Sangatsu no lion

I'm watching season 1 and nearly every episode is bringing me to tears

This series is fucking terrific. I'm amazed by how little recognition it gets here.

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i like it too user, but theres nothing to talk about

It was barely a footnote in the end of the year 2017 survey

It's a fantastic series. The manga gets a fair amount of discussion but with the release schedule it's far from constant. The show seems generally well liked around Sup Forums but there just isn't a ton to discuss. It's a slow paced, heartfelt drama series. Not a lot for Sup Forums to shitpost about endlessly.

What’s it about?

basically if you don't see Sup Forums discuss it, it is generally well liked. Even those tsundere anons can't find fault with it.

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loser high school kid is a shogi prodigy but still not the best. Some parts are a little too cliche for me but its a solid 8-9/10

>season 1
Not sure if this is an anomaly but I had no problem with season 1 but I found season 2 to be contrived melodrama and I stopped watching

There is an ongoing thread right now OP. Though it is about S2 so don't go there yet.

ive been wondering for a while, is it worth watching if i have zero knowledge/interest in shogi?

It's not about shogi. It's about a guy playing shogi and his many other relationships. It's more of a coming of age-slice of life-drama.

yeah, the best way I can describe it is a 'character-driven drama'

Actually, other people are also calling S1 melodramatic. Drama that does not relate to me = Melodrama. That's pretty much the definition of that word now.

is this a joke

Stop shilling your own general.

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The series is trash to be honest.

As opposed to object driven drama or what? Drama needs people to be drama or else it isn't drama. Character driven drama, are you stupid?

>Not a lot for Sup Forums to shitpost about endlessly.

>Drama that does not relate to me = Melodrama
Not that far off really. To watch something that you know is meant to make the viewer feel a certain way - and it doesn't make you feel anything - there aren't many other ways to describe it, because from your perspective it's just exaggerated nonsense. And I think it describes the bullying stuff pretty well.

As opposed to being event-driven or plot-driven, which is the standard for most theatrical works

Melodrama is kinda forcing and having too conveniences just for the sake of impact, instead of making it plausible/realistic, you can relate to dramas you aren't too familiar with if it's well done

Yeah, this is the right definition. But people are just throwing the word melodrama around for anything with the hint of drama. There also well-written dramas that you can't relate to though. Those are not mutually exclusive.

The phrase 'melodrama' is used by people who are either mentally or literally teenagers

It's a more eloquent way of saying "wow this is so fuckin gay bro"

wew lad

This, bullsm arc was boring

Me too.

How the hell can this bring people to tears is beyond me. Maybe if you are/were depressed at some point.

Does this show have anything to do with lions?

I love it. Beautiful, and depressing.
Season two is weaker than season one, but I still enjoy it. Wish we'd see the "sister" more.

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Do you know where you are right now

>I'm amazed by how little recognition it gets here

It's boring. Very boring. Yet another beta-MC slice of life show.