So now that Freeza's a good boy

is he going to move to earth and get a job like Vegeta did too?

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he's doing to live with Yamcha and pretend to be just friends.

If at the end of Super, Freeza becomes an everyday ex-villain like Piccolo or Vegeta That'd probably be the best thing to come out of Super and something to look forward to for whatever comes next.

He's dead and going back to hell.

Next episode Frieza is going to say he's going to become stronger than Goku Blanco and leave somewhere unkown, Goku will stop everyone from chasing him because he wants to fight a stronger Frieza.
After the hiatus we'll probably have Frieza join as a new Piccolo or something.

Are you serious? Frieza is a good guy now?

Well, I doubt he'll become good, it's just that didn't Yema say that he didn't want Ol'freezypop to come back because of how unrepentant he is or something.

DBS is the safest entry in the dragonball franchise so far, at the end of it the status quo won't change and it will look as nothing happened aside the random power ups. They didn't even want to kill 17 for like one day.

No way the writers will try to change the formula so drastically.

they showed freeza during the montage of villains that have become Goku's friends and how magnetic he is for making people become his allies and friends, plus he's saved goku like 5 times now counting the end of the last episode.

He was present in the montage when Goku was mustering strength by remembering his friends and he was present again when Krillin mentioned the enemies Goku turned into allies.
Make of that what you will.

I just started watching the Black arc but I can already tell this is where SBS will peak.

So we'll get an episode about him learning to drive?

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>Bardock returns from the dead
>sees Frieza
>they have to have an awkward conversation on how he's a gewd boi.

Adopt puppy, marry a human, learn to drive, g gain an obsession over earth food, protect the animals.

who knows what kind of ex-villain shenanigans he'd get up to.

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Given how Freeza was killing all the saiyans under beerus's orders, it actually means FREEZA was the hero of that movie, not bardock, weirdly enough.

>Killing saiyans under Beerus' orders
This never happened, it was poor translation from source / trying to create additional drama

They'd go Vegeta's route: Frieza simply asks if Bardock wants to die again, then he looks angry and that's it.

Freeza can never be redeemed, why even have villains if they just become good boys eventually

Because that's what Goku do: he turns bad unredeemable guys into bitches for his harem.

Freeza's just going to try and become the next god of destruction so he can "legally" kill people without being goku or the gods coming to fuck him up.

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Freeza would probably be a better GoD than Beerus based on how arbitrary Beerus is at destroying

Every villain that isn't dead was redeemed, even Kid Buu technically if Uub is still canon.






I'm starting to worry everyone will just get mindwiped after the end of Hyper or whatever they call the final entry in this new gen of Dragon Ball and they'll just forget everything between Buu and that episode happened.

What earth woman do you think he'll breed?

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So basically we got cell and that's it.

>Chanel wallet
Damn, Freezy-pop got style


its such bullshit that they took out vegeta but left 17 and freeza in the ring.
Vegeta is Goku's mirror rival, it should have been the two of them achieving UI together and taking out Jiren, not a couple of villain jobbers.

Why do people wonder if Uub is canon? Are you fucking retarded? He appeared both in the original DB manga and in Super. How the fuck could he not be canon? This is the third time I read this stupid shit this week

>Super Ball Super

I'd rather watch that anime than DBS

Everything in the canon Z ending can still happen and it fits. Pan being born and Uub growing up with everyone meeting at the world tournament.

>Vegeta is Goku's mirror rival
I thought it was Piccolo
No, wait. It was Tenshinhan
No, wait. It was Krillin

You now know how it feels, vegetard. Your midget rocked the sideshow place for far too long. It was about time Goku gets a new rival.

I'd legit be happy if Frieza became Goku's new rival, he and Vegeta have moved past it into friend territory and Vegeta has already accepted he'll never surpass Goku. Frieza would keep him on his toes again.

I remembered that just after posting, it was so brief that I forgot


Filthy mud-ball humans being worthy of receiving and carrying Lord Freeza's seed? I think not, user.

Vegeta never got a job, but he does do the job.

Freeza was a business man, he would make U7 top tier in decades

Frieza isn't a good guy.

