This man Son Goku is going to teach Jiren a life lesson about "friendship and trust"

This man Son Goku is going to teach Jiren a life lesson about "friendship and trust"

Son Goku is a :

Shit husband

Absentee Father

Extremely Low IQ outside of combat

Chooses exciting fights over ensuring safety of everyone

When will someone teach him a life lesson?

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>implying this whole series isn't propaganda encouraging everyone to become violent chuuni NEETs

I don't think that Goku as a character is the problem with Dragonball. It all goes back to Toriyama's complaints about Toei changing his personality to be a righteous hero of justice when Goku has always been a complex person. Like he does value his family and friends, but not to the extent that he needs to make friendship speeches. In a way, Super Saiyan Goku's "I am truth, I am justice" speech in Z was much better because it could be argued he said those things to mess with Frieza by becoming what the tyrant feared the most. In Super, it doesn't work because a pissed off Goku would straight up murder Jiren like he tried to do with Zamasu.

I live in CA and see no relation, Latinos are big into family I thought?

Most of the enemies Goku spared ended up becoming his allies and/or helped save the world/universe.

Goku isn't any worst than most other shounen MCs.

Goku is the worst character to ever have been shit out by an anime. Just overall boring.

>complex character

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Go back to your general you filthy retard.
We already know Goku is retarded. Sad that even though he's a canon retard, Vegeta still aspires to be like him and it's sad how everyone still holds him at a higher standard than they do Vegeta. Really makes you think.

>Shit husband
Chi-Chi is satisfied with him.
>Absentee Father
It was not his fault he died.
>Extremely Low IQ outside of combat
How does it matter?
>Chooses exciting fights over ensuring safety of everyone
He takes risks and saves everyone.

Vegeta isn't the MC you retard. Vegeta only aspires to reach goku's level of power and nothing else

nigger please. goku understands jiren isn't evil. he even let freeza escape in namek after all the shit he did. the only person he might've actually killed without regret would probably be zamasu and that's because he was a monster in all senses of the word

I like how this episode btfo that American dub edit that makes Goku the hero of freedom, justice and the American way

none of the negatives you listed have anything to do with friendship and trust. Goku has known friendship since he was a child. Food, Fighting, and Friends, are the things he knows best. Being a bad family man and an idiot have zero impact on those things.

Time to wrap up another shitty thread.

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Along with Toei trying to make Goku heroic. I love that Goku isn't fighting to save everyone or protect others but has no issue doing so. He's great in that regard and it's fucking poetic how many dubfags can't handle that fact.

So what do you guys think el grande padres wish will be ? I mean that smug tells you all

very complex, he likes to eat AND fight

Sorry but those are just excuses. Piccolo is much more respected than the king of jobbers and Goku loses a lot and is barely a functioning retard.
The fact that vegeta is always seen as an inferior Goku makes his character embarrassing

Don't worry, soon Toriyama will be taught a life lesson on why you don't evade taxes.

It all balances itself out.

So was frieza but he let him go

Am I the only one that thinks it's stupid as fuck that 17 survived and it wasn't just frieza on his own? Also it would've been wayyy more hype if frieza shot goku before he finished jiren off (which is what I thought happened) but then they just throw that out the window for the lamest possible outcome... an ass pull and in out of character moment, what a waste.

>it would be way more hype if frieza did something completely retarded that would guarantee nobody resurrects him

>ayy lmao guy, I fight for my friends! this is our power! ;)

>I fight for what is right. I fight to protect my universe. I wouldn't kill even if the opponent was evil. Even if the fate of our universe would be sealed if I don't participle in this tournament, I wouldn't want to doom other worlds in the multiverse.

kek/10 writing.

