Yuragi 103

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103: Show resolve! Hibari-chan

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I'm wondering how your internet is inconsistent. Is there a lot of web traffic in your area?

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"If this demon cuts your string..."
"Then what'll happen...!?"
[side] Hibari saved Sagiri from her trouble, but...!!

"You know how Nakai-san operates her luck powers, right?"
"It operates every single piece of inevitability..."
"And it curses you in a way so you won't meet your loved one ever again"

"You can't see their face, can't hear their voice"
"Can't even get a letter...!"

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"Hurry up and put your amor on Hibari!"
"This is your greatest enemy...!"
"I don't have much...!"

"If the string cutting scissors gets to your flrsh, then you'll lose your red string! Hibari!!"

"Are you listening!?"

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"I won't..."
"See Kogarashi-kun ever again..>!?"

What now.... Hibari
Can't forget Kogarashi-kun...
What can she do...!? [Same dialogue as last chapter]

"If she can't see him ever again..."
"Can she finally give up on him...?"

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"Heey Hibari!"

"Kogarashi-kun, morning! You have work now? Good luck!"
"And you're training on a Sunday"
"I have to do this so I can beat Sagiri-chan!"

"Okay then!"
"I'm cheering for you, Hibari!"


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"She made it in..."

"White spiritual armor...!?"

"Watch out, Hibari!!"
"You've exhausted 30% of it already!"


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>"White spiritual armor...!?"
That's quite an upgrade.

"If she can't see Kogarashi-kun..."
"Then it'll be living hell!"


"Hibari... gets it now"

"Getting dumped once..."

"Doesn't mean she has to give up on him...!"

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"Then that means..."
"She can't give up!"

"The crack got bigger! One more shot!"
"No... she has to retreat now!"

"Hibari's armor is already half gone now!"
"If she loses any more, she can't defend herself from the curse anymore!"

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"She can't do that!"
"If Hibari retreats now, then it'll attack others..."


"...she'll be fine!!"

"If her ties do get cut with Kogarashi-kun,"
"Then he'll find a way to tie us back together!"
"That's insane!!"

"And she doesn't care if he's getting along with Sagiri-chan anymore!"
"Wh-wh-wh what the heck!?"

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Shots fired by Hibari.

"But even if that does happen!"
"One day for sure!"
"Hibari will snatch him from under your nose!!"

"Nice job Hibari!"
"You okay Hibari!?"
"Wh... what now...!"

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"D...did Hibari's ties with Kogarashi-kun"
"Get cut just now..>!?"

"Well you said you didn't care if they got cut just awhile ago!"
"Well yeah, I won't give up!"
"But it'll be a really big problem anyways!"

"...Hibari!? Sagiri!"

"...oh nice. You managed to finish it off...!"
"K... Kogarashi-kun!?"

"I called him over"
"But I tried to stop him when I found out it could cast a curse..."
"But when I heard you were in trouble, I had to get over here!" [Improvised again]
"S...sorry, Fuyuzora Kogarashi...!"


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"If she can see Kogarashikun..."
"Then Hibari's strings didn't get cut!?"
"That's great...!"

"But why's that...?"
"You shouldn't be able to defend from that if your spiritual armor gets that ripped up..."
"...oh whoa!"

"That white spiritual armor Hibari cast up..."
"Was a near perfect spiritual armor!!"
"What d'ya mean?"

"The spiritual armor is a secret Chuuma ninja technique that protects from all spell"
"But it's an extremely hard spell to cast..."
"And not only is my armor imperfect"
"But it gets ripped up with every attack it takes... then it'll become harder to defend from spells"

"But the true spiritual armor will still be in effect as long as there's still a strip standing"
"It won't lose any defensive power and is capable of protecting from everything...!"

"Which means... which means..."

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"Hibari has finally"
"Surpassed Sagiri-chan...!?"

"One's spiritual armor is easily affected by their mental state"
"So your strong desire to not get cut off from Fuyuzora-kun"
"Gave you a pretty big gift there"

"Uh... uhh, Kogarashi-kun!"

"H... Hibari may have gotten dumped... true!"
"But she... really doesn't wanna give up...!!"
"So... you mind?"

"...would it be okay"
"To just keep liking you...!?"

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"...I've been giving it some thought after that happened"
"Was there anything I could do to help you?"

"But I was the one doing the dumping"
"And it felt like it was connected to your happiness..."
"And I couldn't do a thing...!"

"To be honest..."
"I still think... it might be better for you if I just pushed you away"

"But I don't think... that's up for other people to decide"
"Which is why"

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"If that's what you want to do Hibari, I'm fine with it"
"If that's what"
"Will keep you smiling...!"

"..it is!"
"Thanks... Kogarashi-kun...!"

"Y... you confessed to Kogarashi-san!?"
"And you got dumped!?"

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"That's right! Hibari got dumped!"
"Right. Kogarashi-kun?"
"Y... yeah..."

"She went back to her hometown because of the shock..."
"But she's completely okay now!"

"Fufu... Kogarashi-kun"
"Hibari loves you"

"Kyaaah! Hibari said it!"
"But no point in hiding it now!"
"Uh... uhhh... Hibari-san? I'm just making sure here, but..."

