Has there ever been a bigger character assassination in anime history

Has there ever been a bigger character assassination in anime history

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How is it character assassination if it happens in the same arc that he's introduced in and he's a character who never talked much until recently?

When your headcannon backfires

>stoic but nice guy throughout tournament
>suddenly tries to kill people in stands in cold blood to make Goku look like the only good guy
That's character assassination, plain and simple

He was only heroic in the manga. He was always a boring asshole in the anime, and that hasn't changed.

As far as his anime character goes, I actually thought the last episode was the only time he was even a little interesting.


Huh? What's there to assassinate with the pic you posted?

Android 17 hit a spot when shittalking about goals or something and being in a loosing role like back in the good ol' day pushed him to the edge.

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Your mom

Yes, Frieza

He never had a character to begin with
>but toyotaro!
Different canons, manga Zamasu was also totally different

he was never "nice"

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Jiren sperging out and attacking the stands is the highlight of his character.

where can i read these for free?

All this really did was reveal that he's not perfect. He's got emotions and is as capable of irrational acts as anyone else.

The very core of his being was being challenged, contradicted - the ideal he'd spent his entire life following was on the verge of breaking down. In this frazzled state, he impulsively attacked the source of this opposing ideal. Rather than maliciously trying to hurt Goku, or hurt his friends, what Jiren was lashing out at was the very idea of bonds as a source of strength.


He's literally a Sasuke

U12's sudden powerlevel growth is due to El Hermano Mayor escaping to it. He will be the big bad of the upcoming movies.

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Goku just said that he had people get him there and train him with their own experience, not much nakama there

Well the manga play out differently or will he do all the same BS and have the same outcome? It's such a waste of a cool character.


How much better is the manga compared to the anime?

An assassination implies there was a character to begin with.

Jiren is a flawed and deeply traumatized character. Goku is basically shattering his entire worldview, and Jiren is lashing out as a result.

> ITT: People who haven't read the manga.

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amazing character design ayy lmao

He knew Goku would deflect it though

Shingeki no Bahamut S2


where is the manga in english and up to date?

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You dumb faggot. Jiren had no personality; he was just a strong Ayyy lmao who dumb faggots like you projected stupid head cannon onto, either because you try to self insert as a strong character because you're life is pathetic or because you're just dumb retards who sperg out over a children's power level show.


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he was never portrayed as a nice guy or even someone who cares about typical justice (in the anime). anime jiren says justice is everything, but power defines justice.

It has less retarded moments, but is far from perfect.

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can someone please explain me

wouldn't Jiren get fucking disqualified if he killed anyone from the stand?

seriously, who's writting this garbage?

Char - Gundam

Chadgeta was they best part of the episode yet again.

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Yes he would, but some forced drama was needed because a tournament where the existence of universes was at stake wasn't enough. In order to make sure the brainlets don't have to consider the consequences of this entire arc as much, just turn Jiren into a generic asshole so that way its clear who you're supposed to root for.

>Saves Dyspo from getting his ears cut off
>Tries to murder Goku's friends for no reason.
Jiren deserved better.

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I hope talk-no-jutsu will redeem Jiren.

>Has there ever been a bigger character assassination in anime history
Goku in DBS

Not to mention the hideously bland backstory they gave him, they rushed the end of the tournament - we didn't need 10 episodes of Ribrianne and the other universe fodder.

Terrible deadlines.

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That would require him to have a character first.

It was hardly "in cold blood".

You know, I see this guy all the time. I don't know anything about this Dragonball series nor do I have particular interest in it, but I have to say it's fucking hysterical that when the DB series gets a more typical and well-known alien like a Gray, that it's designed to be musclebound like the rest of the cast.

How will Vegetacucks EVER recover?

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>they rushed the end of the tournament
The opposite actually - the final showdown with u7 vs u11 is at almost 10 episodes now and there was so much redundancy among the first five that Vegeta actually got 3 different power ups (when Jiren shit talks him and his pride, next when he achieves his new form, and then yet again against Toppo) along the way, just as an example. And there was much time wasting with Zenos and the spectator benches in general, no different than the arc as a whole.
DB fanboys hate anything that deviates the norm, both regarding how muscular every character needs to be (Beerus and Whis for instance got a lot of flak when they were still new addition from Battle of Gods) to even what outfits Goku and Vegeta should be wearing - they got new outfits in the middle of Super that quickly got discarded in favor of the old outfits mostly due to fan backlash.

This, imagine a proper Jiren backstory filler instead of all that filler shit with Ribrianne etc.

What character?

>Genesis of Aquarion: Mysterious old man, who used magic and far east wisdom to guide the pilots to overcome their problems

>Aquarion Evol: Hey I bet I can make this chick fuck my dog. What's that gay angel? still mad?

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was it wrong of me to have a boner during his screams if defeat?

Will manga Jiren be better than what we got?

Honestly, there's no point in having DB "end" if this is how they go out? Then again, it's Toei after all

Everything he did was entirely in character with his anime portrayal, you're just mad Jiren isn't the character you headcanoned him to be.

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I don't think he will attack everyone in the manga. The same as how Frost didn't suddenly go full retard and tried to attack Frieza from the bench

>hurr durr Jiren ain't nice
>hurr durr Jiren has no character

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>Jiren wins the ToP because he changes his views on friendship and trust
>this confirms he won't get edgy in the manga
>this is logical because why would the manga directly contradict his character

I'm glad they were able to get Hiro Mashima to write the latest episode

Implying he had a character at all you fucking mong? The whole reason toeirama went with the whole """""mysterious"""""" warrior shtick, is because he was as inspired and thought out as his bland as fuck design lead on. God fucking damn I hate this fanbase

I think the only bit from this episode that was actually from the Toriyama outline and will be in the manga too is Jiren hesitating to knock Goku out once Goku runs out of Ultra Instinct.

No. Toei is too dumb to understand that Jiren was right. Goku defined justice by relying mostly on strength. He wouldn't try to kickstart the whole tournament to test the limits of his power and enjoy a good fight. I think spics understand Goku more as a mortal who rebels against the gods and breaks their best fighters with his might more than Toei.

>implying he ever had a character to be assassinated

People don't like #17? I've always been kind of fond of him, even as a kid. I was pretty psyched when they brought him back

What character?

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