Story Time - Kenrantaru Grande Scene

Let's keep going while it's still Sunday!

Kenrantaru Grande Scene is a sports/ballet manga by Cuvie. It's just plain good. We're on volume 2 now. This one introduces my favorite character!

The translator is EnduranceProtocol of Kenrantaru Scans. This manga is their only project. Lucky us!

I wasn't able to find anything either.

This guy gets it.

Volume 1

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Who bitch this is?

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>Kenrantaru Grande Scene is a sports/ballet manga by Cuvie.
THAT Cuvie made a manga? Oh, god.

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Yes. THAT Cuvie. This isn't fanservicey, though, not that Cuvie's H is known for being "fanservicey", more... *powerfully* lewd. Not that this is that either! Pure and wholesome manga, unless you like ballerinas and leotards.

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It's neat how Risa's goals change and how her character is utilized after her dreams failed.

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Speaking of Risa.
Any teases aren't with Risa, actually. I forgot to mention that. She's just a nice onee-san character

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How are you posting every 30 seconds?

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Sup Forums pass

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no captcha either, and given how awful captcha is nowadays... not a subscription I regret

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>What an awful character!
Guess my favorite.

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Great, I'm sold. Now I'll leave this thread before I'm spoiled to death.

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No spoilers here (dumping a volume a day, this is only 2), but as you will!

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This is subtle, but you can indeed see it in her eyes. They only shine when she's dancing.

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