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I'm sorry, but did Jiren already lose? Oh, that's right. The tournament isn't even over yet. In fact, there's 1 more episode to go. Does not having the lead at episode 130 count as a loss? Is that what you're saying? Because if you're saying that I can assure you that you're wrong. Why would you make this topic when the fight is still on? Jiren is still fighting right now and he has been the best fighter from universe 11 for how many episodes now? He's fighting one of the worst universes in the the entire multiverse who just happen to have a lead because Goku feeds off the energy of fighting for his friends. But you know what? They still fucking suck. Universe 11 is one of the best fucking teams in the tournament, they went 13-3 so far and would of already won if Toppo didn't job. Maybe you should shut the fuck up before you make retarded topics like this. You know why? Because you're going to be embarrassed when Jiren wins and someone bumps this topic. Oh look at that, Goku just lost ultra instinct. Are you a fucking drunk? Are you retarded? Are you autistic? You are a fucking idiot and you should never make a topic on this board again and I'm fucking serious. I almost have a feeling you're the only guy making all these anti-Jiren threads because you're a faggot hater who doesn't like the team because they're good. Fuck you, be good at something in YOUR life and then maybe try to troll these fucking teams on the board, like I give a fuck. It's so easy to spot out your threads now, you're a retard. Always doing stupid shit like this. Why don't you try to be a good poster? Just for once? For once in your fucking life try not to make a topic like this. That's just you, you're always right at getting it wrong. Fuck you. You are nothing.

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The only thing that can save this thread is Caulifla posting. Lots and lots of Caulifla posting.

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No more fucking Caulifla posting.

What's that, more Caulifla posting you say? Oh go on then.

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I honestly don't know how you people like Super. Even fucking GT was better.
>That guy screaming DIECISIETE like crazy.

s-shut up, DBS is a masterpiece

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>Is such sore loser he powers up from it

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>yfw biggest surprise of the century by having jiren win and u7 completely erase to end dragon ball

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Perhaps one more severe concussion courtesy of his Prince will do it. 3-0, when?

>gokek apologists

>mad he couldn't rest his head on balls
Is that what he desires from his Prince?

not an argument

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These men will teach Jiren about the virtues of Japanese collectivism.

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weak that you didn't follow through. Try again next time though.

Jirens grunts and groans were way better than the standard ATATATATATATA from Goku.

wait for the english dub, nigga.

> hating on based Goku
Absolute shit taste here. He's fighting for our fun, faggot.

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>refuses to get a job
>almost lets his son drown
>refuses to come home for a year after Namek
>beats his son
*eats a ton of food and refuses to pay*
>beats his wife
>beats his son again
>almost lets his son die against his will
>refuses to get resurrected for a decade to ditch his family
>lets most of his family and friends die
>lets the Earth get blown up
>strips in front of his son's friend

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Is it just me or does he seem like a genuine sociopath? He doesn’t seem to care about masses of people dying, there’s never much of an emotional reaction, he just cares about fighting. Vegeta is unironcially more empathetic than him now

Was Goku going to heal Jiren before he passed out? The energy ball he made was golden and he esitated to finish him off.

I think he killed a bunch of people when he caused a massive Earthquake going SS3 against Fat Buu. He didn't care. Goku somewhat cared when Majin Vegeta killed a bunch of people in the stands so the next logical thing Goku did was threaten to kill the Supreme Kai and resurrect Majin Buu.

Goku's priorities
>not working
>innocent lives?

> all these manchilds taking kids show seriously

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This. Also remember his reaction to earth being blown up in resurrection F, his wife and second kid are dead and he isn’t even that angry, this is before he knows time can be turned back

I'm gonna stick by my theory until the end. The ToP never had any consequences. Only Goku, Zenos, and the Grand Priest knew about this. The tournament having consequences was Goku's idea just to bring the best out of everyone. The reason why I think this is because:

>in Goku's inner monologue he was never worried about being eliminated
>even in episode 130 Goku was thinking about how his friends and family had so much trust in him but wasn't worried about being erased
>when SSG Goku was about to finish Kale and Caulifa (before fusion) Goku said something like "I'd like to fight you again some other time"
>what's odd about this is in the previous episodes Ribrianne asked Goku what he would wish for in which case he replied that he didn't think of it yet
>Goku, without even knowing what he would wish for, wasn't worried about Kale and Caulifa's erasure

So I think in episode 130 MUI Goku was planning on healing Jiren and just coming clean about this whole fiasco because Jiren seemed so damaged and mentally broken at the time. The AYY was almost crying as he realized that the way he lived his life just left him in a darkness of solitude with no real purpose.

From the shit writing in the anime maybe; that goes full circle fyi.
>despise all of the chances goku has gotten, despise all the asspull powerups, he still go fairly rekt by Jiren even in MUI
>but the ONE moment his power was above Ji Ren's, his form fucked him up so bad he might not even be able to go super saiyen again
This is even worse than Doflamingo vs Luffy because some could at least say that a kkg would be more than enough to knock him out. (Since people tried to say it was because gamma gun that luffy got the upper hand and that doflamingo "could tank gear 4th) But Goku? He got beat, got triggered and clearly wasn't able to finish Jiren off. There are no excuses here, and they made it as clear as day that his power did NOT come from him alone, as if UI is the spirit bomb's power but held within his hands.

