What's a series you wish never ended? it could be a series that ended prematurely due to it being rushed...

what's a series you wish never ended? it could be a series that ended prematurely due to it being rushed, or the anime needs more seasons, whatever. just something you really enjoy that you need more of it?

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Nigga where else would the series go? They literally fought every faction


>never ended
Literally every show should die at some point. Otherwise they'll become a souless husk of their former self.

I, too, wish Bleach didn't end at the Rescue Rukia arc. There was so much left to explain.

bleach was rushed to hell and back. it needed to be fleshed out much more

>74 volumes of horrendously vapid I-throw-inkstain-at-you-badguy shonen manga

>Literally every show should die at some point
inb4 one piece fans

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I feel so bad about Bleach and Kubo. They got the DICK from Jump my dude.

> anime cut short
> mangaka told to end his manga [X] pages

I wish it got better but it didn't... It was probably treated the worse out of the big 3 of the mid 2000s.

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Wanted to read those big ol Reika titties on missions forever

Nothing. I watch Precure and it's much better for restarting every year.
Unless we include franchises, then I wish Jewelpet was still alive.

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Fleshed out more? Fuck no.
I've got no doubts that Jump fucked Kubo over many many times, but that fucking pacing and retarded development the second Ichigo gets his twin zangetsu is completely retarted. Everything was taking too long, evreything was meaningless. Ichigo went down, only to go up, only to fall down again to finally try to go up once more, while jobbing all the way through.
What Kubo needs to do is pull a Toriyama and let Studio pierrot fix his shortcomings or something.

Forgot this:
My point is that the clusterfuck that Bleach becam was both Kubo and Jump's fault.

ESL go away

periot would fuck it up even more

>let Studio pierrot fix his shortcomings or something.
>Studio Pierrot

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Jesus Christ, you babies are getting pathetic, I'm hoping you are just trolling to make Bleach fans look like retards

My only complaint about Bleach was how the Soul Society basically remained a shithole

The novels revealed that Central 46 reformed and that SS developed a social service system for the Rukongai.


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That's something I guess
It still baffles me how Mayuri got away scot-free after killing so many innocent citizens thought

>not bothering to show the most interesting and meaningful changes to the world on a single manga page.

Kubi ruined Bleach. Jump just pulled it off life support.

Kubo had 15 years to tell his story. Stop with this "Jump ruined Bleach by ending it too soon."

The intro to the end of the SS arc took just under 200 chapters.

Rushed is the LAST word to ever use to describe Bleach.

Bleach needed to end
but I want to live in a world where Kubo writes the story multiple times with different outcomes and scenarios
I need Barragan segunda etapa vs Yamamoto
I need Ulquiorra vs Byakuya
Aaronierro vs Ukitake
Soifon vs Hallibel
Kommamura vs Yammy
and Mayuri vs Kenpachi

If you're talking about the Rokungai citizens then it was totally necessary
If you're talking in general then it fits the story since bleach isn't about justice and morality but how might inevitably makes right

>pic unrelated

Kubo is not a good storyteller he is a good illustrator

The final arc was awful I mean after chapter 670 I felt like shooting myself.

If by "wish ran longer or now" you mean "dead forever" than it's Bleach.

For what? They are ghost they dont eat, fuck, or shit they should slowly be going insane due to their challengeless existence.

How absurd. This is so thinly veiled and you continue to samefag your love for Bleach in this thread. You are on the wrong website to even try this crusade.