Dragon Ball Super

Why does everybody hate him?

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Because he is weak
People love strong characters
see caulifal and The great priest

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I he the biggest JUST in dragon ball?

he was not weak before the saiyans powercreep

I want sanka ku to make me her plaything. I want to desperately struggle while she has fun toying with me and ultiamtely surrender to her while she gently bites into my neck to establish dominance over me.

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They hate superior chink genetics

it's not fair, they don't deserve to be this bad

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Was this the true dub?

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I really hope that Kakunsa gets more love in the manga. She was the cutest of the U2 girls. Bonus if she gets into a catfight with another girl.


The dub is awesome, they will make the ToP a masterpiece.

I tried watching Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood but I'm too much of a pussy to finish the episode with Tucker, Nina, and Alexander.

Fucking nightmare fuel, I don't want to think about that shit. It's good writing but I never want to think about it ever again.

>TRUNKS......you are a sinner

And that's why he lost popularity
Why do you think people love his "fight" vs cell

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>eating your chocolates
What a smug monkey.

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>pic related
that's true
fuck saiyajins

That's actually really good.

Literal fanfiction is better than Super.
How does that make you feel?

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New chapter is out already?

Hola, hermanito mogolico

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What would you feed this monkey?

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a report

It's not rocket science, the nips hate him so he gets nothing.

>always behind the saiyan kid
>surprised that they are completely shitters compared to adult ones
for real?

He's the new Yamcha, sadly


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well, not THAT far

>use "mastered" ultra instinct
>STILL can't win

goshit BTFO

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Who's more useless?
Goten, Yamcha, or Tien?

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A banana

>Caulifla can beat Buuhan
How does this fact make you feel?

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Jiren confirmed stronger than ALL of the GoDs

Are You ready to taste the gokek, lizardcuck, and fagdroid tears next week, brother?

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Like the anime is not canon.

Goten and Kid Trunks are the most useless characters in all of DB. Tien at least helped against Semi Perfect Cell and Super Buu, and Yamcha helped shoot at Cell's back. Gotenks was the most overpowered asspull character in the entire show and was completely useless.

Why not meat?

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I love Tenshinhan, he's my favorite Earthling but...

>He's Chinese, the Japanese hate them.
>The voice actor died 10 years ago.
>Only the Saiyans matter, wait... only Goku and Vegeta matter, also Frieza and now 17.

No this is

Anyone el noticied this?

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What a fucking insult to Tien
Still not as bad as Super though

Krillin is p gud all things considered, especially keeping up with and beating Gohan in a practice match. Then holding off an SSB kamehameha even if it's held back as fuck.

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>and beating Gohan in a practice match
that's not impressive, however Krillin is still good you're right

i really feel like even Yamcha would put forth a better effort


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Caulifags are worse than the Monetfag in one piece general

>thinking filler is canon

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Monkeys like bananas

The ideal finale would be Jiren decimating everyone then losing to a Frieza cheap shot.
I really hope they don't go "muh friendship" again.

>aii meu deus

i wish they still had the tail

not canon

So idk if spoilers for 131 are out yet. But without any spoilers or knowledge of said episode. Post you are predictions. Personally I think (and hope) that jiren will still overcome the squad and end up winning. Only to realize the lesson goku taught him and he ends up reviving all the universes.

our feels are fantastic and our smug can't be touched

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I don't hate Asura's work but the veins really get me sometimes.

>win the battle
>still job
how does he do it?

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U6 saiyans are apes not monkeys

As long as Goku and 17 don't win I'm okay with any ending, even El hermano.

>Jiren win, U7 is erased
>The erased universes are in fact transported to a pocket universe where the real Zeno and Grand Priest are watching the tournament.
>We have another Monaka situation, the tournament was a farce.

It honestly happened so fast I wasn't sure, but yeah I noticed it. Ultra Instinct gives Goku ki surfing powers.

Pan is for ___

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>still has the best fight out of this entire arc
How does she do it?

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>jiren not knocked out of the ring, left unconscious or dead

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>Jiren takes his defeat with dignity, kneels before goku and pays his respects
>Goku loses MUI, cries like a bitch while Jiren rings him out
I still think these 2 will have another 1 on 1 by the time this ends

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no way retard

It's not fair bros... It was his turn....

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>they will make the ToP a masterpiece.

Can't wait for you fucking faggots to leave

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just because gohan gets to fight doesn't automatically make it better you retard

Good joke

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El hermano showing up would make my month.

Or better yet. An alternate timeline jiren. Equipped with the classic “I’m you but stronger” phrase. Can’t put anything past toei

dragonball has always had a better dub than sub



Literally every character gets godly and fights in DBM. Krillin, Yamcha, Piccolo, Tien, all of them.


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What will El Grande Padre's wish be?

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J-Jiren youre too strong even for MUI. Behold MY GOKU OSCURO FORMA!.

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Raditz even gets Ultimate form from Old Kai

the only noteworthy part was the goku vs beams and kamehame.

130 demolishes the kefla fight in the first 5 minutes.

I would cook her a full course meal.

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what? keep dreaming caulicuk

>No Whis!

This mean that U7 was erased and Jiren revived them with the Super Dragon Balls, based hero.

Wait a week
Hype is clouding your vision

>Appeal to the stone (argumentum ad lapidem)– dismissing a claim as absurd without demonstrating proof for its absurdity
Concession accepted

>tfw can't bet on a frieza victory on betting sites
This would be the easiest money ever. You have to be mentally damaged to believe that anyone but Frieza is winning.

just watched the episode

>"Vegeta and 17 are counting on me...and all the others including my fucking son and childhood friends, I guess"
>17 randomly alive again but no one noticed

kill me, it just gets worse and worse

why the fuck does this show fellate a nothing character like 17 so much?

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Are you insane? How is an actual fight like last episode's inferior to Kekfla catching every punch UI Goku threw at her with her face? The only cool moment in that fight was her elimination sequence and the Kamehameha slide. You fucking waifufags are a bunch of retardes, I swear.

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I refuse to watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 and 131, knowing that Toriyama decided to give us a shitty Vince Russo style swerve for the sake of swerving, and having the literal ultimate form of all the universes lose to a guy who punches with his eyes and is strong because reasons. An absolute travesty this franchise has become, and it makes me sick.

Very soon.

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it sounds like a porn orgy

>Why is frieza / cell / buu this strong ? Fuck toriyama.
this is what you sound like

>reporting best girl

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It's been a travesty since buu though.

Nope. They all had infinitely better developed stories. Jiren is just "What if we gave Batman's story to Superman