It'll all end up good though, writing wise, because the manga will clear up all this bullshit about "Jiren being a villian"

Jiren tanks EVERYTHING. UI, MUI, all the teamwork,all the cheap tricks, etc. Everything. Goku clearly needed help each and every step of the way and even then he did not have the power to finish Jiren off. Now he rests. Jiren stands.

Haven't even complained once about the fight itself, but kek, you gocucks are desperate for (you)'s

Freezer 17 would unironically kick the shit out of Vegito Blue.

You been useless since day 1. get out

>Goku teaching anyone about trust

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>Frieza and Andriod 17 team up
How random could things get?

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Can't wait to see this fight in the manga without all the fucking filler and bullshit.

Goku will be fine because he will simply eat a sensu bean after the tournament.

Vegito Blue was stated (manga) to be as strong as Beerus when Vegito was fucking around with Zamasu. Vegito Blue would absolutely dominate Freeza and 17 as hard as Jiren did. Jiren is probably about as strong as Vegito Blue in the Black Goku arc.

>gohan doesnt know how to play basuburu

considering bball is the most popular sports in Japan, would that commit a serious crime?

He couldn't even beat Vegeta Blue

Basket ball.

baseball, my bad.

What will happen next episode?

pickle is 0-1 against goku...

Will he redeem himself?

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Chi-chi was so satisfied she fucked their kid. Additionally, Goku was made to get a job. His lack of intelligence leads to decisions like healing Cell. Him dying to Semi-Perfect Cell is a joke (clearly on purpose). Dumb luck doesn't justify his failures. He couldn't even keep a promise to his best friend (Vegeta just beat him up again) much less properly avenge the guy.

He's failing. The lizard is more fun.

>blacker than Black

>when Vegito was fucking around with Zamasu.
It was when he was charging the Final Kamehameha, actually, and that took a long time in the manga, with him dodging Zamasu's attacks several times while charging, so he might actually be bellow Beerus and just surpass him with that attack.

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His Kamehameha was deflected to wipe out tons of people. His ploy with Babidi saw the rest of the world wiped out. Humoring Vegeta was especially retarded.

she doesn't exist anymore

She'll always exists as long as we keep her in our hearts

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He's not teaching Jiren about being a good father, a responsible adult, or someone with high IQ, retard.

He's teaching him about fighting for your friends

no, soon she'll disappear from your memories as well, like all proper anime series do when someone stops existing

What happened user? Did your waifu leave you?

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Zamasu was more of a monster than Frieza though. Zamasu was completely relentless and sought complete genocide of everything that breathes. In comparison, Frieza's a cold hearted businessman, but atleast Frieza could be negotiated with unlike Zamasu. Frieza has his limits however high as they may be.

Not completely random. Heroes spoiled that Goku and Frieza were going to be among the final three of U7. The manga makes it very clear that Goku, Frieza, and 17 are gonna be the last three especially with the paneling in the most recent chapter. Not to mention that 17 and Frieza got the most focus in the recruitment chapters.

Unlike Toei, Toyotaro likes making battles complete stompfests when a character is clearly stronger than the other. Just look at the manga version of Vegito vs Zamasu against the anime version. Given that Goku is far more OP in the manga than in the anime, UI Goku vs Jiren will probably be a bigger stompfest in the manga. Likewise, Jiren vs SSB Goku will also be a stomp in Jiren's favor.

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Him and Vegeta would literally be millionaires just by jerking off to some tubes and selling their semen everywhere around the world. Why didn't anyone ever thought about that

this really sholuld happen

>the cliche dimwit shounen protagonist
>ever being taught a lesson on morality, instead of somehow being the paragon of morality and ALWAYS RIGHT in his ideals despite his glaring flaws
You expect too much from a kid's show, especially one made by Toei.

she doesnt exist anymore


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He would have killed Cell.


Kelamis would have made this 200x better.


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>chinga tu madre
>how's your mother?
sasuga gonzosama

It's like you want mass chimpouts. Spics will burn their city to the ground if their precious Gohan is taken away.

lol no