Toji no Miko

Are you prepared?

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Mihonofags are weird.

*Mihono is weird.

Has a character ever been this universally loved without even having to do anything?

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It's time for the true heroine to shine. Aradama will be drowned in a sea of flames, along with anyone who calls our queen a dork.

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Hiyori is cute, flat and has a himecut.

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I can't wait to ignore Miwhono in the game.

I get it now, Yumefags turned into Miwhonofags after Yume died.

No, the faggots pretending to like Mihono have been around longer than anybody's pretended to like Yume.

Let's take a moment to remember Mihono's highlights. Like when she pretended to laugh at the station because they hadn't bothered hiring an actress yet. Or when she sat furthest from the camera at the tournament and disappeared after the final match. That was peak Mihono right there.

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Sorry user we're not your boogeyman.

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There's a problem with my Yume. The last few weeks she's been spilling ketchup everywhere, and two days ago she just stopped working. I would like to return her, if I could. Please and thank you.

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Kanami is so cool!

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Sorry we only have a 1 week warranty on all elite guard products.

Oh look, they even bothered drawing the details on the flavortown scabbard. It's the little things.

Did you try turning her off and on again?

Uh, have you been injecting noro into your Yume? You should have known that voids your warranty. Sorry pal, you're out of luck.

Is the game out yet?

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The Toji doesn't come back.

It gets pushed back every time you ask.

It's almost like edgeshit is shit.

You got your money's worth. Get lost.

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That's a feature. You should have read the fine print.

It's like 6am in japan. I'm expecting it around 12.

Your Yume ran out of juice.

Bullshit. She was falling apart. What else was I supposed to do? It was only a little noro, anyway. She didn't even grow a penis eye.

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This could be a banner.

>thread starts
>immediately wrestle the topic away from what OP wanted to discuss right to "m-muh yume" like literally every thread since the episode
They really care about the show beyond their waifu, huh!

These people are all going to vanish into thin air once Magical Girl Site starts airing. Yumeshit wishes she could be that edgy.

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You would watch it to support best girl Yukina's career shift, right user?

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The first mention of Yume in this thread is someone accusing Mihonofags of being Yumefags. You started the fire.

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t. Mai


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>stuck at work with no way to sneak in half an hour or something when it's being released
>won't come back before midnight either and the next day it's the same
I just want to reroll anime girls with katanas

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Yukina is honestly one of the sexiest characters in the show.

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Just quit.

>career shift
No, she needs to die for the sake of the poor bird.

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Yes, aradama is pathetic and needs to be destroyed.

That would be a waste. Just give her to some Tojis to have fun with.

She's such a cunt but that just just makes her hotter.

Second-hottest school leader.

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Spirit Tulpa Yume will save the 2nd cour.

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Getting Yume will come with limited time in the mobage.

Oh it's the "only one person" thing again.

Yume and Yomi are friends.

Look at this DORK.

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Yomi's such a loser, not having any friends.

I bet Yomi could be real popular is she tried!

Let's see if it's only one person.

I actually like her because she treats the useless Yomi how she deserve.

Two people already voted hate and while I still haven't voted anything so there you go.

Whether it's 1 or 100 is irrelevant, I was merely pointing out the blatant error. No need to thank me, we're all friends here.
Nice digits but Yomi is going to get befriended so fucking hard you will be forced to repent for your birb bullying.

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I know you voted 3 times because the average person has 3 browsers.
I know it's only you so please don't reply this argument ends here.

Your post had implications that I was the one that made that post, I was merely pointing out the blatant error. I don't want your thanks either.

And now there's four hate votes so your theory has a hole.

I'm sorry, but that just won't cut it anymore. A girl needs to have nice legs. And cover them with something to emphasize their shape. Can Hiyori even do that?

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Local smug not so smug anymore after barfing up blood.

On what basis do you claim Hiyori does not have nice legs?

Could it be that user is using PSYOPS to get another user to post nice pictures of Hiyoyon's Pantyhose clad legs? Is such a thing possible?

Nobody does that, user. If he wanted pictures of Hiyoyon, he would have asked for pictures of Hiyoyon.

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I forgot the pantyhose.
I though I was the last Hiyorifag alive.

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What a cute couple!

Kanami is nowhere in that pic though?

I like Hiyonyon and Kanami equally

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Hiyori might love chocomint, but she doesn't love it that way.

You shouldn't end statements like questions

You don't know that.

But I want to?

I don't.

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Do you?

I do?

I lied, I like Hiyonyon a bit more.

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Hiyori is too serious for my tastes. Kanami is cute 24/7 though.

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Kanami is cuter

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But that means I'm not the last Hiyorifag anymore.

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We can be fags together

Why is Hiyoyon so useless?

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It's her flat chest, truly a disgrace to tojis.

Fuck off, Mai.

Mai's breastmilk cookies...

Mai's toothpaste cookies...

Would you rather have her cookies or her cockie?

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Mai needs to get better cookie recipes.

Akane was the cutest among the last generation.

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Along like Yukina.
She looks like shit now(needs a different haircut) and Yukina is a fucking cunt.

Who's next to die?

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I love Hiyonyon. She's cute.

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Nobody died yet.

What a cute couple, they will need a new dog though.

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The way she's looking at that banana tells me otherwise.

I like Chikage, she's cute.

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Yume is so small I love her.

Fuck Taisha. Now I don't know if this user is serious or not.

She'll be even smaller soon!

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I wish Hiyoyon was as gay as Gun-chan.

I wish Suzuka was my mom and Yume was my dad

Yuyuyu designs are so good.

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>Yuyuyu designs are so good.
>Post a NoWaYu design
The franchise is dead.

Same shit autismo-kun.

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So, this is one of the famous newYuushafags.