Yuru Yuri

Season 4 when?

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But we don't even have season 3 yet

After Oomuro ke anime

I wanna sniff Brat ass

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One day.....

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Based ass poster.

Fuck off, season 3 was fine. Certainly not as funny as the first 2 seasons but it wasn't bad.

I will defend this statement for the rest of eternity

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I've only seen the first two seasons recently, what happened with the third season?

Less- Yuru

More+ Yuri

Different studio. Not as funny and they removed several gags that were great.

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It had a kickass OP tho

Oomuro-ke anime when?

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Season 2 had a better OP

>tfw didn't care too much about the removing the Akarin prologues, but got really fucking annoyed when I realized the Kyouko never whipped out her box again

It was fine but many people on Sup Forums have autism and don't like change. Also it had the best OP.

Yui is the cutest!

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All OPs and EDs were great

Season 3 is more SoL-like instead of straight up comedy

Season 3 was way too gay

>not gay enough

Oomuro ke new volume when? Nadeshiko is literally me.



Why did season 3 have a grey filter over it? Why were the voices recorded by potatoes? Why did it have absolutely no sense of pacing and just started wherever and ended suddenly every episode? Why was it so manga-strict and absolutely lifeless? Why was every fucking "TOSHINO KYOUKO" actually "sob... toshino... sob sob... kyouko..."

Not to mention no 'Akariiin". I will never accept "Season 3". For me it's somewhere around season 3 of Minami-ke (not as bad as 2, that was special).

S2 is not fit to be Minami-ke

Only if Dogakobo is brought back, but they should be doing something more funny like Kaguya.

>Shit is intense with betrayal, suspense and romance

>conflict can't be funny

conflict is not contrast, it is stressful

Disagreed, gap and different expectations can make for some great gags. Maybe what you're looking for is "comfy"?

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More like Oomuro-ke season 1 when

That's not Kyouko

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Kyouko please old artists dicks for newest doujins

Why is she so cute?

for->with, rather.

Kyouko is one of the least cute girls of the show

>Not to mention no 'Akariiin"
That will forever be the biggest sin on season 3

Are you in every Yuru thread?

Doga isn't suited for drama.

Kaguya isn't drama apart from a chapter here and there. It's similar to Love Lab in the way that Riko's lie caused some drama, and Doga did just fine with that.

>Why was every fucking "TOSHINO KYOUKO" actually "sob... toshino... sob sob... kyouko..."
Blame the source material.

When we have enough good chapters.

I haven't read the manga yet, is it not good?

they aint complete and never will, it was cursed

Yuru Yuri S2 is overrated as fuck. Maybe because it has that one episode that is probably the best of the series.
S3 was better than S2 and as fun as S1.

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that one episode as in episode 12?

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How much more content is there beyond the latest adaption anyway?

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Season 4 will be with spies.

i want to torture and fuck spies



What are you talking about? That's YuYuYu S3.

The last episode of season 2 was an absolute masterpiece

It's both YuYuYu S3 and Yuru Yuri S4

Same. I enjoyed san hai.

Yes please.

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I actually liked Chizuru a lot in season 3. Except for that needless and weird middle of the night pissing scene she was really endearing.

S3 is better than the previous two.

That scene was absolutely necessary though.

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It could have done without the shot of loli Chizuru busting a squat.

Thank you. Dogakobo made something strangely unique in the Yuri/SOL genre and it was great to see them blow the doors of the series like they had in season one. There was no way that Season 3 could have competed with the first and second season batshit craziness and the final episode was the pinnacle. I remember after seeing episode eleven I was thinking to myself 'How the fuck will they top this?" Expectations: Fucking exceeded.

I want to rape Himawari and pay to silence her

That's just credit prostitution.

this is risk and her struggle is genuine, this is very exciting

>implying you would have to pay

It was not manga-strict, in a few cases it did exactly the opposite, and in some left out most details or interactions. It was much more stiff and less expressive, and even the cute moments fell flat on their face.

Ecchi OVA when?

season 3 is actually the funniest season

Animeonlies got mad.

If you wrote for them, that might have been true.

Is this the one with camping?

fuck off


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>my rape victim

>tfw you think S3 is as much fun as S2, and both are better than S1

I want to shoot my warm semen into Akari's 13-year-old vagina.

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dude same

Argue about S3 and S2 all you want but yes, after having rewatched the series many, many times, S1 is always the one that stands out the most to me as being the weakest. My guess as to why this is is for two reasons: first, they cover a lot of the establishing jokes, which don't really mean that much when rewatching since you know all of it already. More importantly, it adapts the very earliest chapters, which I've always thought felt like namori was still figuring things out. Its hard to explain, but there's a very drastic shift in "feel" to what she wrote at the very beginning, to the sort of chapters we have today.

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how can you stick your dick into the second dimension


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They're literally the same. Same character, same seiyuu who used the same voice and speech pattern, same tsukkomis, even the design is very similar, hair notwithstanding.

S1 was made with those changes in mind. There were situations where characters had their original roles reversed to match their later personalities. It also took a lot of liberties, but that's not always a bad thing. I prefer S2 but I can't deny S1 came up with some of the most popular and iconic parts. 1:1 adaptations are usually not fun to watch and in this way it formed a more unique identity. S2 stuck closer to the manga and went over some skipped content, minus the needless drama japs like to sneak in. The first and last episodes are still masterpieces. Obviously with the change in studio there was a drop in quality, but S3 is painfully generic to the point where you can replace the music with an eroge's and it might actually improve. That's because it was a cheap project passed off to literally whos. How does it has less personality than 2-minute anime?

that's the joke pal

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Just cum to little girls, is your fault to leading me into this


I wanna see Botan animated by Doga Kobo

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watashi mo

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atai mo

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I want to marry Yui!

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Would you watch it?

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Madoka a shit

Akari looks so good in Madoka's outfit. It's so perfect

I agree with the fact they left out some things but it was still very good overall.