Dragon Ball Super

We all know Super and the ToP is shit but I think I speak for everyone when I say Android 17 is the best thing to come out of this show.

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Shut the FUCK up

No, you don't.

If it weren't for the 17 asspull this episode would be among the best DB episodes ever.
Fuck 17.

If you think it's shit, you take it too seriously

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Why is Kid Trunks holding Dragon Ball Super?


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>The power you believe in is easily erased.
>Just like that
I don't understand what was Jiren's implications in that scene. Did he imply that Goku's power source was that rock he destroyed?

thumbnail looks like he's grabbing his dick

>comparing DBS to a stick

pretty stupid t b h.

agree desu, didn't even watch the show

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That he could destroy his friends just as easy.

Vegeta survived his own self-destruct, why couldn't 17?

wakey wakey Jiren

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Why is Beerus so fucking based?!
Best Character next to Vegeta, Freeza, Hit, & Trunks.

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because Vegeta had a bomb inside of him

>Why is Kid Trunks holding Dragon Ball GT

>you will never watch the latest anime with your friends at the club
>you will never be this hype for anything ever
they're the true winners, meanwhile Sup Forums stayed home on a saturday night.

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He is holding a mixture of both.


17 is now best buds with frieza?

>Complains about 17 asspull
>Goku's mega asspull is 10/10

It's out bros

Dragon Ball is full of asspulls it's practically part of the show.

>jobbed to beerus
>jobbed to sorbet
>jobbed to Golden Frieza
>jobbed to Hit
>jobbed to Black
>jobbed to Merged Zamasu
>jobbed to Dyspo
>jobbed to Jiren
Is there a more embarrassing character than Goku ? He lost every single one of his fights in Super.

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literally who

then why can't toei, toriyama or even toyotaro improve and come up with better story telling?

Him coming back last episode was so fucking dumb

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i want to suck off bills so badly

explain to me how ods couldn't sense that android 17 was still alive

Worst you mean. Can't wait to see how he gary stu's his way into winning now.

The difference is asspulling is expected of Goku.

It's not like his power is literally asspull (e.g. with Medaka from Medaka Box, or Saitama from OPM), but it's expected of him as it is with most shounen protags.

>Watching Dragon Ball for the story.

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why do so many people from chile like GT? is this a joke

So next episode is another "U7 team getting raped by Jiren" episode right ?
Thank god this arc is ending, hopefully the wish is interesting enough to set up the next arcs.

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Found a leddit post that actually made sense:

"Reminder that for us, we thought 17 was dead for around a month, while in the show 17 has only been missing for around a minute. When you think about it this way, it makes sense for him too disappear and come back suddenly. Is it good writing? Eh. Is it illogical? No."

Self-destruct used up all his power, after that he kept it hidden.

>Android 17 is the best thing to come out of this show.

Not really, but at least the saving grace of the ToP which would have otherwise ended on a wet fart with two of the most boring characters in DB history, Goku and AYY LMAO

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>17 outlasted Vegeta

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Gee Dragon Ball Super, how come Toei lets you have TWO survivors?

>you take it too seriously

Jiren's origin story

DBS is great and the ToP is the best arc.

Actually that's Sakura

I was there
Estubo vergas

>I was just pretending to have exploded
What a shitty asspull

Vegetafags have been very quiet today.

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Will he be the villain of the new movie?

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People said that the other world tournament saga was shit, but I'm enjoying so far.
Can we force Paikuhan into the canon? This dude was a pretty good antagonist.

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narutofags get out.

>Dragon ball super gets a passed for being poorly written just because it's dragon ball but when it attempts to tell a serious story you should totally take it seriously

>I was just pretending

I don't think it was ever implied by him that he was pointlessly committing kawasaki against Jiren, he just put up like a dozen shields mad out of hexagons and then gave some energy to bejita and carrot.

Being the god-level fighter that he is, the explosion merely knocked him onto one of hundreds of floating rocks.

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Whats amazing is that none of the GoDs or Zeno knew he was still alive. What a bunch of shitty gods.

>Goku/Vegeta/Gohan asspulls are met with applause and praise
>(Anybody not named Goku/Vegeta/Gohan) asspulls are met with outrage

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1. Your country
2. Your favorite Dragon Ball girl


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>loli Chi-Chi

not gonna lie, as i watch the dub. the first 47 episodes we're absolute shit, but it seems to be getting good with black/zamasu

Yeah everything else I can let slide but that is what bothers me the most for sure.

Like could you even use your fucking ipad or whatever it's called that was made up 10 episodes ago so you can actually check the frame-by-frame events of what happened before going HURR HE'S ELIMINATED BECAUSE HE KILLED HIMSELF PROBABLY.. I THINK.... I'M A GOD LOL


No one cares

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Do you ever want to go down the rabbit hole

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I agree

Gohan is your favorite girl? Interesting.

>when a guy calls you nigger
>but you're in the UK so you get to rape his girl and the government thanks you

>Best version of Videl

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Did you apologize yet?

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>but it seems to be getting good with black/zamasu

That is peak DBS, it's back to going mostly downhill after that. the whole alternate mirror universe with not-Freeza and the planet full of Saiyans start off with potential but then they shit the bed again.

>mfw watching dub

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No because there's no reason to apologize.

>Jobbed to Jiren
he beat Jiren's ass until he crippled himself, that's not jobbing
UI omen jobbed, for example, to show how powerful Jiren is

Sorry, GT, I thought it was shit but it was actually a fucking horrible piece of messed up crap.

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What do you watch it for then? The animation is good once a year at best, the fights are shit unless they're in one of the decently animated episodes, and that leaves the story, which you don't watch it for.

I'm sorry you were such a terrible piece of shit.

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Glad we're in agreement the girls vs goku was the best part of the ToP

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I know you're here. Give me sauce of this picture right fucking now.

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>he beat Jiren's ass until he crippled himself, that's not jobbing

So by that definition, Golden Freeza didn't job during Resurrection F. He may have lost because he wasn't able to control his newly discovered powers but that's totally someone else's fault.

Shida is a god.

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>mfw Vegetafag

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give me hypno powers

user. Mastered UI is supposed to be autododge plus auto attack. Goku wasn't doing either in his fight with Jiren; had Jiren been a SSB tier fighter and Goku's best transformation SSB itself absolutely nothing about yesterday's fight would have changed. UI did job in the last episode, it may as well not have existed.

Some people just can't handle strong female characters.

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Keru is for hugs, not for playing Cabba's rusty trombone!

Gt is better than super



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What next arcs? Isn't the show ending for real for real this time?

He's an idiotic dubfag, stop acting like he speaks for everyone

Cabba is Pure Alpha King.

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meant for

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>ignoring every single scene with Goku flipping through all of Jiren's ki blasts

Nice excuse. They are both weaklings in every sene of the word.

The Netherlands
Android 17

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Nice one, fellow MCfag.

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Why did he fucking explode and not help Goku and Vegeta when they were getting their ass beat in that minute

No? Goku was practically knocked out by UI and then attacked. Freeza lost stamina and couldn't power on much longer. He was stronger than his opponent until stamina ran low.

>Movie panel in 3 days
I hope they give us some information about the plot, and maybe a key visual of the actual movie.
What do you guys expect?
Yamoshi will get in?


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He is just Piccolo wearing a different kind of martial arts garb

Jiren will lose just because they outlast him