Seto Kaiba is the great fictional character ever conceived Seto Kaiba is the great fictional character ever conceived.

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>not liking the 4kids dub with all of those one liners

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That's Kaiba's proper voice to be honest. It's cocky.

This. Also Pegasus was spot on.

>Get in line. I hear that speech every day.

Classic. Total classic.

All the best Kaiba/Joey doujins aren't translated.

What the fuck

>implying he'd ever fuck a guy and not just dick a blue-eyes

Joey wears that fursuit all the time, even in that newer movie.

You know Kaiba has a Blue Eyes fursuit laying around...

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What the fuck just happened? Also nice numbers user.

You're right.
You're wrong.
You're right though.

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I'm all three. Am I right or wrong?

>This impregnates the audience

>This impregnates the audience

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Greatest CEO

>sub kaiba rambles about psuedo-philosophical bullshit to sell his toy
>dub kaiba talks about how real life's game balance sucks and how he would fire God if he could to sell his toy
I'm honestly not sure which is cheesier

You're a samefagging cuck.

>implying you're only allowed to post once in a thread

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You're having a good time in Link Vrains when this duelist comes up and challenges you to a duel with their zoodiac deck, what do you do?

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Used a hologram of a dragon to kill an employee to make one hell of an entrance.

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>Kaiba is the apex rival character
Too bad that he loses against MC-kun all of the time

Are any good homo YGO doujins translated? I haven't found any.

What a dumb PC pitch