Made in Abyss

And remember that Bondrewd is the true protagonist

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Protect the moth.

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Because Reg can't.

What is his endgame?

Why doesn't he properly love his daughters like pic related?

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Hurt the moth

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Step 1: become a furry
Step 2: ???
Step 3: unravel the secrets of the abyss

My theory on Bondrewd is that he didn't do anything wrong, but was pushed into his position by unfortunate circumstances. The monster he became was a byproduct of the situation.

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What are you talking about? Of course he does!

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To bless everyone in Orth so that they become the ultimate delvers and hopefully survive the 2000 year server wipe.

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>smug moth

Isn't that Big Daddy's job?

What is she so smug about?

>she sees your penis

Maybe, but...
>I cant leave this layer
>You should leave though, this village is nuts
he doesnt seem too happy about it.

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bondrewd spinoff when? literally the best character

I feel kinda bad for him

He will show up again, that's probably the reason why was kept alive.

looks like 2 movies based on the first season were announced


So what will Srajo the Incomprehensible's gimmick be? Well aside from being a mysterious dude.

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i hope he is a nice guy

Nice like Ozen?


translation please? i can't read moon

Is becoming a furry really that great? A robot like Reg I can understand, since he is extremely powerful and immune to the curse, at least unlike Nanachi Fluffy Bondrew was strong but how does that help him with the curse? Yeah he can see it, but as other have said smelling a flat hamsters seem to also grant a similar effect

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>Sequel winter 2018

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first one is about some dumbass poster display.
second says new episode(s?) in development and two movie compilations coming this winter.

So there is a chance we will get Bondrewd magical adventure for Christmas?

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At first, I thought furries were unaffected by the curse, but I was mistaken. Still, I think they’re probably less affected than normal humans.

Come to think of it, is Bondrewd trapped on whatever layer the Zoaholic is on? They mentioned it being iffy when jumping between levels. But, I guess he does visit 6 now and again.

get in the fucking elevator mitty

way too soon for a sequel

It's 2 recap movies, not a sequel retard

They're saying that there will be 2 recap movies that are planned for Winter 2018, AND that they are currently working on the sequel.

See second post here
>New episode production in progress!

>Theatrical version full summary 【Part 1】 Maid in Abys Journey of the Dawn
>Movie version comprehensive 【second part】 Made in Abys wandering dusk

>Decided to be released this winter!

Why no Bondrewd movie?

>Journey of the Dawn
My body is ready

hopefully they fix those inconsistent character designs

What's the point of recaps? The anime was good and well received.

Remind me, what's the point of compilation films?

Why would you hurt someone with autism?

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Recap movies are made to generate attention for an anime's sequel, usually.
It's like to say "hey there's a sequel coming up, been a while since the first season so here's some movies that recap everything thus far to refresh your memory and to make you excited for the sequel!"

I see. Still it sounds like a bit of a waste, considering how recent the anime is.

Season one wasn't that long ago was it? Why remind them now?

So these are usually 90 minutes long or what? Or just an hour? Either way they'll have to cut a lot of stuff.

Honestly? I think he just wanted to impress Nanachi.

Chibi crap for gay people.

i want to kill the moth, preseve it, and hang it on my room's wall!

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Cashing in, obviously.

Is unlikely we get it this year, But I really can’t wait to see Bondrewd wild ride animated

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Niggers? In MY Abyss?

It's more likely than you think.

You're not welcome here, user.

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Moth is for loving.

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I have to see more of moth before considering that, hopefully next chapter will include her

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How do you imagine the encounter between Lyza and Riko?

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i will user, it will be my most prized and cherished decoration

who keeps making these shitty photos?

I do not know, I just found it

>oh shit you actually did it

hey no

Speed-reading red whistle here.
How would a message balloon get through the Sea of Corpses if there is a layer of bones?

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not even bondrewd is that autistic

anwser from sensei himself

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Thank you.
The abyss truly is a marvel.

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Well that's a simple answer

about damn time

Deserves it.
Riko's eyes are too precious to give up. Reg will have to stick to sniffing Riko or Faputa.

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Her eyes look like the star compass

>cursed eyes
>eyes look like the compass
>The compass always points to the bottom of abyss
>Riko is obsessed with getting down there
Cracking the code

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>2 part recap movies this winter
>new episode in production

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Why would she smug about it when she prefers Reg's tiny ochinchin?

So season 2 in 2019?

>recap movies winter 2018
Fuck does that mean S2 is in 2019?

If the movies don't bode well, it'll be a good indicator for the production company on if they put in a lot of money into the second season.

this isnt real right

When google-kun says "a new episode" does it mean literally one episode i.e one OVA? If the answer is yes I won't even be mad, the Bonedad arc would fit nicely as an OVA.

>he hasn't read the latest chapter

I'm pretty sure it means that production for the new season started. It could very well mean pre-production, so it'll take a while before the first episode drops. Hopefully it won't come out next year and the recap movies are there to promote the second season.

>movie in December
>movie two in March
>season 2 on Summer season

uncensored movies pl0x

im not there yet

tell me what happens

this would be the best course of action, hopefully every studio in japan has seen the failings of SnK and what happens when you have a super long break without anything important airing

Then the bun sleeps

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Hey guys, raw+subs guy here. I don't have any new episodes done because I'm trying to figure out how to get the menus for the first two discs done, which I still need to figure out how to rip from the original discs to redo them in English. However, as no player around seemed to have the decryption keys needed for the discs (gotta see what the menus look like to redo them), I went and got them myself. You can find a new KEYDB.cfg in the base archive folder for all your decryption needs, it has keys for all 4 of the BD discs. As a reminder, the base archive folder is here:!8lJxzLAb!ffjKahvXUQc3yekrpswfZg

I tested it with VLC, which that method you'll find on the internet only works up to VLC version 2.2.4. Other players like MPC-HC and MPV I didn't have any luck playing blu-rays with. You'll need to use the old directory of %APPDATA%/aacs to put the key file into, not the new location of ProgramData.
Cheers anons.

I want them to spend a lot of time on it so we get another quality end product. That said, it hurts to wait another year for the new season. Hopefully we'll get a steady stream of chapters then.

how do you know thats death

You're doing god's work. You've long earned your white whistle and lord title.

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Thanks again!

Perhaps he can create tornadoes and is apparently filled with water.

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This is like that image of Hitler getting in Big Bird's canoe

>T W O recap movies



His arms aren't the only thing that extends much further than you'd guess. There's a good reason Faputa went crazy without that cock.

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I hope this gets Netflix funding so we can get some fate apo tier fights