With or without?

With or without?

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Painted fingernails = slut
Painted toenails = pure maiden

With of course.

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Withouth pls

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with and toenails too

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White and light green are top-tier colors

>ywn paint a loli's fingernails and toenails

Utterly disgusting. Anyone wearing nail polish should be killed. Only those without it deserve love.

What if she paints both finger and toenails?

>ywn paint a loli's fingernails and toenails
Thanks for ruining my day

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Painted fingernails = slut
Painted toenails = bigger slut
Both = Turbo Slut

Yes, as long as it's any color other than red.

Depends on the color

Colours tiers?

But user her hand jobs would be 3 times faster

Red is good for bleak-looking types, ya know dark blond + gray eyes for example. A nice tasteful dark red.

Red is for decrepit old ladies.

That would be pink or a soft pink

Depends on their personality. but as a general rule of thumb:

S Tier: Green, Blue, Teal, Yellow
A Tier: Black, White
B Tier: Purple
C Tier: -
D Tier: Orange, Pink, French tips
Shit Tier: Red, Brown

Has anyone else noticed an increase in the number of girls with painted nails recently?

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Yes. It's great.

All the reds are acceptable besides arterial blood red.

Sandals with painted toenails make my cock rock hard.

Move black and white to S tier, and yellow down to A tier

Only if it's red or black.

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Painted nails is like the biggest turn on for me. Seeing that shit in anime gets me diamonds. It's sad though how artists often don't paint nails.

I only like fake acrylic nails. either french manicure or stiletto

At the risk of sounding like a normalfag, I prefer girls with hands.

Why, so you can hold them?

>his waifu has hands.

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What a fucking slut.

Just strive to become a father of a cute daughteru.

what the fuck user

>his waifu doesn't have hands

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I bet you like holding hands with them too, you degenerate.

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>wanting a girl with hands: the number one cause of all hand-holding

What the fuck, hands are disgusting.

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A girl who doesn't take care of her nails is the biggest slut. She can't take care of them because her hands are always


I also fantasize about having emotionless consensual sex in the missionary position with the lights out for the sole purpose of procreating. Wew, I just had to get this huge weight off my chest.


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Anime knows its audience, that's why.

my theory is that it's a concerted effort to get otakus interested in sluttier looking women so they might actually make an effort to breed.

The more probably result is for otakus to start thinking of some 2D woman as being out of their league.

Not lewd at all.

painted nails are as disgusting as fungal nails

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You know who has hands? The Devil. And he uses them for holding.

Is it...THAT time?

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nigga u gay

As long as he isn't holding other hands...

Without, makeup is for 3dpd whores who try to hide their inherit ugliness.

Both are sluts