we post anime without posting it

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All of them

Your favorite anime?

Nobody guessed mine the other time we had the same thread so ill play along

its Mahoutsukai.

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yes, i'm actually referencing an anime here

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well black panther is not an anime so i'm stump...

black lagoon?


fuck sake you got it so fast

>Sup Forums
tanya the evil? idfk

Look at the catalog, newfag. We already have 10 Dragon Ball Super threads up

Is this a reference to an anime or are you just fucking around?

it was a really hard one user. but then i though there are too few animes with niggers and nazis/kkk , plus the pool.

that manga about a futuristic labirynth... forgot its name... think netflix made a animated movie a short while ago was like a manly action version of girls apocalyptic tour.


steins gate

Looks like a meme anime. KonoSuba maybe?

Ghost Hound

I remember when this was The Game. Good times.

go ahead

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Easy - Evangelion.

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Either dragonball or bleach

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Michiko to Hatchin

dragon ball z and super

RIP mexico user

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That's in SA, not the United States.

Nope, it's DBS

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If I move there will I get my own Nanachi to fluff?



user, frozen is not an anime.

Darling in the Franks



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I really really hope that popcorn isn't salted.

that shell looks like flesh. wait, do snails grow their own shells? where do shells on the beach come from? why do shells from the beach look exactly like snail shells if snail shells grow their own shells? do snails get their shells from the beach? do snails die along the beach and leave their shells? is that where shells come from?

Saint Seiya

>wait, do snails grow their own shells?
>where do shells on the beach come from?
They're from sea creatures that have shells themselves
>why do shells from the beach look exactly like snail shells if snail shells grow their own shells?
Not all of them do, but snails' shells are a simple, efficient design that's been used by many different animals for millions of years
>do snails get their shells from the beach?
There are sea snails too
>do snails die along the beach and leave their shells?
Sea creatures that die in the sea often end up washing out on beaches. Shells are tough and generally last a lot longer than the soft body they protected
>is that where shells come from?

Monogatari series?

Getter Robo

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I actually stand to inherit a pretty heft sum of assets once my parents pass, so that's one down, one to go.



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Esto es el fin, El Grande Padre

Loli abuse in a pit.

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Ya got it

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Stay classy, Sup Forums

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Wolf's Rain

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FranXX? NGE? SnK? HxH? SAO? DBS? BnHA?

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Here's another hint that should make it blatantly obvious.

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That's a different maze, but you fulfilled the obligations of that one.

Big O

Paranoia Agent?

Yep, that's it.


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Ultimate Muscle

KLK or some other meme anime

El Grande Padre, Gohan Blanco, El Hermano, Hit's Secret Clone

Wait, I think there's a message in the background
I can make out the words "If you reply to this post.." can't make out the rest

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i think there's a message in the maze

Someone do some magic in some image editing software and fiddle with the contrast and brightness.

still wrong

Thw Witch's hunter

el cazador?


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Ba Dum Tsss

One Piece?

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el especialista

y a m e r o


fucking paint magic


ergo proxy
all of isekai
Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
but only ironically
detective Conan?
D grayman

hint: only applies to one character

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