perpetually smug brown loli and I'm a man of simple tastes.

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>he doesn't want to be bullied by a tanned 2D high-school girl

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I miss her being this mean. Why is the ongoing so generic?

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She pretty much lost to the loser cock in vol 1 already, who wouldn't want her?

>ywn be collared by Nagatoro-sama

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>ywn be violated until the end of time by this demon

>implying a real mistress needs something like a collar to dominate you
>implying she wouldn't just do it by breaking your spirit and making you submit to her on your own

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lol what? who the fuck wants that shit? women are gay bro, all you need are your bros attention and company to be happy

Usually not into hypnosis but I'll give it a pass since she was so smug

All dominant women eventually burn out. It's a phase, like being an edgy teenager.

dammit that's fucked up id be scarred for life haha

>treat me like a lackey
>b-but t-there were moments where we were "almost like" a couple
Get your filthy blogging out of here, you delusional casual.

>talking to girls ever

Wow what a fucking normalfag

Yeah imagine being raped by the three of them scary haha

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Is part three out yet? They discovered he was hypnotizing them in the last one.

When are we getting a sequel to Suzuka-sama?

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You thought nobody would see your little mistake?

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They're submissive.

10 chapters in and she's already kissed MC's cheek, groped his dick, gave him valentine's chocolate and video called him naked.


>All dominant women in Anime and Manga

She got those Natalie Dormer eyes.

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Because I'm M and the idea of being bullied by and wearing a collar for a girl is hot

I think western people in general are masochistic, particularly anime fans.

No you're not, you're just desperate, horny and self-loathing

>tsundere done right
talking about senpai right?

Are you faggots really going to make me fucking sift through a bunch of hypnosis+femdom shit on sad panda?
At least give me a full fucking page.

Isn't that what being M means tho?

>search "Mind control" and "english"
>filter out everything that isn't Manga

Becuase they're Casual Ms like me who can't stand pain but like being verbally degraded.

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>Are you faggots really going to make me fucking sift through a bunch of hypnosis+femdom shit on sad panda?
Could have just said yes you illiterate fuck.

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It is the second most recent one.

she's endearing
She wants senpai bad but can't tell him upfront

So I've seen this mentioned before, but what exactly is the context? I assume he hypnotized them into coming up with the idea to rape him, as if he wasn't going to enjoy it?

>are you seriously expecting me to find the shit I want on my own, even though the name of the fucking doujin has been posted in this thread already?
>why don't you just spoonfeed me?

You are literally retarded.



Must be mad as fuck that someone posted the name in thread after you went out of your way to cockblock the easy shit like saucenao huh bud? It's okay, lash out all you want.

I'm glad your reading comprehension is so abysmal that you don't even understand what I just posted. The source has already been posted. Yet you made a fucking post begging to be spoonfed. It clearly shows you are too dumb to even read the thread or at the very least the replychain of said posts. You are a fucking newfag, you broke the fucking rules and you should be banned.

>how dare you not check a spoilered reply to a dead post that I noticed only because it ruined all my hard work in paint, you should be banned
Let it all out.

>to a dead pos
He was literally banned for the same reason you're going to get banned for though :^)

Still here :^)
>4th is on fakku
>3rd still isn't in the batches, despite being from #61 and the latest batch having shit from #62

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