Why is this manga such a masterpiece?

Why is this manga such a masterpiece?

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At first I didn't think a femMC in that world would give anything

but now I can't do much but relate to them.

I want more series set in the world of reverse gender roles

especially a medieval fantasy one


The World of Moral Reversal

>The World of Moral Reversal

reminds me of this

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Sidebar note: There's actually some economic truth to this, even in our world. Value is something that is only realized in the process of exchange, so a thing that has never been traded by definition has no value.

it's literally the non-h version of that

one of the MC's friends is outright the girl in your pic

That one was so good, did any more of it get translated/released recently?

I thought so. Some of the lines were so downright similar it even showed through the translation.

I like your sophistry, but your argument would be more correctly phrased as "something that is never realised will never have value". Namely, virginity only lacks value if you will never let it go. If you do intend to let it go then it does remain valuable, to the unfortunate conclusion that your sophistry doesn't hold up.


Not recently

I wonder when he'll finally appear and then Ichikawa recognizes him.

best isekai to date, ofc i'm talking about the hentai version

>Value is something that is only realized in the process of exchange

value is potential. there are women who are selling their virginity for many millions of dollars

Thats not really true. Value is determined by a mix of supply and demand.

The mona lisa is not for sale but it is super valuable.

they already made a chapter where someone made a manga about a girl from their world going to our's

sort of a mangaception

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And the value of that is only determined when the deal is concluded. Until that point, it's just speculation as to what value it will have.
But what is that value? $1M? $100M? $1B? Without a transaction, who can say? This same thing happened during the financial crash. Assets that had not been bought or sold could no longer be meaningfully assessed a value.

Supply and demand are factors in value, but they themselves depend on other things.

For those who think it's a good deal remember that the world is the way it is because all men there go exclusively after sluts that suck million dicks

So inferior in every way

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non-h WITH female MC

so yes

But it's great for reaction clippings.

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You win some, you lose some, I guess.

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>non-h she never scores
>h she gets drained of all her money by a prostitute

which has it better?

Hard to say. Guess it depends on what matters more to you, love or money.

On another thing, I really like this particular page. I'm not sure if the author intended it or not, but I think it kinda comments on how people like making just-so stories to try to claim that social norms are rooted in biological facts.

Forgot the page

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The interesting thing is, if you posted this page without commenting on it you would find people who would readily agree with the conclusion being drawn here.

I'm actually going to pick this back up as the initial chapters never resonated with me and I just stuck to the Original. Looks like there's some interesting things happening as far as fleshing out this Topsy-turvey world.

>you would find people who would readily agree with the conclusion being drawn here
Wait, in our universe, or theirs?

Lemme guess, despite majority of women not being virgins there is zero pregnancy.

Ours, sorry if that wasn't clear. The story is basically arguing that because the Male refractory period exists, women are the ones in the position to continue to seek out multiple partners and such to offset the men who lose interest in sex while they recover from their own orgasm. Everything else about birth rates stems from that first assumption.

When I first saw this panel, I thought for a second that the artist must be the same person who does the SAO: Progressive manga, because that facial expression reminded me of this and similar panels. But they're not the same person at all, so I guess the resemblence is just coincidental.

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So in the Sup Forums of their world, would we all be 20-30something single women pretending to be cute shotas?

Except that would assume that the woman could fine another mate faster than the man could recover, something I don't think plausible in any universe, assuming the physiology remains the same.

I mean, it's pretty cheap, user.

I mean. Unless they develop to have orgies, like snakes' orgy balls.

Oh I know how long the refractory period is. But the whole point is that there are some people that would buy into the idea that just because Men have this thing at all, it justifies women being the way they are in this story or something similar.

I thought that was the whole point of a Just-so story, using biological information to make a shaky explanation for something.

>says that if women aren't sexually active population will drop
>meanwhile in Japan in our world low birthrates

is she a wizard?

No, if I'm reading it right, what she's saying is the birthrate in alter-Japan is already low just like it is in ours, but if women weren't sexually energetic, the problem would be much worse.

meh. Just read a couple of chapters, seems boring.