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'You got dumped, right!?"
"Yeah, so?"
"Then you can't just act like that! It's weird, right!?"
"It-it-it looks like you two're dating!"

"This is Hibari's way of going on the offensive!"
"She's turning the tides and going for it with all she's got!"

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Karura saying that it’s weird is pretty funny.

>HIBARI blanco
Este es el fin la grande tijera maldita

"Heh... I figured this would happen"
"Hibari has been absolutely terrible at giving things up. for a long time..!"
"Oh puberty"

"Well, things've gotten interesting here!"
"Good luck Hibari-chan!"

"Kukuku.... what a cheeky girl you are...!"

"You're behaving outrageously in front of my beloed Kogarashi-dono..."
"Maybe I should put you in your place!!"
"Karura-san, he's not yours!!"

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>annoying character gets even more obnoxious
>going to cock-block all other girls without any restrain now
I might be overpessimistic here but this is such a turn off.

"Heh... heheh!"
"Hibari's not afraid of someone like you, Tengu!"

"Because Hibari has surpassed Sagiri-chan..."
"She has obtained the perfect spiritual armoe!"


"Why is this happening again!?"
"Looks like you mess up when you get full of yourself, Hibari"
[side] As usual.
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Thanks for the tl user.
>[Bot right] Next issue, a big change occurs inside everyone's chests!?
Not a huge fan of how the whole thing was wrapped up, kinda feels like Hibari got false hope. But we all know that the author is using Hibari to advance the plot of romance for everyone else.

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Time to go check on stuff

>Next issue, a big change occurs inside everyone's chests!?
Ah, the spoilers made it seem like it’d be more of a fanservice chapter, but this seems to be more love stuff.

Thanks for the translation.

The next stage in the Kogarashi Bowl has begun.

Dumping colors.

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They look like something out of Taimanin series

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>"White spiritual armor...!?"
>HIBARI literally got blanco transformation
She just becomes better with every chapter, how can any other girl even compete?

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Final page. Let's see how the harem reacts to Hibari's bold steps.

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thanks for TL dumping



>"I called him over"

>But I tried to stop him when I found out it could cast a curse..."
>"But when I heard you were in trouble, I had to get over here!" [Improvised again]
>"S...sorry, Fuyuzora Kogarashi...!"

who came to save Sagiri only her (because did not know that Hibari was there)
he sweats a lot he had to run like crazy to help her
why the author wanted to show us this detail
Saigiri still does not realize that he is worried a lot for her

it's cute

still a flag that just got up for the best gir


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I’ve noticed you the past few threads. I don’t really mind, but is English your second language?

>"And she doesn't care if he's getting along with Sagiri-chan anymore!"
>"Wh-wh-wh what the heck!?

How do you go from this?

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To this?

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And finally to this?

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Hibari is as competent as Yukikaze and Asagi.

>Hibari (dormant power)
>Punished Hibari
>Limit breaker HIBARI (Blanco unlocked)

>"Hibari has finally
>"I have to do this so I can beat Sagiri-chan
>Surpassed Sagiri-chan...!?"
>"And she doesn't care if he's getting along with Sagiri-chan anymore!"
>"But even if that does happen!"
>"One day for sure!"
>"Hibari will snatch him from under your nose!!"
>"Because Hibari has surpassed Sagiri-chan..."
Hibari hibari hibariiiiiiii
Shit name
Her complex against Sagiri is getting worse and worse
she becomes naughty
she is very selfish and does not think for a moment about Sagiri's feelings
she's a shitty cousin
want to steal her guy one day in front of her eyes
she is the worst cousin
she only thinks of going beyond Sagiri instead of having managed to protect her
she is in a war with no one
Sagiri had to endure all the pressure from the family.
so that Hibari can have a normal life and friends and have a teenager unlike Sagiri who did not have that chance
the one who has suffered the most is not her but Sagiri
I hope that the author makes her realize

>Bokuben is better

Thanks TL user!

Is the typesetter around? I'm not the translator. Just checking.

I'm here.

Hibari feels inconsistent sometimes. The rivalry sometimes feels friendly, but is mostly high insecurity from Hibari’s part. We need some more background of their time in the village.

Is there a Hibari doujin
My dick is burning red.

I believe that whenever Hibari gets even the slightest advantage over Sagiri, she acts very pompously.

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Well, it's also pretty one sided. Sagiri doesn't seem all that into it.

She reciprocated a bit during the physical examination, though it could’ve just been encouragement.

she even got UI eyes

ka ka ka ka kachi daze

How lewd.

Looks like Moegeta eyes.

The girls better step it up. Hibari is threatening them with what little power she has.

That’s a cute Hibari.

She's always been doing that. She realized right after she moved in that she'd have to be the one to strike first for Kogarashi, or she wouldn't have a prayer of competing with the other girls if they were making their own moves on Kogarashi.

jesus christ that is a nice butt

I like Hibari!

Time to start dumping stuff for checking.

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I want to check that ass, if you know what I mean

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Oh, I didn't notice this. Okay, let's see.

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pan 2 bub 2: This spirit operates every single inevitability...
pan 3 bub 2: Can't even get a letter from them...!