He just saved Goku so 17 and him can distracted hold of Jiren and have a greater number of people left of the field for U7.

>2 years after living on earth
>Frieza shows up with 15 fan girls groveling at their lords feet

He'd do them all roughly and they'd thank him for it.

Frieza was practically space-Hitler, this surpasses even Inuyasha levels of villain-redemption
at best he can be like a neutral figure or something

>He'd do them

How do you know Frieza is a "he"? There's not even a penis on his naked body.

His race chooses their own evolution. He obviously has a non-combative evolutionary form specifically for reproduction.

how does his race reproduce?

He used clothes on his first form. He must had a dick

vegetable character is done.
he got a regression during super, the longer he stays the more shit he is going to become.

better him going with a last job instead of becoming perma shadow the hedgehog.

It's generally accepted he's a lizard of some form so I would think he has a cloaca that hides/protects his dick. Google that shit if you're interested.

Harem made up from Earth royalty and physically fittest women in the world, only the best for Freeza

>Frieza settles on Earth
>Lives with Goku
>Marries Goten
>His species allows for homosexual reproduction
>Little Frieza Jr. shown with Goku & Vegeta Jr.

It's a Three's Company deal., knock out a doodoo doodoo doodoo doodoo

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Please, freeza is super piss weak; he got the shit kicked out of him by the Lorax, when vegeta had ZERO problems beating him.
Why would vegeta need a job anyways? bulma's fucking loaded, her parents own a super corp.

All those people cheering on Frieza.

You can't make this shit up!

This vegeta is done for. I dont know how people call the shit he gets in super character development.

Its literally a retelling of the Buu saga but now with muh cabba. Worst part is its so soulless that they had to use muh cabba like 3 times in a row in less than 5 episodes. Its a parody at this point.

He needs the piccolo treatment asap and to be replaced by the next rival

Goku got 100 million zeni for beating Buu, yet Chichi still forces him to get a job.

Vegeta got a powerup at the last minute. Frieza has had none. In fact he’s been out the picture longer than he’s been in. Toei Animation forgot about Frieza, wasting all those episodes on MUH APPRENTICE. Meanwhile only person Frieza connected to other than 17 is Frost & instead of scheming together, weakening other fighters for them to eliminate. Frieza betrays Frost almost off the bat.

>Please, freeza is super piss weak

The others weren't mirrors of goku though, they were just strong opponents.
vegeta is a reflection of goku, being the same race and having similiar motivations, to be the strongest there is.

vegeta is like general Zodd to superman or venom to Spiderman, while the other 3 were more like someone like the parasite to superman or doctor octopus to spiderman.

I say he’ll have to train for a year to catch up.

is this real life? somebody fucking end me

>hotaru approved
for what purpose

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Freeza hit it off pretty well with Gohan; he legitimately seemed to respect Gohan's intelligence and recognize that he's pretty much the only saiyan on the team who's not a beatstick.
Chichi's also a psychotic axe crazy bitch while bulma is not.

>last job
Forgive me Goku, this is my last job

He went from Namek frieza to SSB level (albeit with poor stamina) in 4 weeks. Id say he needs 2 more weeks to catch up Vegeta. 6 months to catch up Jiren and Goku.

I like the idea of Freeza becoming the warden of hell. Kind of like what they did with Piccolo in GT but Freeza instead. I can't really see him hanging out with the DB crew even after this.

>weeks and months are the same thing

His tail is his penis, it ejaculates

Those just showed the whole U7 team in the ToP, doesn't mean he considers him a friend.

Hell doesn't have wardens. Which is why they did that filler arc in the anime, since it kind of makes sense that would happen.

Freeza's going to be the next god of destruction, mark my words.

Freeza will hear about Cell, and wish Cell back. They'll then become a rival team vs Goku and Vegeta.

Freeza and Cell will produce children together, because the only thing worth of Freeza's children will be his (sorta) clone.


