First Meth with Elf-san

>First Meth with Elf-san
>Now Crab with this
Normal Monster girls weren't enough, now we have thicc AND Monster girls being combined?
What's next on the path to degeneracy?

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>crab imitating meth to get the thicc audience
Nice attempt but he clearly doesn't know how to draw true thicc

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>slim arms
crab a shit

hold on a second there who's actuually copying who here, I'm sure I remember Tia when I actually used to bother with this series being ultimate maternal fat ogre.

The only fat thing about Tio was her tits.

We need thick futa cocks now.

I miss the times when "thicc" meant actually thick and not being a fucking whale

Tio is just a stick with huge breasts.
Crab can't draw voluptuous bodies.

Have you seen her ass?!

That's not real thicc

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Maybe he should sit down with Meth and learn.
I mean it's not like they're in competing magazines or some shit

I will not forgive Crab for not just letting Cathyl go with Darling when she so clearly wants him.

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My pants are off.


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Perhaps relevant posting?

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Fucc off with your thick memes.

fat is disgusting
they need actual muscle to be attractive.


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Nice thread

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Looks more like the start of pregnancy than just overeating. Except for Papi of course, she's a sphere.

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Obese whale, nothing but blubber

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Except Mero's stomach looks like love handles/muffin top than Cerea and Miia's.
Also they're virgins.

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>Except Mero
Oh right she's there, I keep forgetting about her because I don't care for her ntr fetish.

>Crab vs Meth
This isn't even a contest, crab can't draw thicc for shit.

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Looks like they've got a bun in the oven. Has Darling finally crossed the line?

Where is the chapter?

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The only nice chubby he did was a chubby Kii he did in her secrets page

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Fat thread?

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Not so fresh yet preserved fish.

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Go on then

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Quality thread.
Check it.

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mero > mero > mero

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>looking for 36-37

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"Thicc" niggers should be shot

What is happening here?


You sure got your shit together user, congrats

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Lets go

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This is why spooder is best girl.

rolling, fuck the rules

Fat booty

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So they got preggo or just fat?

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>Spider has no softness
More like worst.

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This is cute.

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This damn board deserves to be nuked by northkorea user

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Cerea is such a cow.

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Take this image dump to or Hello Mods? Asleep?

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This is my kind of thread.

I just wanted to talk about Crab and the potential of thicc Musumes in the future.
I don't know how it came to this.

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>this thread

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