Mikasa, Cool character or bland psycho kuudere?

Mikasa, Cool character or bland psycho kuudere?

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>Bred for loyalty
Hyperprotective kuudere

How about no character.

Abe approves of superior Nippon genes

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She's one of those characters with 3 types of fans, or rather levels of opinion I guess
L1 - thinks she's cool, badass, enjoys the violence she's involved with, ships her with Eren
L2 - thinks she's bland, one-dimensional, has no character beyond her attachment to Eren
L3 - understands and appreciates the nuances of her character and motivation. Ships her with either Jean, no one or themselves. Has her as a perfect waifu and realises she is written as purely male fanservice, but without it being blatantly obvious with cow tits or whatever

However I will admit her purpose in the manga is severely dwindling and it's becoming obvious how much Isayama likes to play up Levi for fans

She's only there for self inserting fangirls of the show

She's a more composed and not as lustful Rem.
She's obsessed with Eren.
She's cute and has an exotic beauty in her world.
She's talented in all housewife matters.
She's strong.
She is ready to kill for the ones she loves.

And she's not a completely one dimensional character either. She had her reasons to like Eren, she saw a side of him that not everyone knows, and when he did some dreadful things, she was really upset.
I hope she gets an important role in the new arc of the manga (trying to avoid spoilers here).

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best abs

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Shipping her with Jean is literally shit tier.

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>Mikasa, chapter 1
>muh Eren
>Mikasa, chapter 215311
>muh Eren
I like the quiet, stronk girl archetype, but she has no fucking development.

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Somewhat decent character surrounded by god-awful characters



Mahou Shoujo Mikasa spinoff when?

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Eren is must be gay for not wanting to tap that

>Ships her with either Jean
Those are just Jeanfags using Mikasa as a prize for their self insert.

But she has a white dad

she's a good girl

She seemed like a good character at first trying to keep Eren's autism in check and being the strongest one of the main cast (which must have felt refreshing to the normie fanbase that was used to useless female leads), but at the same time always suffering because everyone she loves dies horribly in front of her, her own craziness and because MC-kun never notices her.

But after human shifters were introduced and Levi became a main character, her powers feel like they are closer to fodder level than Levi's or a shifter, and while her obsession with Eren has diminished it hasn't been replaced with anything else nor has she had anything to do at all other than keeping Eren safe once in a while.

And ultimately, other than her attractive design, the yandere memes were the best thing about her.

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From a character writing perspective.. a female that only cares about a guy... garbage.

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