Rank the Monogatari Series

Pic related is my favorite, followed by Bake.

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Bake > Kizu(novel only) >>>> 2nd Season > Nise


If we're just going by the anime seasons then
Owari 2 > Owari > Bake > Second Season > Kizu > Nise

Koi > Owari 1 > Otori > Neko White > Kizu > Owari 3 > everything else > Tsuki > Kabuki > Oni

hontouniowarimonogatari > iyaiyazettaihontouniowarimonogatari > mouowarimonogatari

I thought Bake was pretty good but it got worse after each entry.
The only exception is the last part of Second season which was the absolute best string of episodes in the entire series.
I haven't seen Kizu though.

owari > koi > bake > owari 2 > kizu > rest > hana

The first half of Owari is just a Bake-style story covered in more detail and handled in a more interesting way honestly. Though it's also not immediately obvious what the oddity aspect of it is so people complained that it didn't seem to fit with the rest of the series at the time.

I didn't get to Owari, I quit watching after Tsuki

If you ever want something sort of similar to Bake in concept then give it a go I guess. It is just the first half of Owari season 1 that's like that though, the second half is more like something from Second Season.

Bake was the best

I only watch this series for lewds, so it would just be a ranking of series by percentage of time where a partly naked girl is on screen.

Second season > third season > first season
Too much of a clusterfuck otherwise

Kabuki is best

Kizu > Owari 2 > Nise > SS > Owari 1 > Bake = Tsuki > Hana

Bake, Second Season, and Owari were the best. Tsuki, Hana, and Nise were the worst.

Only hana was shit

Kizu is probably the best one. Can we agree?

This and Bake, seriously. Owari is close too. Such great direction and the stories in Kizu and Bake are so great and emotional.

Kizu > second season > owari 2 > nise > bake > owari > tsuki > Hana > neko

Bat > * > Cat

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Damn. I forgot to rank Neko last. I guess I suppressed my memory of its existence.

I made a nice graphic so you can't disagree with me

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too lazy to rank but Kizu movies were my favorite

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cat gets better after she actually gets some character development
i'd say like b tier

Don't you know Sup Forums hates cat user