Same, I want to write a fantasy book in that regard. Basically have it that humans have males at a 1:10 rate so they're more valuable and thus kept in a more feminine role while women take on masculine roles of war, leadership, ect.

I want a case where two female knights fight to the death over the MC without either of them looking yandere.

Interesting premise, but my biology senses are tingling. Fisher's Principle tends to force the ratio towards 1:1.

Absolutely degenerate. Women are weak, attractive prizes worth killing for. Reversing the gendered roles humans have had for millennia is wrong.

they even say they're stronger in the manga so I wonder how it works exactly

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some of the pages really makes me think

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Yeah, that would be the fantastical element. Like how GrrM has seasons last years in A Song of Fire and Ice.

In my story though, I think I'd prefer Iron age tech rather than the typical medieval setting.

I hope for you're sake that was intended to be a joke.

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I actually would want one big "Oh shit" moment be an enemy army having a Sacred Band of a regiment of men to act as champions and shock troops.

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The concept isn't explored very well, but it's similar to the original that way. Where the H version was literally just an excuse to draw horny girls, the non-H is just as much an excuse to draw curvy horny girls.

Still fucking mad about the samurai cafe. Worst idea in the story yet.

Isn't that just a brother's price and ooku but less violent?

Believe it or not I had thought of it before knowing a Brother's Price existed. I bought a copy and am gonna read over it to see the basic gist and get an example of how someone structured this kind of world.

Haven't heard of the other one, definitely will check it out.


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seemed like the point of the samurai cafe was to be disappointing (aka nothing like your animes).

That gives humans no reproductive advantages though. If a woman goes and fucks say 20 guys in a month, they'll only get 1 baby out of that. If a man fucks 20 women in a month, it's possible that they'll produce 20 babies.

I just want a straight up reverse gender, no lapse in population just "sexual nature are reversed because it just is"

maybe you can say that women have better magic capacity so they're better mages but that's it

Sounds like every academy battle harem.

I assume you've already seen Witchcraft Works right?

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Amahara wrote that manga about the female knight captain. I wish more of that was translated.

but that's only for one guy and other then the main girl of WCW none of them act like reverse moral girls.

Huh... But Amahara isn't drawing it?

... I guess that's okay. While I can recognize he's not a great artist, he IS a lewd artist. I'd be disappointed if he drew the non-H version. It's definitely odd to be an artist and let someone else draw your story, though.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. The original series was fantastic.

really liked his art for the sensei though

wish more of all of his works are translated

still want more of interspecies reviewers

I love the artist for the serialized version, his faces are funny.

It's honestly impressive that, even if his art is shit, it still manages to work me up. I've fapped way too much to World of Reversed Genders.

Yeah, which is why I'm saying I'd be disappointed. I'd keep expecting characters to fuck and get let down.

There are a few artists who really strike the "lewd idea" win that makes the "mediocre-poor" art not matter. Kurenai Yuuji and Nagi Ichi come to mind (although both are about niche fetishes and both have gotten waaaaaayyy better over the years, their early stuff is still great)

the value of a virgin was removed by the removal of religion
the removal of a religion was successful based on the false premise the one must believe in a given creation story in order to follow the religion

>hey, lets do a hentai where the girls rule the world
>yeah that's cool, I love femdom DESU
>and then there's the MC, he talk to some girls
>he will sell his dick for shekels

What a garbage, holy shit.

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>Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari
>Only like one in ten biologically compatible mecha pilots are male
>They're basically passed around as breeding studs
>That one side character boy who refuses and just wants to stay with his one normal waifu girl
>Sexually aggressive older women

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You're fucking retarded if you're reading this for femdom

Reverse morals doesn't mean femdom, tardo.

based fedoratipper

>guys in my world don't do that

Why is she so pure?

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So? What's the difference then? He even do blackmail stuff and pseudo rape, it's more of the same, nothing is different.

