Tanaka the Wizard Chapter 13

New Chapter of the most cucked Isekai MC.

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Tanaka is /ourguy/

this is the moment Esthers panties drenched for someone other than Allen.

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Tanakas 18 incher.

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Tanaka trying too hard to look cool.

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He doesnt need to try, he is already cool.

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Intriguing. Sell me this.

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There is no cucking. Only sluts being sluts.

girls that he literally does not care about and is a little repulsed by bang some other dude

Essense of Tanakaposting is cucking
The most cucked person in the series is trivially the reader

folded 10,000 times

>maid cucks Tanaka in the manga and marries a fisherman

Is this going to be the new isekai thread now?

what did you expect from piss maid?
Her mom taught her to be a gold digger.

Whaaaat really? I hoped for more scatmaid action

Can't you read? This is a Tanaka thread. Keep your shit out of here.

Honestly the series kind of leaves me disappointed all the time. I can't get into it.

Just gotta wait for meme team and real meat to give it the stamp of approval and we gucci.

>new chapters every 2 days
>Tanaka threads for the rest of the month

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I was talking about the manga. Some user mentioned that she marries a fisherman in the manga.

I don't know about the WN canon story.

waiting for scanlations is killing me

The Manga is based on the LN, and the LN is pretty much the WN with added chapters.
She does not marry a fisherman.

>all lolis are used goods

well, is not like tanaka will use any of them, brand new or used

The stuff happening in the current untranslated manga chapters doesn't remind me of what happened in the LN at all though.

The manga is skipping loads of content, its normal for LN adaptations.

I've been reading Maou-sama no Machizukuri! ~Saikyou no Danjon wa Kindai Toshi~ and it's amazing. The way he baited the shit out of the wind dungeon master then ripped her forces to shreds with .50-cal machine guns was entertaining as hell to watch.

He was doing a mock war with a temporary dungeon, and his dungeons was literally 3 rooms about 4 meters wide and 2km long, so they were just nothing but kill-boxes for golems armed with machineguns. The wind demon king assumed he had used his trump card and sacrificed most of her followers to get past the first room, only to find another golem with another machinegun in the second room.


that's just cheap

Absolutely. And let's not get into the landmines and mustard gas he deployed as well.


So he went full WWI trench warfare against a bunch of demons that only know how to charge


Yup, even moreso because the wind demon king had tons of flying enemies but his dungeon's stone ceiling was lowish so they couldn't even make use of their best advantage.

What is the holy trinity of the cuckolds in the Isekai? tanaka, makoto and van? I would be happy to see such an pic in every thread isekai like the meme team

a fucking tanaka thread fuck me now its 500 posts of cuck degenerate shit

Makoto wasn't cucked though.

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Makoto punished the one who tried it.

Wasn't gas a really crap weapon for battlefield use because it was so weather dependent and unreliable, and all it really did was kill loads of soldiers without actually moving the lines much?


But the protagonist is using it in to defend his dungeon, which is an enclosed space where the 'defenders' are metal golems that don't have to breathe. Bit more effective there.

A lot of times gas would kill the people who threw it because of wind changing direction.

>“I’m looking forward to what our little sister will be.”
>“I still don’t know if it’s going to be a girl.”
>“Well, if it’s truly a monster created by Oto-san, it gotta be, without fail, a little girl.”
>What an awful and damaging comment.

My fucking sides.

I'm not going to lie, this is one of the worst isekai out there.

It still has many problems of the genre, except now the MC is ugly as fuck and kind of sleazy. He's still overpowered, it still uses game mechanics, the setting is still unimaginative. You only like it because he doesn't go after girls, but this is like adding a flower to a pile of shit.


Why people dont read tanaka before writing this word to dedine it.

It's more a meme than anything else really.

Tanaka is a cuck. It is in the story, damn it. He always pushes girls away for no apparent reason than 'boo hoo she is not pure'. Even if they are pure, he does didly squat and actually help them getting laid by some other guy. Cuckery at its finest.

