I miss Galkun

I miss Galkun...

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Would you let her cum in your butt?

Is she even a gyaru? she's just a white girl

I'd rather have it in my mouth.

That is a puffy volvo right there.

Galko is ugly and gross.

thats a dick

And balls.


Oh boy, yeah.

Yeah, it's more like "Mr", isn't it?

Then french kiss her back, snowballing as her saliva and mine mixes together

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Has to be 9 inches or she’s small


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Made for anal.

You're right. Galko's dick is made for using in anal sex.

Delete this thread immediately.

>implying that isn't exactly what I want.

Why so many white characters in anime nowadays?

Why do onee-sans love NTRing lolis?


That's a hermaphrodite, so either works. Or it, it is good too.

What if the loli has a dick?

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>NTRing lolis
There is no ntr.
Loli won

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this can't be happening bros

her dick's way too small

Perspective trick. It's bigger if you look at it from a different angle.

there... on her sweatshirt...
VA-11 HALL-A is a Venezuelan indie game. Its on Steam, in english, but that's still a pretty deep reference

Seems a common theme in the manga is guys getting over their crush on Galko.
Charao got a girlfriend, Bomuo became interested in another girl and now Kuseta got together with gyaru loli.

Good man.

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I take it you've never heard of Chio-chan.

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