What's the most aesthetic anime packaging?

I think I'll go with the original japanese DVDs of FLCL with the slipcases. So damn sexy.

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TTGL special edition.

post some pics user!

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Those remind me of the Kokkoku manga volume covers

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I want those so bad now, even though I've already got the Lain Blu-Ray.

It doesn't go for cheap. I would have loved it too because it beats the shit out of Funimation's attempt at a western version.

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On the subject of Lain, the soundtrack box was really nice looking

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Yeah, the Funimation version is the one I have. I'm also heavily considering getting ABe's artbook Gaisokyu with birthday money in a few weeks. It covers everything he's ever done up to circa 2012. amazon.com/Gaisokyu-Artbook-Japanese-Yoshitoshi-Abe/dp/4862690254

wow dude
What are those books about?

The big one is an artbook full of black and white lineart of characters and environments. The small one is an episode by episode discussion about the process of remastering the anime.

Does manga count? because I love how Oyasumi PunPun looks when you have all the volumes

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In my country we only have the DVDs
I wish there was an episode by episode commentary of the authors

The English releases got rid of these covers sadly

I'm glad they decided to keep the japanese covers in my country

They're well out of print now anyway. The one in that photo is the Japanese release. Funimation did their own limited edition version which removed a lot of the on disk features, took out the soundtrack discs, and used all together different artwork, but still included the artbook and booklet. You might be able to find someone selling it online for a decent price if you look at the right time. Japanese version is obviously more expensive to find. There's bluray remasters still sold without the books too.

I would think SHAFT has aesthetic packaging desu

nice mahoro

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Not super fancy but the vinyl record style blu rays are p cool

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I like this one

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Hopefully DiTF because I'm getting all of them

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I want these in my house just for aesthetic value.
I can't even read moonrunes but I'd buy them anyway.

They look good but they also look like every volume of manga that has the dust jacket taken off ever

You're all wrong

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