Children of the Whale

Name a more generic anime.

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only thing generic was the mc

Are you kidding me?

>everyone is a soft spoken twig
>special powers
>MC is dark haired wimp
>MC's Rival is a blue-clad solo edgy kid
>"I have no emotions, this is what my character is about"

Only unique thing is the setting, but few Anime really back up their wider ideas. All of these characters are interchangeable expys of other shows.

It had cute boys (and girls I guess but I'm not a faggot) but god it was boring.

Pink hime cut is a guy right? Fuck I love that trope.

Dancing black rock cd chan was cute.

Anyone got the music?

The world building was actually pretty interesting but the execution was just so bland. Like it tried to be a Miyazaki movie but lacked the spirit. Only redeeming quality was the waifus and husbandos.
Was pretty great desu.

This. I really liked the artstyle of the show being papery and out of a storybook. The story could have been so much better had they adjusted things. Too many bland and lazily written in characters. And a supposedly emotionless empire... with too many emotions running about it regarding warmaking.

I'm just sick of when someone dies or gets hurt we have it sit through 10 minutes of them crying about how they where buddies when they where five.

>characters die all the time
>expected to care when they do even though we have 0 attachment to them

>I just....wanted to be.........*30 mins later*......*one tear-drop*
>*epic violin and flute music plays*

I was actually sort of sad seeing this guy go in the fight. But then they had to ruin it by going "lol ecksdee i survived somehow" later on only for him to be a sex slave equivalent

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He was the cutest girl. Someone post screenshots of his best faces.

>sex slave equivalent
Do you have any resource material to back this up?


Well after the fact he was forced into the role by wearing certain clothes and entertain people. That's close enough.

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>tfw no doujins

>he will never be your yandere gf that wants to kill you because of the suffering you'd experience

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Fuck this dude. Of all the people to not not seemingly died, this is the worst.

Don't worry. He lives on in my heart.

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Chicken anime.jpg

Shukufuku no Campanella