How do you feel about drill hair?

How do you feel about drill hair?

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Oh hey, you actually made the thread.
Drill hair is honestly better when it bundles up into huge drills. It looks goofy at first, but a true patrician can see the beauty in it.

Shit... forgot image.

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What said.

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The bigger the better,

When I grew my hair out I literally had drill hair (male)

It's my idea or her tits went on a fucking growth spurt. Don't remember she being a titimonster

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I want it around my dick.

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Absolutely patrician.

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this user understands it

looks good on luvia and ravel to me

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The best.

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She is hot looks like she belongs in Fairy Tail

Drills aren't my most favorite style but I do like them.

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Shit happens

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That was just artist being inconsistant and fucking up the earlier art. Her chest was always supposed to be one size above Asia. Making the cover art the most accurate one.


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I hate it.

I always knew you assholes had good taste, and this thread confirms it!

We're a fucking cruel punchline for waifu-fags.

why are blonde drill girls with big tits always the best but never popular?

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This, but only with blondes.

I think they're great.

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probably because they are arrogant bitches, and Sup Forums likes their girls kawieeeuguuu

fine by me, though. I like em sassy

I miss them. Not too common in the few seasons.

This, makes it look thinned which makes them seem emaciated

I'd lose my head for a girl with it.

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I don't know about drill hair but drills are rad so I guess that makes drill hair cool too.

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No strong feelings one way or another. However, I am tired of seeing that hair style associated with bitchy characters so often. Kind of like twintails with tsunderes. (Two tails, one for Tsun, one for Dere, it's been done to death, it's not cute or funny anymore Japan)

I want to stick my dick in drills

Fuck teto

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The best

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Mediocre unless it actually functions as a drill in which case it's great.