Is the new ova just a long as recap of season 1?

is the new ova just a long as recap of season 1?

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For the most part but it's about Reigen wanting to turn their adventures into a book and taking credit for everything that happens.

It's a cute OVA as well as highlighting some of the amazing animation as well.

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Yes, with some extra bits about Reigen's book. It's mostly notable for announcing the second season.

It's honestly one of the best recaps I've seen. It is a recap OVA, yeah, but it's under the pretense that Reigen is trying to make a bestselling book about his and Mob's adventures, but always giving himself all the credit for things other people did. It's pretty fucking hilarious, and there's some new scenes sprinkled in here and there.
Also the ending is amazing, it announced the second season within the series itself on TV.

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>the scene where Reigen reads the corrected book and dies inside more and more with every words he reads

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aw fuck it's out, thanks OP

Are these threads going to be dead until the anime comes out?

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i need a link bros please

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Just go on nyaa. Also, OVA was fucking hilarious, especially the ending

Mobfags BTFO

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Reigen arc will be removed in the anime because it will be redundant with the ending where Reigen confesses to Mob how much of a fraud he is.
They will also remove most of the random ghost hunting and start with the Mogami arc > Claw domination arc.

For real I would miss the mob gang however if One keeps making omakes like this with Mob etc. I don't see any problems with it

Is the Reigen manga gonna be a prequel or something?

I don't see Mob not being in it unless it is.

At least ONE is upfront about it, kek!

Chapter was dumped yesterday, it already has highschooler Tome, so it's absolutely a sequel.

First thing I'll do when I get back home from college today is watching the OVA. Glad to hear it's really good even if it's just a glorified recap episode. Even more happy with the newly announced Reigen manga and the confirmation of S2. Feels good to jump back on the mob hype train

Where is it? I can't find the thread looking for Reigen or Mob in the archive.

I found it with Reigen just now

The BD specials Mob psycho mini are up on 9anime if you wanna check them out, little sprite skits they're kinda cool.

that woldn't make sense. mob already knew he was fraud, it was the fact that he told him to his face what made an impression on him

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Looking forward to seeing this, Thanks user

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How would that even work?