Dragon Ball Super

Why does this image appear to appealing compared to the shitty style of the entire series?
What is it about this image?

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Because I got Dragonball Super cancelled.
It was me.
I am the reason Dragon Ball anime is ending with no future plans.
I killed Goku, Gohan and Vegetables.

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that wasn't my question u coconut

That scene is made in another artstyle different from the used in the series and suggests a deep and interesting plot.

It has 18 in it.

praise fox god

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Because episode 130 is the only good thing to come out of Super. Yeah it has asspulls and shit writing but the animation (excluding the occasional ATATATATA), direction, and art was good as fuck.

Your english hurts my brain.

vegito vs zamasu was good

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can I get a quick rundown?

he is our lord and savior

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fucking furies ruining everything

the cuck pup.

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>furries got dragon ball super cancelled
I thought furries ruined everything, this means they did a good, I thought furries were supposed to be bad

I want more shota doujins.

You can have more shota doujins catch is they're all shota furries



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Smugpup's OC x Liquir when?

>so hard to draw that they couldn't even include him in the flashback

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How many fucking DB threads are you spics going to make. Can't you keep your shitposting to one thread.


I wish.

Seriously, does humanity deserve such a God-given gift like Toyotaro to bless a people as horrible as the Dragon Ball community?

Did he come down from the heavens themselves to deliver Dragon Ball into salvation on the brink of Toriyama and Toei condemning it into damnation? Is Toyotaro the literal Jesus Christ of Dragon Ball? :-D

You're right. Sucking him off would be straight up sacrilege. A filthy heathen like myself should know his place.

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Now Freeza is a good guy I can't wait for him to go live earth and impregnate Bulma and Bra :)

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>when there's one thread people bitch about it being a general
>when there's multiple threads people bitch about there being too many threads

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I can't imagine the amount of noise when 17 was revealed alive.

Why do you fuckers care so much about how many threads there are for a certain anime/manga? When I browse the catalog the last thing that's on my mind is how many fucking threads there are, I'm just trying to find Ippo, Baki, OPM, or dragon ball. What kind of sperg gives this much of a fuck about what they don't like? Buzz off, loser.

Probably not much, it's not like he made a dramatic comeback or anything. He just walked out of the rubble as if he had just been knocked out half a minute ago.

>your government will never stream anime

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>doubting Chadku

Have you not seen any of the spic reaction videos? They went apeshit for Freeza and 17

I actually got emotional to this scene. It was a tearjerker.

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Youre stupid


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fuck yourself in the ass you fucking piece of shit stg i'd kill you if I could
how the fuck does that make sense idiot bitch dog

What a fucking faggot.

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I don't really know, but these flashbacks proved that Dragon Ball can look like DBZ even with digital animation.


That's the shtick fool, even Dragon Ball did that in spades.

Hey, you!
Is 17 your husbando?

Who here is excited this piece of shit is getting eliminated next week?

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But that's bullshit, Goku wasn't responsible for the Androids turning good


What? I ship these two.

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You're full of shit. Name a single moment before DBS where Goku lost all his energy only to immediately get back up. It never fucking happened you piece of shit fanboy fuck you

>gets his tingler destroyed
>will never go super saiyan again

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Yes. I wish everyday that 17 could be real and wanted to plow me with his boat sized dick.

How would Bejita react?

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He's already got his own shota, so fake surprise for bulmas sake

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Disappointed obviosly.

Goku vs Tien
immediately got back into finding the dragon balls and lookong for revenge

Where my Lizardbros and CHADroids at?

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Just forget her already.

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>UI wrecks his body so much he reverts back to Radditz tier
>has to start using power pole and nimbus
>next movie is comfy like DB

In the Elimatation Chamber.

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>back next week
Feels good

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Dyspo should become the leader of the pride troopers

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>Goku is now a crippling old man

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I beat my dick to Her, Kale, Vados, Videl, & 18 everyone day on the hour.

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It was only half a minute ago

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Can't wait.

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The Heart
How are you still watching battlemanga if you can't stand the power of friendship

TOEI explicitely told that no one had the right to do this, proceed to do it anyway Ecuador, tsk tsk, Hope we don't get punished by TOEI, many bars in MExico did though, but city halls abstained from doing it because of TOEI saying we shouldnt

It's not fair bros...
Toyo was supposed to save the humans!

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I wouldn't be surprised if that's how it ended, and honestly that's the way it should.

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But it will never be.

Already did so until you had to remind me about her again. Well I guess there isn't anything wrong about remembering the crushing victory for the Chadforce.

The movie had better have Super Saiyan god oozaru yamoshi
I wanna see a canon giant monkey that's on fire

>we don't get punished by TOEI
And what the fuck they can do?
Lower your birth rate?

Toei is powerless.

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what are the chances of jiren winning?

Based spics.

I fucking regret making this edit

Dragon Ball never had this power of friendship bullshit until DBS, fuck you

How does he rank in terms of powerlevel?

We're past the point of no return user.

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>saiyans get stronger after every near-death injury
>Goku literally feeling the wrath of the gods
>gets better

>Lower your birth rate?
Yes. Anime is a scam designed to remove males from productive life and turn them into NEETs that will never marry and begin a family.

They get stronger after healing you dumb fuck
They don't just magically ignore all wounds and continue fighting
I just KNOW you fucking dicksuckers started watching with DBS, because your excuses are pure shit.

That's why you have to think twice before making images like that one. You never know what kind of retarded faggot will want to spam it later.

theres video, they roar as one.

Cabbaxvegeta was already a thing before that edit was made.

based mexicans hated the new manga chapter

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Clearly above Toei Animation and the japanese courts, probably jobs to El Muro though.