What is the best girl type and why is it "Tomboy who secretly wants to be treated like a girl"?

What is the best girl type and why is it "Tomboy who secretly wants to be treated like a girl"?

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14 year old tomboy who still takes showers with her dad and wears dresses when she's at home

The best girl type is actually "tomboy so insecure about her feminity that she became a gyaru"

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Tomboy who only shows you her girly side

Girl who is tough and cold outside but inside is scared and wants hugs.

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>google image searched "gyaru tomboy"


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Why not boy who turns into a tomboy that secretly wants to be treated like a girl?

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>feguimel art

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Dats Gay nigga

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ain't gay if it's a girl, user

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a tomboy is a girl what the fuck are you saying?

Yeah but they don't act "Girly" and are often treated like boys. That's the point, you philistine.

The allure of tomboys is their embarrassment at being treating like a cute girl after being surrounded by boys their whole lives and always having been treated as just "one of the guys".

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Is there anything that comes closer in terms of softness?

Hugging a girl in a sweater maybe

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It's like tsundere but for feminity
Two pillars of the best girl triad
>i-it's not like I wanted to wear this sundress, baka!

I just like the comfort that it's just like a guy friend but with all the perks that a cute girl comes with

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women are worthless.
unless they are a tomboy.

a girl who walked the path of a man to find herself, and later went back to be who she truly was.
a woman who embrace womanhood and become a complete being, best of both worlds.

most girls dont travel this path and go insane, wanting to be threated as princess rather than work and get what they deserve, as true man does, as balanced human beings.

because is larping, they want to feel strong for once, and later find true strength at showing weakness. Such innocent creatures.

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No, I mean other cute animu girls.

don't start this shit in this thread too you faggot

The best girl type is tomgirl.

Anons, try this please. I feel like my elbows will break

Tomboy with gap moe.

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Better question: Is the best type of girl a compound or a simple? Ie Something on the outside but something else inside or totally open and the same regardless?


>Saotome Girl
Not a fan of the abs, but looks cute as fuck otherwise.

Compound that becomes simple after you strip away the outer shell is best.

>it's not like I wanted to wear this sundress, baka!

Then don't, bitch.

I wish I could find one someday.

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Love when artists draw in a cute plump soft style

My tomboy can´t be this cute.

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You're making me depressed

Tomboy thread. Tomboy thread.

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So when can we get an anime called "my tomboy can't be this cute"?

Would you let your son dress like this?

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It's "Tomboy who wants to be treated like a tomboy". I don't understand the appeal of a character who wants to completely swap archetypes like that. I'm into tomboys because they aren't girly.


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Any more mangaka that portray this level of soft?


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This is pretty good.

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I never knew why I liked tomboys but now I completely understand it user.
Great insight.

with that logic do i need to follow the path of women and come back of it to embrace my masculinity?

What kind of gap moe are we talking about here?

That's a right hand, dingus.

You can start by being my wife, user.

Inoue Kiyoshirou, Shiwasu no Okina, mogg, Shimimaru and Spiritus Tarou too maybe

>>still takes showers with her dad

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Try doing that pose and tell me its the right hand. THE ARTIST MESSED UP!

Are you stupid? Or just retarded?

look at the fingers you autist

Are you so fat you can't hold your arm behind your back and see your hand? What exactly do you object to the pose?

Tall tomboy boxer who turns to mush when it comes to being around the mc.

I agree with this user. It's like wussing out haflway through. You like the "aesthetic" of the tomboy but don't wanna stick around for the personality.

I'll counter with "Androphobic reverse trap that ends up falling in love with a boy."

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That list seems to be missing 'NTR by faceless fat old man.'

>10 years old, 3rd Strike just came out
>see Makoto
>her voice, her bra, her power
>all these confusing feelings
>decided that I admired her, when I was actually in love
>took up BJJ since it was literally the only martial art here with proper instructors
>always fantasize that I'm training with her, when I'm running or doing drills
>masturbated to imagining the feeling of her boobs pressing on my chest in Side-control, or her ass in Full-mount
>because I literally thought sex was too lewd
>turned out I was actually good
>went to tournaments at army bases and was consistently winning, got a sponsorship
>3D start coming in but I reject because Makoto brought me here and she's worth it
>finish as 1st place lightweight and 3rd in open weights in the Nationals

Had to quit eventually because I'm the only one who can be my family's breadwinner, but I hope I became a man enough for Makoto
she really is beautiful

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Gembutts aren't really tomboys though. Even the ones that act like males can't really be considered tomboy.

>pure 2d love pushes a man to be the greatest fighter

I'm not sure how I should feel about this.

The genes of that family are too strong, to just keep consistently churning out best girls.

the sexiest

post tomboy abs

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Tomboys that turn into gyarus > literally everything in this or any universe.

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>no tanlines on older version

No tanlines = naked tanning.
You fairy.

tanlines are sexier than nude tanning

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You and I shall never be friends.

Thanks, I'll look it up.


Nude tanning means slutty. True tomboys are not slutty because they have no idea how to handle the feminine side of themselves.

Hugging a muscly girl is the greatest pleasure the world has to offer

I prefer athletic

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Most people still shower with their dad well into their twenties. It's nothing wierd or out of the ordinary.

Sup Forums....i-is this true? I thought I was the only one...

Agreed wholeheartedly. I mean, nobody wants a girl that acts like a man with boobs, but a tomboy that stays boyish is always a treat.

Then again there is a market for masculine reverse traps, so that's not entirely true.

Yeah man its perfectly fine. my dad was never around so haha I actually have no idea

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why cant they be real...

wtf why are there weight classes for playing street fighter?

Nounanka is a god.

Mutsuki can be my “boy”

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>that episode where ritsu thought she got a love letter

my heart

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She's a fox.

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>Says they like tomboys.
>Favorite aspect of them is when they do girlish things.

What is even the point you fucking faggots?

It's not just about them doing girly things, it's about them being nervous and self-conscious doing girly things, and the juxtaposition to their normal, boyish behavior

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