One Piece

>You will never be killed by Katakuri's hand

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What's the deal with her?

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Who /oven/ here?

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The 2 hottest male in the series.

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>You will never be invited to bathe with them

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She's Katakuri's favourite little sister.

So Sup Forums, what's your favorite filler arc/episode?
Hardmode: not Navarone.

None because I don't watch them.

RIP Yubashiri

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>ask for favorite filler arc
>block the only good one
I guess I liked that cooking filler with the cute rival chef girl

Not watching the filler and the movies is like going to Raftel with an eternal pose

Are you serious?

>gold rogers bar
>that comfy filler episode with fireworks
>some of the water 7 fillers

Are any of the One Piece movies worth watching? I haven't seen any of them.

I don't understand why so many people hate the filler, since most of them are actually good.

Yes all of them, but especially the last three and the 4th.

One of these is not like the other.

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Six is 100% bande dessinée kino.
Seven is 100% bouncing tits fanservice.

>there are people ITT who haven't seen every one piece movie
what the fuck are you wasting your time here for?

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Standard list: 4 for fun adventure, 6 for different yet entertaining OP experience, 10, 12, 13 for Oda's involvement and animation. 7 for boobs

I just found out Katakuri, Daifuku and Oven are triplets.
What the fuck

Green haired ones are the ugly ones. Nice parallel by Oda

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when will we ever see kaidou again fuck oda. would be better if 2 arcs are happening back to back

Heart of Gold was really cute and Olga is one of the best fucking characters ever made in this series and I will fight people about it
>Goddess of smug
>Character trait is that she forgets to keep her thoughts in her head and thinks aloud
>She laughs like she's doing a cute wheeze or something
>Heartwarming backstory
>Eats pirate crews for breakfast, not afraid to try to take over the Strawhats' ship and prank CP0
>Actually 200 y/o, technically legal if you're into that

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Do you not know what fraternal, aka dizygotic twins are?

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>mfw this tea party is already at a great start
>mfw it's gonna be only a matter of time before our family enters into possession of the germa technology
>mfw can't wait to go back home and brown some bread with my cute wife

when luffy transformed into g4, he tossed away his sandals. but then when he uses rhino schneider a moment later, he's wearing sandals again; what gives oda?

Her VA not matching expression's ruined her.

What bothers me about Gold Roger's bar is that Luffy says that he doesn't drink, when it's canon they are awful drunkards when partying.

I sure hope someone got fired for that blunder.

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the one with the loli that had caesar's VA playing some weird pedo named eric some shit

I loved Olga because she actually gave me the impression of an old woman in a childs body: wizened and mischievous, she's obviously hardened by the cruel reality of the seas, yet still naive to kindness and altruism.

While I agree some of the expressions and voice acting were a bit off at points I don't think she would've been the same character without the VA
The VA made her character and gave her so much personality and loveability
I would've liked to see her do a bit of a better job with reading some of the lines but all in all I really enjoyed her

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And Sanjifags can't read moon . Nice parallel by Oda, both Sanji and his fags are complete retards.

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Fraternal twins. Smoothie and her sisters, the long neck siblings and the decuplets are the same

It's never explicitly stated in the anime, is it? It's probably censorship thing, pre-skip Luffy is 17 years old. Remember how in Law flashback they changed the color of Law's and Baby 5's drinks? It's the same shit. And it's a minor thing. No smoking for underages actually ruined some of the last truly kino scenes in Naruto.

Thanks for the suggestions anons. I know what I'm going to be doing tonight

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I just ship him with Nami. Does that make me a Sanjifag? Idk
Didn't Sanji also get his own magazine a few weeks ago?

You have to give a better source than a picture who I am assuming has number 3 as "hot" and Zoro as number 1

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Prepare your ass Shanks

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Shanks is playing 5D Go while Blackbeard is playing tic tac toe. Prepare for the Evil Shanks Keikaku plot twist.

Yeah he did but honestly you'd have to pay me to buy the thing. Absolutely disgusting. Should have been Zoro, Yuen, Raisin, Perospero, or Katakuri instead

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>first aphelandra and smoothie
>now killer kata

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>playing a game without a random factor

Well you are in the minority. You shouldn't let your feelings get in the way.
Both ugly
Your self esteem must be really low

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do you like morgans' color scheme?
>white feathers
>yellow beak
>black tophat
>moria-esque's trousers

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Why should Shanks be scared of a jobber?

I would like to have some filler episodes that is about the crew and their life on the ship instead of some generic 0815 enemies with boring fights and total waste of time

Expected, i'm still waiting to see who is voicing him

Was Monetfag actually banned?

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>antisanjifags are a minority
Nigger, where do you think you are?
They didn't even meet, did they?
Naive teenage girl self inserting as Nami detected.

Post the less shaded Stussy

They betrayed their family for love, I hope they chase after Luffy and Sanji

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Nah I doubt it. If I wasn't, then neither should he.

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Thank you
Stussy best girl

>not zoro and not nami have a party

or is there another one you wanted?


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Nope that's the one, appreciated user

katakuri won

Well said brother.

