Aikatsu! & Pripara

Idles have no time for calorie counting.

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I want to fuck Lala.

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get to it then

I'm fat.

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There's an easy way to lose weight.

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I'm wet.

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Remove fatties.

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Do Digi-idles count?

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Don't be fat

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With pits like that, sure.

Why are pits so sexual?

Citra got a update that drastically increase performance so if somebody can test the 3ds idols games

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Stop that.

I meant pits not games.

I want to lick them.

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But that isn't an idle.

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Me on the right

Virtual Idles are still Idles.

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Honorary idle. Performed once even.


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can you give me a quick rundown on aikatsu and pripara

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pripara has same director as the good seasons of milky holmes. Aikatsu S1 is the peak of the show.

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They have to rent out their lockers? How greedy is their company?

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1. cute stuff everything

2. lying to adults

3. spit to face when dancing, armpits smell good

4. don't have premium dress, many idle girl, hole in cloths and dirty skirt, old shoes

5. raping? korean girl because korean girl say jap girl no thanks, very ugly and fat

6. very fun of coreography danced by idle

7. very smell of armpits, no bath long time, sometime 10 days?

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I never knew Garuru was canadian.

their both ending soon.

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Its only beer.

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Post some cias or FBI friendly QRs and a rough guide on how to play them and sure.

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>I tried

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too lazy. i just play on a real 3ds

Reverse image on google gives you the dedwelpet wiki. You didn't try your hardest user, that's no good.

so why do we have a general instead of individual threads for different shows? im guessing it would be too dead?

>How greedy is their company?
I think you're at the point where Kyoko explains why she "hired" Don Bonby to be Pretty Top's MC, that'll give you an idea.

No generals here sir.

>im guessing it would be too dead?
Pretty much.

Aikatsu is girls learning to become idols at idol school, rare dress cards are everything, wings are ultimate form (now Sun Dresses), idols have to take out their predecessors and love their successors, eventually become top idol in something.

Pripara is girls going to idol theme park and performing for rank, God Idol is the objective, girls have to learn and train, compete for rank/dresses/power ups, join forces, sometimes save the day, wings and wedding dresses are ultimate form (sometimes 2nd form)

Both hugs = true love, hugless people are miserable, misunderstandings cause most problems

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ending soon and I want to kms because of it

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Learn from the PRfags and preach about how awesome PP was, just don't copy them about being butthurt about their show ending.

>good seasons of milky holmes
There aren't any of those, though.

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There were four good seasons of MH in fact.


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Ready for DP.

Imagine getting pegged by Non.

Kashikoma VS Ichiban
Who would win?

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Imagine actually having some decent Kirara lewd to fap to.

Aikatsu: More real life-ish idol stuff. You won't see them failing that bad anyway, they are fucking elites and only job to each other. Idles peak at age 14 or something. Dresses are everything, having a shit designer dooms you. Little girls like wings in dresses too. Half of them are probably lesbians. They are all flat as fuck (that's hot). Climbing mountains, jumping the trampoline, using BDSM equipment makes you a better idol. Stars has >boys. Mentally ill girls that pretend to be animals can be idols too. Normal mentally ill girls and mommy abused girls too, love you user.

Pripara: More comedy focused. Everyone can be an idol, doesn't matter if you're a hag, a boy, a girl, fat, a doll, a spirit or have gender dysphoria because Pripara will probably make you cute anyway. Girls probably peak between 10-14 years old because getting into this pripara world changes your body and makes your hormones go wild. They train sometimes, and the training is just as stupid at times. The managers are talking animals, I bet they have pedophilic tendencies too. The last season they don't talk tho, they probably wanted to save budget. Girls are not really flat and that's good too. There are boys in the last season but they're good boys, no homo. Cyalume maybe triggers a seizure. System desu.

Good post.

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>Download Citra Canary:
>Decrypt CIA with this (put the roms in decrypt. bat):!e1QBHCxD!TsvRddztdG2kMsdnOhqHHppLX7uSWZgdY0gPEzOHHPc

I already tried some demos of Pripara Aikatsus games and they don't run very well (My pc is not very good but even pokemon moon works better).

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I actually forgot that OGkatsu had boys and S4 was pretty het. And Johnny was pretty hot.

So I have to choose between >boys and fat people. When are we going to have an idle show that's nothing but sexy girls?


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OG Aikatsu: Elder God Tier
Akari Aikatsu: Uneven, but fun
Aikatsu Stars: A blight on humanity
Aikatsu Friends!: ????

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Bad timing with Citra because Pripara Switch comes out in a few days and that's a port of the real deal.

I'm gay

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We should go on a date, or just cuddle on the couch watching /ai/ shows.

Aoi isn't gay, she's FABULOUS!!!

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Remember to hug your imoutos everyday.

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I'm gonna be really sad if Friends is bad. I love Aikatsu so much and it hurts to see it become a shitshow.

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Stars must be painful for you then.

Clown and Vampire being lesbians in the back.

The thing that makes Stars so painful is that the characters are mostly goat, but they're stuck in a show that gives no fucks about directional quality, leading to retarded decisions everywhere and these goat characters getting constantly fucked over and picking up plot strands they'll never get to conclude.

But half of them suck.

Which ones would you say sucked?

This, I still get a decent amount of enjoyment out of Stars thanks to the characters, but bad decisions after bad decisions makes me so sad. Stars could have been great.

Mahiru, Rolla, Lily, Yuzu, etc, but then again half of them sucking it's because the writers don't know what the hell to do with them.

The only enjoyment I get out of Stars is the memeing.

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Hime scares me sometimes.

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What did they mean by this?

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Wasn't his mother a prostitute?

Go on.

Swans are vicious fucking animals, user.

Even your imouto encourages drinking.

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I suppose that's what they implied.

I'll show you "vicious" ainon

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I'm lonely

>not >I'll show you "vicious fucking"

No fuck you.

Lily was in the wrong class

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Mikan is SACC



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Rola is a goddess too pure for this world

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I do, every night.

I want to tickle my imouto.

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This ep is so good.

Westar is so bad at his job, it's great.

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>ED by Werster
>insert song called Getting Over It with DressingPafé
Why is PriPara pandering to online gaming culture fans so much?