Only best girls in this thread guys

Only best girls in this thread guys

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Just following the rules.

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Just look a this cutie

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What if the show has two best girls?

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It's fine, here's a show with three

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WRONG, best is pic related

They are indeed all equally best, but Chiyo is less equally best than the others.

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Surprised, nerds?

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Not true

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I'm impressed we made it this far into the thread before someone accidentally uploaded the wrong file.

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Every best girl thread I see.

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I'm happy to see people remember this show.

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One way to identify best girls is by their taste in music

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#1 girl

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I'd be happier if people remembered this one.

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The only true answer

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Can't argue against that

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bb-baka user!!
d-don't say things like that all of a sudden!

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She was good but FUCK I wanted to protect Iori's smile so goddamn bad

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If someone needed to be protected, it was Yui user
Iori was cute but that's it.

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I'm going to watch this anime again just for tensai what a champion

She's a ten out of tensai

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As if you weren't already wrong enough.

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You mean 2nd best

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Just to speed things up.

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how do you make all the right picks but then screw up so drastically?

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Best snek

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Patrician choice

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Worst girls

i hope you end up fucking a trap

Quads of truth

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You sound gay.

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best girl

Shit taste

I want to hold her until the insanity passes out of her eyes

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that would probably happen once you feel a sharp burning pain and then suddenly you start to feel sleepy

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Taiga a shit

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My assistant can't be this cute

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