Tokyo Ghoul:re spoilers

>Even a Plot device is better than Talkershit

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O ?


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Rize best girl

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Jewzou "raped Cuckneki" Squad

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You are the director of :Re.

You have to base the season entirely on the manga while also not confusing anime only watchers.

How do you do this?

I laughed my ass off

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Ayato joke became Yomo joke

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This fggot leave his tulpa waifu alone

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Personally tell the secondaries to go fuck themselves and make a 1:1 adaptation.

Based Kagune bros

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Where is my fuckin Dragon Rize omake

>Kagune monsters found purpose in life
This is not fair

>At a nightclub drinking
>Meet a beautiful girl, manage to get drunk as fuck with her
>End up vomiting on her
>Apparently I wouldn't stop asking for "Mr Yorshimuro-san and Rize-chan"

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Anime only watchers are confused enough as it is so it's best to not even try.

I'm Gay for her

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Who saved him after he got his face eaten by Kaneki?

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Hello, I am one of the winners in the Ghoul Investigator Recruitment Campaign where in the earlier chapters of the RE manga we played the part as investigators.

Ask me questions.

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Fuck off Sasako

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Translate please


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>Rizefag/Etofag thread

dont we usually have spoilers by now?


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No. spoilers are in 6 hours

Why wont someone ask me a question?
I really am in real life

He's fuckin ugly
Talker you married a girl

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I fucking hate Furuta.

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Gtfo she's mine

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How come Kaneki’s hair is now twice as long as before?

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You weren't supposed to post it yet!

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What if :Re gets 6 more volumes because Ishida is autistic?

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So can we assume that Arata is just dead now?

He's one of the nucleus lmao.

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wipe it off....

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No he's just in the void.

along with Arima and Eto, Kanecky will have to overcome his father in-law, his "father" and his favorite author! Truly an interesting final battle!

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Ishida? what are you doing here?

Kubo tier

Who can stop them?

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No Tumblr is convinced the Arata is going to come back and then Juuzou will kill him and Touka

Yes please

I love that Ishida decided to make Furuta the MC.

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can anyone beat our KING?

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Why does this thread have so many posts? Did last chapter restore the hype something?

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>20 posters

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More than we usually get desu. It usualy takes until 100+ posts to get to 20 desu.

Good taste user

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I just love my queen Rize chan

the shitposters come in droves for whatever reason

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>72 replies
>18 posters

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22 posters faggot

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>18 posters
>When there are actually 22

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These are some nasty covers. Only 12,13 and 14 are good. re3, re5, re4, re6,10, 7, 5, re11 are acceptable. The rest is trash, especially every re cover after re6.

It's the upcoming pierrot anime that :reinvorgates the shitposting.

The Q covers are good. And other than 12 and 13 the original series has good covers


Why is the Hide cover so ugly

it's hide-ous

I think most of the part1 covers are good. Only :re 8, 9,13 and 14 are shit.

Amon didn't get a volume cover in OG but he did in :re. Ishida really fucking hates him doesn't he.

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>Ishida could have set Amon up as a really good foil throughout :re, but instead ruined his entire character arc and sidelined the hell out of him

where the FUCK are my spoilers

Amon was the back cover to Akira's but yeah. Yomo was said to get one but still hasn't. Even Nishiki could use one.

5-6 hours

Maybe if someone posts the thing? Idk.

>Maybe if someone posts the thing

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So was there gas in the beer bottle?

>no switching between ghoul and ccg pov with Amon and Kaneki to parallel the original
>no Amon and Kaneki coming to understand the other side of the conflict
>no Amon and Kaneki, now having been part of both worlds, joining forces to break the birdcage
It still hurts.

there is no bottle.


Reposting fujo asshurt.

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