Getsuyoubi no Tawawa

月曜日のたわわ その161 「あった……よかっ…よ゛がっだね゛ぇぇ~…ッ」

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short hair girl cute

what's happening here

It's the climax of tutor arc

Why is she crying :[?

Now hug her and the proceed to make her into mother of your children.

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She is genuinely happy enough to cry he got accepted.

He made it but could only think of his lewd reward, but hesitated after seeing her look of pure joy. Are you fucking dumb?

What did he mean by this?

the asshat is no longer doomed to be a burger flipper since he passed entrance exams

It's there... Th-thank goodness... (tears of joy intensifies)

so he turned into a beta, great, we need more of them

Reverse maegami

>exam release date: 3/19 (Mon)
>it's really a scientist-chan illustration

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Wow, she is so happy for him

>he gets to touch those fat tawawas now

I'm jelly.



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healing triumphed over lewdness

Tawawas are a miracle of the universe

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Yeah, I can see why her happy smile stopped him in his tracks.

My kokoro

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Oh das it.

Oh sweet jesus, that's pure

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Def the best Tawawa girl.

glad I didn't miss tonites thread like last week can't get enough Tawawas

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finally i understand the last one about the entrance exams

Now that Kiseki is going to stop drawing SAO Progressive, do you think he could start a Tawawa manga?

live to see it but it might have some quality drops vs single detailed lovely ones

He did Tawawa while drawing SAOP, not sure how he couldn't manage.

>looks to be going in for a grope
>measuring her ring finger
I. Something hurts within me. What is this.

I think the occasional chapters he does for comiket are enough, an ongoing wouldn't be a worthwhile tradeoff. I do want to see more of his work though, maybe designs for an anime that isn't full of shitty, irritating people.

You don't have a cake to turn into a mama?

>a cake
She's not even close to being a cake, retard.


>SAO Progressive is ending
wait for real? is the only thing I touch about SAO

Nah, no need. I would like two updates a week though. Although the name of the manga would have to change.

>huge tits and sweater makes my dong diamonds but her nerdy glasses and adorkable cute messy hair appearance purifies any lewd intent
Never before in my life has my dick felt this conflicted

It's not ending, they're just changing the illustrator.

IV+Alpha was recently translated. Basically the day after the confession from IV.

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This needs a cleanup.

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Just want to add that 8282 is short for "ぱふぱふ" which mean the situation in which man's head get sandwich between a pair of tits

Of course it is.


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What did she mean by this? Tawawas are pure so it can't be the protection I'm thinking of.

>Ai-chan already did it with faceless salaryman in volume 1 or 2. Not to mention it heavily imply that Kouhai also did it with her faceless senpai too.

All joking aside, I really doubt Kouhai/Senpai crossed that line already.




I just woke up so I'm still tired. You?

I wonder if Senpai has fapped to his colleague.

Not bad, after 3-4 hours I'll go on job.

Monogamous sex as an act of mutual love is pure in its own way. Kouhai thing was a dream though, they aren't quite there yet.


Better start another roject

So they had lots of raw sex huh.

That's look extremely uncomfortable, I guess wide hips for women is as bad as wide shoulders for men.

I guess the appeal of this, is because it fulfill our skin hunger at least psychologically.
Even if you're not a big breasts fan, the whole premise shown through the male POV to self insert and satisfy intimacy needs.

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>tfw no tawawa to look after your health

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