Hunter x Hunter

Couldn't Feitan just carry the umbrella with him? Why mix it in with the black market stock?

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It has a hidden blade.

Probably didn't want to risk anyone finding out it's a weapon, they were trying to keep a low profile when they got on board.


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Why aren't they in disguise?

psssh........ nothin personnell.... kid............

I'll take chink Hiei over his faggot sue incarnation 7 days a week.

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Togashi:I'm writing a manga, what should it be about
>"I want to watch the chunin exams again"
>"I want Assassins"
>"I want the mafia"
>"Put it in a video game world"
>"No, put it in north korea with the xenomorph and cell from dragonball"
>"No it should be house of cards with super powers"
>"No, it should be about too many people going to the shadow realm on a boat"

Togashi: Guys you're ALL right

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Don't reply to it.

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Because nobody will fight them if they are recognized as the Troupe?

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You do know the chunin exams came after HxH's exams, right?

Something for everyone. That's why it's so popular.

>HxH plagiarized Naruto
How dumb can you get?

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Speaking of, I've been rereading Naruto and the Chunin Exam is really lazy and uninspired. The characterization is heavy-handed as fuck too, but that's not limited to this arc.


Is this a new thing?

no it didnt, but house of cards definitely came before hxh though

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I'm running niggas down in they groups
I'm sliding over cars while I shoot
I think that I'm Tom Cruise
But, bitch I'm Bobby with that tool

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Pitou is a good girl

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Hitting some critical edge levels.

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Nah chinkposting happens every once in a while.

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just be glad I didnt give him black nail polish

>The 2011 anime is suppe...

s e e t h i n g


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user you could just posted Hunter X Hunter no Tema and just been done with it.

cammy best girl and always will be!

What does Feitan even know about girls?

He's a pedophile so he's probably an expert in girls.

He just has a...unique taste in art

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>puts on bondage gear

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>hated Hisoka long before it was cool
>temporary leader of the Phantom troupe
>reminded Nobu that he was fucking garbage
What are his chances of survival, Sup Forums?

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What are Feitan's tastes again?
I remember Trevor Brown, but that's it.
Incidentally, doesn't Shizuku like guro hentai?

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>60% of the richest fags in the world are hunters
Would Togashi say shit like that now? Seems he's changed his mind about the position of hunters in the world a lot.

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Trevor Brown covers loli, guro, BDSM and so on so there's some of Feitan's tastes.

At least Chrollo reads Bobobo like a good pure boy.

Is Feitan or Chrollo edgier?

Ging spent more than $1,000,000,000 to demote Pariston and become the #2 on Beyond's team.

Cammy > Feitan

if we knew the total number of the richest fags in the world, the 60% would make a difference or what is considered rich. The zodiacs could all be considered rich fags, they are all hunters. There could be rich fags with hunter cards that are "retired"

Ging paid off Beyond's men and saved that one's guy's sister's hospital from bankruptcy. So yeah, pretty rich.

Have you read the page? It just says out of the 100 richest people in the world, 60 are hunters

Why is Cammy so perfect, bros?

What's this little homo up to these days?

Not entirely pure if he read Death Note

Babysitting his sister(male) and crying to her about his hurt feelings.

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You can torture her much as you want, then other guy finish her. Start all over again from beginning.

Chinklet a cute! A CUTE!

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>probably going through puberty now
using godspeed to pump his seed into every hot bitch he sees

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Do gay people go through puberty?

thinking if gon-sans cock would fit him

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I'd say he would stick to one woman like his dad but he's way too fickle for that.

Of course, look at Hisoka.

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Go to bed Togashi

>no het doujins
>no Godspeed het or yaoi doujins cuz fuck variety
It hurts

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I don't think he was a gay as a kid.

>no Killua running through the streets leaving everyone with their pants down and leaking
>multiple doujins of Killua x faceless men

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Are you really fucking saying that you prefer Feitan over Hiei

If that was Togashi it would be something like
>Jyaolsst bii glqd L blbm't hlbe klm vrqhk moul gorlck

I'm actually saying Feitan >>>powergap>>>Killua

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How would Togashi spell Bill or Oito, Wobble...
I’m kinda scared at what lovercraftian spelling he would use

Billh, Woittou, VVouxbiblae

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Why? Killua is far from being a mary sue he's flawed as fuck

>Look at this

That wobble spelling looks too real...

Huh? Not him, and I like Killua, but his only weakness (NIGERO) was solved by him pulling the needle out of his head. Just give him a few years of training and he'll be a literal god. He's also very smart and very kind, winning over a gas spirit that listens only to him. Where exactly do his flaws come in?

Killua could kill everyone in this ship in 5 minutes no sweat, prove me wrong.

>Cammy appears

Cammy and Ben beat him down

>Not so fast, Killua

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I unironically like this.

He needs to be attached to something. Before Alluka he was completely dependent of Gon and was about to break because his role model basically vanished. But instead he kind of put Gon aside and replaced him with Alluka.
He literally needs someone to love because that's the only thing that detaches him from his family. If someone manages to kill Alluka then he'd just fade away to the point of no return
He became kind thanks to Gon, being kind doesn't mean he's a mary sue. He also has all that conflict with Illumi where it's obvious he still isn't resolved to kill him if it has to come to that (when he told Alluka to teleport him home).
Even the butlers realized that Alluka is the only thing that keep Killua from completely breaking down because of how fucked up his family is.

>outruns cat
Hammy eternally BTFO

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Also he treated Nanika poorly, not kindly, and was forced to apologize by Alluka, not because of his own realization

Killua really is a total loser.

Hisoka is definitely on Tier 1 for one simple reason:
He is the superior spider, laying a web of Bungee Gum and waiting for them to fall into his trap.

How will the cat know who killed her? You dun goofed.

>his weakness is that he needs a shepard otherwise he'll fate away with a broken heart
Jesus Christ what a fucking fag.

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One cat knows another.

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>most popular character in this series

There could be a lot of overlap wih those hunters being highly specialized who use their skills to dominate industries. Hunter Barons.

If Cheetu couldn't outrun APR, then Killua can't outrun the cat.

that's just because he has white hair and got depressed once, female fans are superficial like that

Uh buddy, delete this or else

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I just realized that Knuckle was literally a few seconds away from actually killing Youpi, I don't know, it would have been cool if that happened, but Morel surviving was ok too I guess...

Is Killua smarter than Kurapika?

Nah, Kurapika IQ have 5 digits while Killua IQ only have 4.

What was Knuckle's type again? The whole enforced Zetsu thing sounds like manipulation to me but then again Kurapika could do it and he wasn't one; but the little thingy that follows you around is.. what? Can't be conjuration. Actually, the whole thing with making stuff out of nen that isn't a normal object just sounds outside of any type to me. I don't know that Emission was thought up in order to do stuff like that

Knuckle is emission, my man

He's an emitter to allow for the unlimited range and some tracking ability and uses some manipulation nen to control the aura swap.

The ability is pretty much emission, people seem to get confused but restrictions and rules are not conjuration only.

Leorio really is the most "normal" out of the main 4

Transmuters are always busted fighters because they get 100% transmutation and 80% enhancement, two of the best combat categories for nen. Enhancers would be the best if they actually took advantage of enhancement, transmutation, and emission but they're just too simpleminded to do anything other than PUNCH HARD PUNCH STRONG and so waste their technical capacity.

Now you realize that Leorio could beat Nobunaga.

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