The bible says it's a sin to be homosexual, but it doesn't say anything about being tomosexual

The bible says it's a sin to be homosexual, but it doesn't say anything about being tomosexual.

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Yomi pls

does it say its a sin? more like it just says god hates it and calls it an abomination.

I'm Tomosexual.

I'll stay with Sakaki, thanks.

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Unless you're a cat, she'll not be interested. I'm a cat so Sakaki-san will love me for sure.

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Being on this website has made me realize that I'm quite a pussy, user.

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You know as they say, you're a tomosexual or a homosexual


I'll just get in a little bit of extra tutoring.

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but which one?

Congratulations! The peg leg and thumbless waifu upgrades were a success.

Why is Tomo so shit? She ruined the whole episode.

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For me, it's a toss up between Nyamo and Kagura.

>mfw i might be older than the senseis now

I salute you my fellow dashing men of unique adventurous taste.

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>ywn drain your balls deep inside Nyamo and not return her phone calls in a couple of weeks later when she's frantically trying to contact you to tell you that she's pregnant
Why even live?

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However, it does say that idoltary is bad and having a waifu is basically idoltary

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some waifu's are literally idols

Daily reminder Koarin slept with Sensei for better marks


Can I have Nyamo?

I don't mind as long as I keep Yukari.

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It's a deal.

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Why would you want Yukari? She the least sexy girl on the show. She is just a horrible person.

Why is Osaka-chan so cute
I just want to lightly bully her on a daily basis

I'm Yomisexual

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>that extremely subtle plane change in the skirt

how do I draw like Azuma

Why not both

Another user put it very well... She'd be like a more mentally stable and toned down Misato Katsuragi. Plus she's a virgin, so a happy long term relationship is almost guaranteed to last.

Yukari is a bit cynic and lazy but she's by no means cruel or evil. She's also pretty fun loving outside work and despite her many complains she does a rather decent work as a teacher. Nyamo is fine but there's not much going for her aside of being cute and nice which is good and all but a bit too static for me. Yukari seems more interesting.

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Nothing sinful here

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Don't be a pussy
>Haha get it ;_;

Yeah but people who make puns go to a special circle of hell.

Repent, OP

I'm not Chiyosexual. I want to cuddle her and treat her well.

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