Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku

If this isn't the cutest shit

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Arisa > Elf Loli > Neko loli > Inu loli > Old hags here

Arisa and Mia are some of the best, but don't group Liza in with those others at the end.

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yes, yes she is

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Arisa a shit.

Arisa and Nana are best girls. Liza can come too.

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A new Liza on pixiv, but still nothing good.

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She should try girl clothes.

Or no clothes.

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Arisa aka totallynot-shalltear best girl.

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Mai nigga. Arisa is literally one of us from our world reincarnated and is now a loli. She kills the competition.

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She's a fat fujoshi sperg in a loli body. She's pity-fuck tier at best.

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The LN art is a fantastic prosopagnosia simulator.

Can't say that you're wrong. Not a fan of how bland and sparsely detailed it is.

Except she wasn't fat and she was in her 20s. She's an otaku that happened to enjoy various fetishes, among them included BL. She's a sexy loli now and wants the D. That matters above all else.

The older ones didn't get a doll.

She wasn't fat but she was early 30s. Satou was 29 and he's pretty certain she's a few years older than he is due to her references and expressions.

The books mention that she uses middle-age person expressions and Satou has to keep forcefully putting her on diets.

And failed in her only good chance at it.
But Mia was the oldest there.

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isn't that because they're from different versions of japan? I remember Arisa said something about how it was desert like and there used to be snake charmers.

Liza, Pochi, Tama and Mia are all easily recognizable, but the humans are a bit...

Is it Mito, Lulu or someone else?
Is it Sera's face, Zena's face, or Arisa's face when no shading is done at all so the hair's all just pure white outline? Can you tell if it's Karina without the curls and giant tits?

... now that I think about it that's a lot like that sameface studio that did Heroic Age and Gundam Seed isn't it. Can't tell the humans apart, but the not-humans are easy to distinguish. Just that they're cute girls instead of giant mechs.

The similarities are what he actually can recognize. Like, maybe a specific Rider series was more popular with kids over in her world than in his, but they ran the same year. That said their two realities are very close.

At least switch Neko and Inu.
Nano desu is too strong.

But Tama > Pochi.

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Tama's crazy

Tama is courageous and skillful.

Don't worry, be happy.

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There is nothing wrong with that.

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If she keeps it in check

While I do love the idea of that meme sword, I have to respect it being treated as nothing but a meme.

Why are Mia and Nana so much more attractive than the other girls?

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I can't think of a moment where she's let things get out of hand.

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She needs to be creampied.

The problem is Satou won't do anything.

Me on the bottom

Then he should be removed and a different MC should take his place.

That would improve Death March. I just hope something makes Satou change his mind in the future.

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Have any good subs for this come out yet or do all of them butcher Pochi and friends?

Arisa certainly is. Mia also, but I don't know how much is Arisa's influence.

Maybe if she sees her adult form he'll change his mind but then again Sa2 is into those big tiddy girls

He hasn't even managed to do anything to anyone around him. He isn't trying enough, because if he really wanted to, Nana would have had more mana supplied where Arisa and Mia couldn't reach him.

Nana and Liza are my favorites, the lolis cockblock too much and we missed out on some glorious mana transfer because of it

>Daughter, Daughter, Ignore, Ignore

>story where writer self inserts blatantly
>makes it explicitly clear that he doesn't like virgins and isnt into loli multiple times through series
>hammers the point in
>story is literally just a massive loli harem

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He doesn't even seem to notice Liza wants him also. If he was alone, Nana would have had much more mana transfered.

Mia is the 3rd daughter though.

Mia doesn't think so.

...being their father.

Threaded cane and beast cutter are great.

Shame we'll never see Karina in the anime.

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Is Mana transfer done through the dick or something

That's one method. The others didn't let him use that one.
>The second is by doing naughty thing with a man. The so-called bed technique. Frankly speaking, it's sexual intercourse. I was fine with this method, but Lulu suddenly cried, "I'm first!", so I stopped. Her crimson red figure afterwards was quite cute. Of course, Arisa also objected but since it was completely overshadowed by Lulu's impact, there isn't any impression left. It seems that it was a verbal slip, she couldn't look me in the eyes for 2 days after that.

>Lulu suddenly cried, "I'm first!"
oh man who knew Lulu was such a lewd girl

Actually for a while she was eating far too many pies and ended up needing a diet.

Liza's understood that he's lacking the proper biological impulse towards leaving as many descendants as possible, and was tempered also by it not being possible between different species as far as standard mortal means go.

But we also know that fighting for someone like she does is pretty much how her entire species shows its affection, sees his level as something that can be attained and the difference compensated for up to a point if one works hard enough. Plus she's taking fighting lessons from an ancient fucking dragon now.
Liza probably figures she needs to be on his level to get the man, probably in fact a pretty standard thing in couples across all scalekin. And she might not be wrong.

It would be cute if it wasn't wasted on a series where they are just hardly characters.

>fill show with cute lolis
>make an anti-lolicon normalfag series

>anti-lolicon normalfag series
>Full of lolicon fanservice


>anti-lolicon normalfag series
>full of lolicon fanservice
Fucking brain-damaged retard.

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that was hot.

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Cute homunculi.

>>full of lolicon fanservice
>Fucking brain-damaged retard.

It's right there in the animes. mango and WN. Are you blind and retarded?

She's a shadow dancer cum space mage.

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The heck since when did Nana's sisters come back? Did the LN already go past the space octopus arc yet? That's where I kinda stopped.

I'm also wondering if I should re-read the WN from the start before watching the anime or the other way around.

Tama's adorable, especially the way she just shadow-teleports halfway across the continent just to spend lunch with her master. Lately she's even taking Pochi with her across those distances. Because she's the onee-chan

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Thought everyone except Nana died in the WN

Yeah that's what I thought, but I think LN translations went up to that arc and I think Satou saved the girls instead? I don't remember much I haven't read DM in at least a year, again I stopped at the space octopus arc so memory is hazy.

I'm a bit shocked no one is subbing it though, isn't the official translations trash?

Seems like there are some smaller groups doing it but CR is about as good as it'll get

>but CR is about as good as it'll get
Are you saying smaller groups are also using 'Sir' and 'localizing' "Don't Worry, Be Happy"?

I haven't checked them out and I don't know enough runes to notice how shit CR is unless it's blatantly obvious being EOP is suffering user

I'm gonna bop pochi on her noggin and scold tama for not being a good girl. What are you anons gonna do about it?

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Tama and Pochi would giggle the whole time and overpower the mood with daughteru aura. Arisa would start panting creepily or say other dumb shit. Only Mia's indignant "mwu" as she gets manhandled would be good.

things get really bad when tama starts batting at it with her claws

Tama's ninja roleplay is one of the best things in the series.

The good 'ol "dick in the taffy puller" trick.