What are the people that worked on this up to these days?

What are the people that worked on this up to these days?

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RIP Manglobe.

Out of work.

No homoing forever.

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Pandering is boring. I prefer ambiguous shit or just out right making them straight. This shit is just made to sell some gacha.

God that anime is awful.

better than samurai flamenco at least

pleb detected


>I prefer ambiguous shit

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Kokkoku is just a shitty, slow paced, censored adaptation of a 5/10 filler-hell manga

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what does that make samurai flamenco then?

double shit?

actually good, ambitious. Avant-garde. A solid 9/10. Experimental. And an original.

Ambitious, ridiculous, and entertaining from start to finish.

It's an example of how to do everything wrong in creating an anime and it's glorious. I love it.

kill yourself

Samurai Flamenco is an experience.

What's his name again?

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massacre macaque

Slicing Simian

Chop chimp

it can't be that bad if the opening is 10/10 right?

Propably homeless