Asuka Langley

Does anyone have that drawing of Asuka screaming with all that crazy shit around her? ALSO EVANGELION THREAD

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Asuka a cute

muh thread died for this, this belongs on /wsr/

but it was probably a dbs thread anyway so here

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I've never watched Evangelion. Is it actually that good or just overhyped nonsense?

overhyped nonsense, but it does have a few good scenes with the mechas


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it's good just don't watch the rebuilds

You are being responded to seriously and not told to fuck off, so you shouldn't credit Sup Forums's opinion anymore anyway for what they seriously responded.

why? evangelion has been around for over 20 years, haven’t we already discussed everything?

it's amazing, brainlets and contrarians will try to convince you otherwise though. watch it and see for yourself

thank you!!

This. We came to the conclusion years ago that Rei is best girl, no need for more threads.

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I usually dont give a fuck about images of asuka if she doesnt show her tits but this one is incredible

See for yourself. Some will think is overrated, pretentious shit , others like myself have had their life change by the damn anime.

Its great. The best manga always has this sprinkle of sex on top and Evangelion executes sex perfectly.

>that one, favorite doujin artist that specialized in Asuka but stopped making anything new years ago

In other words So don't listen to him.

nah Some of us got tired of arguing for that stupid debate.


speak for yourself.

Asuka is clearly best girl.

Made me realize my mom loves me.
I was already in my 20s, living alone and ready to ditch my parents for good, then I watched it and realized that to spurn one's parents is the worst thing anyone could do.

Supposedly the moon is almost never shown without Rei.

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Asuka is mildly associated with the sun, but not as significantly.

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Besides the Misato/Kaji scene there isn't really any sex user

>inb4 muh Asuka and Shinji had sex

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But he did and Mari is their autism lovechild

Give me the links to some of his doujins please

asuka thread? asuka thread

asukashitters unite! member 1 reporting in!

The mecha scenes are usually the worst part desu

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I have 1.3k pictures of NGE taken and I'm not going back to take them all again using a fucking torrent okay

You shouldn't have taken them from streams in the first place.

I liked how the Evas look. And how they move. At some point you realize that they're the same thing that they're fighting, but tamed. They're not really robots, more like monsters trapped in a robotic armor. And that's pretty neat.
But yeah the fight scenes are kind of meh. But there's usually weird shit happening too.

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work on your bait

It's the Half Life of anime.

What is the Evangelion of vidyas?

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Citizen Kane

That should have been made into a keyframe in the original animation I'd say!

It's really good. I think the worst thing about Eva is that by the end you really wish it was a normal mecha show. You really want everyone to rally and save the day. That's what you want anyway.

It's ok but Ultraman Nexus is a better edgy ultraman fanfic show.
So much that Anno poorly copied it with the rebuilds.

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She feels like shit though.

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Cheer up Asuka, 4chins loves you.

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Taro is Anno of vidya

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I guess.

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If you're depressed teenager it's "actually that good".

If not, it's just a somewhat good, but not in any way "that good".

I was a depressed teenager when I saw it, and I still love the show, but at least I can see its faults these days.

Networked Instrumentality.

I once had a dream where I was naked with Asuka in my bathroom, about to have sex. Then my father walked in, trying to stop us, however I managed two licks of her sour-tasting asshole before I stopped and threw her in the bathtub to get her off me. We never saw each other after that. I can’t even get laid in my dreams. Fucking hell.

Something doesn’t sit right with me about either ending. It don’t think Shinji necessarily deserves the happy ending he was given.

>tfw don’t know if I was depressed as a teenager and constantly wanted to have some mental issue becuase it seemed fun

They literally did

We've been talking about it daily for twenty years. Its definitely... Interesting.

>Shikinami part covered up

>even Rei’s Doujinshi artists are better
Mogudan was God-tier before going full retard with boob sizes

Deus Ex.
>released in the nineties
>became a template for everything else in the genre
>has shitty reboots/sequels
>infinite memes
>we're still talking about it twenty years later
>and twenty years later it's still one of the best in its genre

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Yeah but after 20 years we've finally concluded that it isn't very good.

What's the matter, 2deep4u?

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There are literally no good arguments that support your position

burden of proof is on you, he is the doubter.

>NGE is a very deep and intelligent show

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NGE is a huge influence on his work, or so I recall.

>is *insert series* really that good?
people need to stop fucking asking this, watch it for yourself and decide. You don't have to listen to what other people say. Popular anime will always be polarizing on Sup Forums.

>the suit is her inflated ago
>she uses her inflated ego/suit to keep people away from her
>but simultaneously it is stopping her from passing through the door of being accepted by other people and herself

She a cute

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unless you're a faggot who had a mother who killed herself or a dad who thinks you're worthless, nothing from this movie will appeal to you. the characters are totally unrelatable and the story is complete garbage. you'd think this anime, which is mainly crammed with action scenes would be praised for being entertaining, but it's extremely boring throughout. from a psychological pov the story is incredibly shallow, yet you'll run into people who claim it has one of the deepest and most meaningful messages. the only people who hype this anime are depressed pathetic losers irl, which (not really a surprise here) is most of Sup Forums

evangelion is a saga of bamboozlement, but there are a couple of retards who try to find further meaning behind the symbolism or call bold scenes, nudity and gore 'art' to justify that they don't just like it, because they identify with a character who is a worthless pathetic coward.

looks weird my dude


If you haven't watched it already you should go off this board.

At least we got the track Icarus from Human Revolution.