Repeat after me: Tanaka is a cuck.

at least van has the excuse of being a kid but what is tanaka's excuse?

Wait so is Sophie a virgin?


Sofia is a virgin.
Zophy is not a virgin.

you don't fuck non virgins as a women carries around the genetic material of every man shes had sex with, there is literally a small chance for a child to not be yours even if your wife cheated on you years ago




So what do you guys think of Maken No Daydreamer?

He's talking about Microchimerism which a lot of Sup Forums types bring up in their "muh degeneracy" nonsense.

MC was born from a Thot to be a literal cuck, he cant have sex with his mom until he kills a shit list of epic monsters, and even then if he manages to do that, if shes preggo from some random fucker she had sex with for free, he still wont have sex with her until the kid she is carrying turns 15.

Cowardice. He doesn't believe that anybody would fall in love with him.
An assassin disguised herself as a maid and tried to seduce him later, only to eat a fireball in the face the moment she goes for the kill.

recent experiments showed that in insects it is possible for a male to pass on his genetics to a female even if that female did not get impregnated by that specific male

there has of course not been any studies of this in humans as science that exposes women as cheating whores isn't popular

Don't think he's all that eager to be giving his mom the D; but the chick he's with seems like she'd be more than happy once he stops being a fucking child.

t. slut

>In insects
Call me back when anyone's ever managed to study and replicate that with mammals. It's beyond stupid to say "It happens with bugs so it could happen with humans too!"

if only

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>there has of course not been any studies of this in humans
IIRC, I remember that supposedly genetic material from previous children in humans, can stick around and affect future offspring.
Don't remember where I read that though, nor do I know how much genetic material is actually passed on to your younger siblings.

Dad Sword 204 out

totally underwhelming


You sure you aren't confusing it for the Maid in Exterminator? She marries a shipwright.

Update on Death Mage.
Rodcorte decided not to save Kyouji, even though he could have used that chance to kill Van with just a little damage. And now he won't be getting a second chance.

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Is rodcorte a fucking idiot, what was he thinking?

he probably was thinking how smart he is by letting Death Scythe die just to see Van's skills

Rod is an actual autist.

I think it's been established that any time Rodcorte tries doing something outside of his field of expertise (reincarnation), he is bound to fuck up.
And now he thinks the other reincarnators are SURE to side against Van out of fear, instead of trying to plead to join his side.
As the chapter itself said, he doesn't really understand how people think, because he's basically an isolationist who's only ever had a single job.

>Antagonist is a complete fucking retard
well check that square in the trashy isekai bingo.

Rodcunt wanted Van to kill himself, and all he did was convincing the other reincarnators to kill themselves as soon as they regain their memories

because I don't see any way for them to survive their 3rd life

Some second-hand spoilers, but apparently the teacher decides to try finding a way to assassinate Van with the three others that died with him. As soon as they end up on Lambda tho, the three ditch the teacher because "why the fuck do you want to fight that thing?!" and "Venus", the chick with the memory manipulation/charm power revealed to the others she had tried signaling to Van that she wasn't with those idiots.
Also she managed to dupe Rodcorte apparently. Because Rod doesn't want sensitive information about the reincarnation system and shit leaking to mortals, he erased that sort of info from their memories, but because she can insert memories into other people with a time-delay and figured that would happen, she circumvented his censor.
Apparently they won't meet with Van for about a year or two, but when they do, apparently Van remembers her because he found her actions (making a big "X" with her arms) a bit silly at the time.

Ultimately, Rod is retarded.

>Deus ex machina NTR
I can understand why tl wanted to drop FILWTV at the point they almost did.

>Deus ex machina NTR
picked up

>deus ex machina NTR
Oh jesus

Explain. I actually haven't picked it up again since the last tl dropped it.

At least talking about FILWTV is no longer offtopic for this thread

I can deal with the NTR but i really hate deus ex machinas

It's because isekai author can't write competent villain to save their life, and the only way to make the MC stand out is dumbing down other people mental capability

>no longer offtopic

youre in the right thread for it.