Abe sponsored this btw.
t. Abe's aide

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I mean, having a spouse that hasn't had a previous partner guarantees that the child of that union is yours if you are a male. Even if you don't have religion, any culture where lineages are defined by the line of fathers will value virginity in women for that fact alone.

>>he will sell his dick for shekels
1) You read this for Femdom and even the tags tell you not to believe in that.
2) The guy basically acting out all the tropes of the typical Slut with full self awareness is part of the comedy of this story.

>look at this faggot getting angry all on his own

just take a dna test

imo the value is psychological and spiritual, not that i believe in spirits...

user. The H-manga is literally that world's version of femdom.

I love the cliche male porn friendship between braids and narcissist

What if their fertility is low? As in, they have to fuck like rabbits with everyone they can to make a single baby. Though there's a problem with men acting shy if this were the case.

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Then men fucking everyone they can would be even more advantageous.

>The H-manga is literally that world's version of femdom.
I feel like I knew this, but didn't understand this until seeing it written down.

We have these practices because maintaining virginity was the DNA test when these practices were formed.

Even in modern times what guy wants to be compelled to take a DNA test to be 100% sure his child is his own? That's some cuck shit because you're admitting you could not be the father.

I'm fine with that.

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The idea that there is a super power available only to women is cool- that could lead to interesting power dynamics between the genders.

But oh no, this is a 'harem guy that is the only one with girl power' genre! So, instead of making strong independant women that make men bow to them (...we all have fetishes- this isn't the place to judge), it all becomes a generic harem anime where all the girls are desperate to get up on that one PROTAGONIST dick, thus ruining any 'independance' they might of had (at best, it becomes a form of tsundere-ism).

So rather than subverting gender roles, it reinforces them ultra hard where the one guy that gets into the main cast is idolized and fought over. That is the ENTIRE GENRE that IS belongs to. There are dozens of other works tht follow pretty much the same format (one guy that can contract spirits; one guy that can use magic; one guy that is blessed WITH THE POWER OF A GOD KING while girls get lesser powers; etc). I honestly would more enjoy just a regular sword/gun guy fighting in a world of over powered super women and winning. That seems far more interesting, and it would make the harem he gets well earned (rather than something he gets from having god mode and being a 'nice guy', which means little when you are the strongest one around).

>Even in modern times what guy wants to be compelled to take a DNA test to be 100% sure his child is his own? That's some cuck shit because you're admitting you could not be the father.
Wasn't there an article somewhere talking about the percentage of men who are raising kids that aren't their own and they don't even realize it? The percentage was scary high.

>in modern times what guy wants to be compelled to take a DNA test
hopefully everyone user...

>all this text
>arguing to justify his fetish

did he justify it

male virgins are not the most "strong" or "independent" people in our world, so it's obvious that female virgins in their world won't be either.

You're fucking retarded. This isn't
>A world where women act like queens to men

This is a world where gender morals are reversed. Just that.

If a hot girl in my class back in highschool was a slut on the level of the MC of the H series, you'd be damn sure that every single one of the males in my class would pay money to fuck her.

I just don't want my penis occupying a space where three, five or seven other penises have already been, maybe even within a short amount of time. It sounds unsanitary.

Sorry, but nothing in your post seems more interesting than what we're getting.

A "world where women are super powered and this guy is beating them" is something so fucking overdone. This manga and the original one are one of those "bitch"/"slut" H but in a reversed world, literally that. There are countless hentai where a slut is fucking all the men she encounters, and that's hot. When you reverse it, it's even hotter.

So, nah.

Take this crap and shove it up your ass all the way back to

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hell they even say he's not even that hot he's just the class's bicycle

really he has more in common with shoujo ML's (in the smuttier shoujo) then harem leads

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Saber pleases lots of men for food! Therefore I need a dna test!

>But oh no, this is a 'harem guy that is the only one with girl power' genre!
How can one guy miss the point this hard? This is in part a comedic play on the standard tropes for when a girl is the slut. We even get depictions of how this scenario looks in the normal context, one for every chapter.

This is more interesting than just having a girl dominate a bunch of guys because you can get a laugh at the irony of the situation and a good fap.

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