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>Defeated a second division comander of a yonko crew pre time skip
>has the strongest paramecia
>the most broken logia
>defeated the entire crew of the strongest pirate
>probably has one of the strongest zoans making him almost immortal
>destroyed the base of the revolutionary army
You better bring some lube Shanks

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..the Luffybowl.

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>>the most broken logia
>>defeated the entire crew of the strongest pirate
>>probably has one of the strongest zoans making him almost immortal

faggots shitting up MY thread??

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Shanks became a Yonko without even trying. The only thing we see about him other than Marinefold is him drinking. Meanwhile we know all about Blackbeard's progression.

Shanks begged for the favor from Sengoku

Madara's color scheme is ugly as fuck

What happened to the whipped cream guy on the left again? The one who lied to the family about luffy.

>Shanks became a Yonko without even trying.

We know literally nothing of how Shanks became a yonko.

I've only watched the main 3 but of those, Gold is the only one that actually makes sense and is fun but Z and whatever the Shiki one was called are only fun as long as you turn your brain off and never confuse them for taking place in the OP universe

He'll probably get a redesign. They introduced his color scheme before he was fully shown in the manga IIRC.

>beats a guy who couldn't even use haki
>jobs to a single attack of Magellan
>jobs to a dead WB
>jobs to Sengoku with his entire crew
>runs aways from Akainu with his entire crew
>commander jobs to one arm of Sabo
>most likely had to gang up wiht his entire crew to beat marco
>runs away from CP0

Big Mom killed him when her frenzy started.

>so many Katafags
>we all want to marry Kata but don't want to share
>mfw Kata can give himself multiple dicks and arms to accommodate us all while he pounds Luffy at the same time

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>implying the decuplets don't have orgies on a regular basis
>implying mont d'or never fucked raisin
>implying galette never rode Amande's futa dick

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Yeah of all the groups that one bothered me the most, I kinda wanted to think Katakuri was special, it's so weird that he's just the only one of three that isn't a total scrub

BM took out his soul when her rampage started

Oda probably brought Daifuku back into the story for a reason. What do you think that reason is?

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I hope so. He avatar fags constantly.

->His logia, evem though it doesnt give him a fluid body, makes him capable to absorve most attacks, objects and people. Basically the strongest shield
->WB was considered the strongest pirate and his crew was destroyed during the pay back war
->if you couldnt tell by this pic i defend the theory that teach has stolen Marco's fruit

Oda sent detailed designs for all the children, with names and numbers. This may have been before Raisin appeared, but they may keep his color scheme.

To throw Smoothie onto Cacao to fight the Germa's Megazord

Yes you are the minority everywhere. A poll here is easily rigged here so if you want to try that go for it.
>they didn't even meet
Well unlike Robin who only likes weird stuff Nami knows what beauty is so whenever they meet she will have a reaction like all the other girls do.
It has always been my second ship after SaNami and definitely has more chance of happening than luna because if Pudding becomes Sanji's Hancock then it will confirm Oda is actually doing the no romance between crew thing.

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His genie will probably attack the Sunny

Same as usual. To make it look like the situation is deadly and desoerate right before he pulls a trick or a savior out of his ass. The Germa are already exhausted though so next is probably either Judge, the giant robot, or the Sun pirates. Pick one.

smoothie and daifuku are gonna perform a charlotte bro attack next chapter

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to wish his hack writing away

It's like you don't know what jobber means since none of your claims have anything to do with whether or not he is a jobber

Don't you know what people say, kiddo? "When it's off-screen, bet on Teach". His darkness fruit most dreadful ability is making him invincible while unseen by reader, he ran away from Akainu because he noticed "camera" was on him, and also ran from CP0 because he was afraind pics could end up being in newspaper and seen by reader, retroactively making him lose.
Off-screen BBs:
>scarred Shanks
>killed Thatch
>defeated Ace
>defeated Magellan
>Obtained second fruit
>defeated Bonney
>destroyed Marco and co.
>destroyed revolutionaries

If Shanks fights BB while off-panel, he's dead.

To job Sanji when Oda remembers Sanji's actually supposed to be strong or something.

With the way this arc has progressed, Bobbin not being one of her children doesn't make sense anymore, especially with him fucking leading all these people

I'm fine with just making him donuts and sleeping on a boob every once in a while.

>defeated Magellan
That was Shiryu

We do know he regularly doesn't try leading up to it after getting the position so I think the idea is he is strong like Whitebeard or Kaido where he can maintain power while just fucking around

Meanwhile Big Mom and Blackbeard have to be all political and work hard behind-the-scenes for decades to get that sort of power

His ability extends to the crew either way. Jesus destroyed A block while off-screen too.

>one of the strongest fighters of a yonko crew without haki
Yeah, no. He definatly had haki, it just wasnt shown
>jobs to a single attack
of an enraged yonko even tho it was because he has a weakness because of the darkness fruit and he got up amd killed WB with his crew
>matched the power of a fleet admiral and runs away since he had no reason to stay there
>helmsman jobs to the second in comand of the revolutionary army, amd then he went there and destroyed their whole base
>leaves instead of facing the CP0 since there is no reason to fight them
There, fixed for you

Fight the snow lion, Carrot

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