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Why was the manga so much better than the anime?

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It wasn't.


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The anime removed most of the funny parts in favor of dragging out scenes that aren't funny. Peachy Poems is a perfect example of this.

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Why is 02 so much better than her?

Nah. I loved the filler the anime had.

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Major Normalfag Hurrdurring detected. Lum is an icon to japanese otaku society. While 02 is just a run of the mill insignificant waifu for you amerimutts to jerk off that will be forgotten within a year or so.

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That's mostly an issue between episodes 20-34 or so. The content the anime adds later is often great and helps break the samey pace of the original manga, and the original stories are often some of the most memorable episodes.

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They're both shit

You're just wrong.

>no ataru singing hound dog in the anime
Into the garbage.

Anime was bogged down by slow pace in a style of comedy that benefits heavily from fast pace. You hipsters like it because "muh mamoru oshii, muh kino"

Hey idiot, you haven't even read the manga. You aren't qualified to argue on this subject.

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because she has the rainbow hair in the manga

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Manga didn't shove Ten down our throat.

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Imagine being this wrong

You're an idiot and don't have an argument. You have never read the manga.

remember to read left to right.

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Manga got rid of the random guys for Mendo too

Ataru was so much more based in the manga than he was in the anime.

I think I'll have to read the manga. I was struggling with alot of things others are criticizing the anime for, so I think I'll like it more, honestly

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In the first episodes of anime there are a lot of nosense. Like when the exboyfriend of Lum came to take her and Moroboshi help Lum to stay on the Earth. Why did he do this? He always (at first) wants to Lum return to her planet.

And that is just an example about how bad are the characters in the anime. At least in the 10 episodes that I saw. And the there are so boring

Ataru loved Lum from the moment he saw her, according to Rumiko.

Rumiko has excellent comic timing, anime can ruin this very easily

Then that's new for me

I think it just starts out as lust and later when he does start to develop feelings for her he doesn't know how to act.

Plus, she's the only girl that isn't violent towards him with out reason, like Shinobu.

Dumb secondary. The manga has a chapter where Ataru visits the future and his wife is Shinobu.

Well If I was a woman and Moroboshi tried to "catch" me like he does... I'm hitting him like the other girls.

Because the anime was from a time where the japs were still shit at making anime so the manga looks way better.

Great at making anime*

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I thought I was the only one that had this opinion.
For me, because the timing in delivering the jokes is simpy better in the manga, and often in the anime some jokes are changed (generally in the worse) or simply removed.
True, the anime often adds stuff and jokes on its own (sometimes in order to fill the 20 minutes format), but most of the time this has the only effect of watering down the whole thing, ruining the fast paced commedy a little bit.
In fact, probably some of the best episodes in the animated version are the anime originals, where they didn't have the intrinsic limitation of adapting something.
Another thing that personally bothers me is that Lum makes way less cute/silly expressions in the anime, although this is somewhat balanced by sometimes giving more wacky expressios to other characters.
In conclusion, if I were to recomend Urusei Yatsura to anybody, I'd suggest to read the manga and watch the anime originals.

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It's one of the early chapter, Rumiko eventually submit to her fans and make Lum the actual heroine.

>ITT: OP Gets butthurt that most people disagree with his opinion and makes baseless claims that anyone who disagrees with him hasn't read the manga

How can someone like the manga but not the anime?

I wonder what Urusei Yatsura was supposed to be like if the fans didn't love Lum so much.

>why is 2 bigger than 1000?

Probably similar to that ESP couple series she drew with the Maison Ikkoku guy.

Better comedic timing, better jokes, characters have more charm to them since they're all written by the Rumiko rather than having a bunch of people handle different aspects of the series like what happens in an anime (Takahashi was hungry for success when she started UY so she gave it her all which is why everything about the manga is so charming in a way that's impossible to replicate with higher scale productions like anime).
Better drawings too but that's a given since from an artwork perspective comics are always going to be superior to animated titles just based on how much more you have to draw to animate something.
A bunch of other reasons as well but can't think of them specifically now since I barely remember the anime as is.


You're not disagreeing idiot, you literally said "wrong" without proving an argument, because the reality is you haven't read shit.