No, Vegeta's exactly the same as those guys. The concept of "saiyans" weren't even a thing back then either (and don't even tell me that Toriyama had it planned from the beginning, you don't even believe that) and was just a strong martial artist kid

I can imagine 17 being ok with having Frieza stay on his island, maybe Frieza would like that the only person he has to see in-passing is someone he has no issues with and fought well beside. Maybe he'll chill out and train there in the wilderness and by the sea.

>Frieza is saving goku so his team wins the tourney and Frieza isnt completely erased from existence


He still could be, fighting alongside U7 and the tourney itself may have changed him or may not have, but saying hes good now because he's helping his team out in a game of "LOSE = PERMANENT DELETION" is retarded

>He just did some pushups between when we last saw him until now
>Is now on the verge of unlocking UI
I want this retardation to be canon

It suits him.

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Only until he finds a way to overcome the gods.

>17 pets super rare animal on island
>animal is suddenly blasted in the head, dies instantly

>Frieza kills poachers attacking the island for 1 week
>Attaints Mastered Ultra Instinct

Actually, Frieza becoming an anti-hero would be cool.

actually makes me think, is freeza stronger than 17?

>is freeza stronger than 17?

Who's the villain of the ToP arc?

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>People are drawn to him
>Show Freeza who wants to kill the shit out of him

the zenos duh

Reminder: 17 did better versus Jiren than anyone aside from UI Goku.

Vegeta's fanbase is arguably the biggest in the series, that's why he's been around for as long as he has. You're retarded if you think Toei/Toriyama will throw his character away like Piccolo, especially after the slight UI tease they gave Vegeta when was able to dodge Jiren's attack.


They're finally playing with the idea that 17 and 18 have unlimited energy and stamina, so no Freeza is still far under 17 in terms of potential and current strength.
The only advantage Freeza has is the ability to obtain rapid spikes in power at which point 17 would be able to reach in due time anyway.

In a fight Freeza would gas himself and since 17 has infinite resources, just curbstomp him when he's weakened provided Freeza didn't maul him.

As far as I can tell, probably the head angel attendant to zeno.
It kind of depends.
They stated that 17 has "Unlimited energy" so he'll never run out of energy or stamina, which means he has a tactical advantage of wearing down opponents with constant ki attacks.

In practice, EVERYONE has unlimited stamina as DBZ operates on a "if you're not dead your at 100% fighting capacity" System.

We already had that in vegeta though.

Except those guys had nothing in common with Goku besides "good at punching stuff"

>In practice, EVERYONE has unlimited stamina as DBZ operates on a "if you're not dead your at 100% fighting capacity" System.
What is 18 vs SSJ Vegeta.

>buddying with anyone

As of fighter, Cell's personality is basically Abridged cell, a troll who actively hates everyone and just likes shit talking others.
He'd be the LAST person that Freeza would ever want to hang around with considering freeza has an ego made of eggshells.

piccollo has a massive fanbase too; its kind of annoying how little respect he gets from toriyama nowadays.
She broke his arm, that's about the only way to legitimately impair someone is to physically damage a body part.
Pretty much anything but the narrative saying "broken bone" does NOTHING to slow a character down.

Yes. Freeza is literally SSB tier. 17 is at best ultimate gohan tier or ss3+.

17 has unlimited energy and is smarter tho.

>Everyone shits all over GT
>Can't get enough of Super
Jiren is the fucking worst villain in the series and Frieza becoming a good guy is literal fan fiction what the fuck is wrong with you all. This is just as bad as GT.

Imagine a DBZ spinoff with Freiza being forced to travel the universe fixing his crimes and gradually becoming less of a dick but still occasionally going full deadpool with the solutions to his problems.
Side note can't he just gather the dragon Balls and wish back most of the people he killed ?

>She broke his arm, that's about the only way to legitimately impair someone is to physically damage a body part.
You're missing the point, Vegeta and 18 were roughly matched but Vegeta couldn't keep up with her as the fight went on because he doesn't have unlimited stamina.


>piccollo has a massive fanbase too
He does but 90% of them left the series during the Buu Saga when it was clear Toriyama left Piccolo for dead, Vegeta fans won't go away and are loyal to a fault no matter how much he loses.