Ninja Batman

Kamikaze Douga is saving anime

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>not calling it batmanime
OP you had one job


Takehito Koyasu is voicing Gorilla Grodd.

It's a strong cast:

Character Japanese voice actor[1][5][3] English voice actor[6]
Batman Kōichi Yamadera Roger Craig Smith
The Joker Wataru Takagi Tony Hale
Catwoman Ai Kakuma Grey Griffin
Harley Quinn Rie Kugimiya Tara Strong
Alfred Pennyworth Hōchū Ōtsuka Adam Croasdell
Gorilla Grodd Takehito Koyasu Fred Tatasciore
Nightwing Daisuke Ono Adam Croasdell
Robin Yuki Kaji Yuri Lowenthal
Red Hood Akira Ishida Will Friedle
Red Robin Kengo Kawanishi Will Friedle
Deathstroke Junichi Suwabe Fred Tatasciore
Poison Ivy Atsuko Tanaka Tara Strong
Two-Face Toshiyuki Morikawa Eric Bauza
Penguin Chō Tom Kenny

>Ai Kakuma
I love her. Nice.

Is this Isekai?

Also Kenta Miyake is Bane. His English VA is unknown but I assume Fred Tatasciore is doing him.

but we already have a serious samurai that doesnt kill

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>Gorilla Grodd Takehito Koyasu
I expected him to voice joker.

> Isekai
> Restarting Life in Another World as Batman

>Buster as the Joker

Hello, brother.

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>not Mark Hamill
not sure what they mean by this

Hamill washed his hands of Joker.

Hamill retired from the joker 2 or 3 times. No king rules forever.


>Gorilla Grodd
Curious as to why use that character.

Samurai Flamenco crossover?


Isekai just means another world. It doesn't have to be reincarnated. If Batman goes to another world, then it's still just Isekai, no need to restart life or anything.

One of Nobunaga's generals was often described as gorilla-like.

Is this even anime?

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>looks like a samurai

Japanese loves gorillas. There's really nothing to it.


It means any dub is ALREADY DOOMED TO FAIL.

Great English VA's are rare.

>Anime Batman, that new and original right?
>ignore Gotham Knight's existence again
Fuck you DC.
You could've at least done a Sandman anime, I'm sure Anno would've creamed himself at the chance of that.

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