Shirley Chapter 9

After 20 years, she's still the cutest maid in the world.

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And that is all for god knows how many years. Next month is back to Otoyomegatari with Smith and his waifu.

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Forgot download link.

This was very nice. Thank you.

Thanks, OP. I wish this had a more frequent schedule.

How's Otoyomegatari been? I haven't read it in ages. I started to lose interest once they went away from the main couple.

After the lesbian arc it went to Pariya and then back to the main couple, and now it's on Smith who just reunited with his waifu.

The only 'bad' part that's been around so far is the lesbian arc, as it is though, it is still focusing a fair bit on the other couples, mainly Pariya and the boy she likes.

There has been a bit of development with the main couple too though, Karluk has gone to Amir's brothers camp to train at hunting with Hawks to basically man him up.

>the cutest maid in the world
For once OP is not a faggot.
I really wish it was still more or less ongoing. Otoyomegatari is nice and all, at least those six or so volumes I read, but Shirley is just the cutest shit ever.

Look at it this day, now she has to write another 7 chapters for a new volume. Maybe in 10 years. Also I just realized that this chapter is actually Chapter 14, and not 9. The confusion arose from me only looking at volume 2, which also published under the name "Shirley" and not "Shirley Medison" as everything past chapter 5 of vol 1 had been called, which has 8 chapters for vol 2.

When it's been so long they had to reintroduce the story.

The contrast between her dainty hands and feet with her poofy outfit is super cute.

Yes, take it up with Mori.

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is this age gap yuri?

God why is she so cute.
So damn cute.
Kaoru Mori is my spirit animal.

No fuck off.

Only in our dreams.
Yuri only works if there is no yuri in the original

I had to check to see if this was really a new chapter, Had gotten used to how detailed clothes and such can be in Otoyomegatari.

Are you kidding? Even without the patterned details of Otoyo, the art is still stellar.
Look at the detail on the frills for example.
Japan should just clone Kaoru Mori so we can get a steady supply of maid and /ss/ manga.
National fucking treasure.

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Too tired to read but I'll check Mangadex later. Thanks.

>the art is still stellar.
The art is fine, but Shirley had a distinctly less detailed (I mean in terms of patterning on clothing and stuff) style than Mori's current work. It's not to say it's bad, it's part of what I remember about Shirley as a comic and what I liked about it.

Well that's the same for Emma. There's more to pattern and detail in Otoyo because of the setting.
When there are details to add in the Victorian/Edwardian setting she does so.
This one, the details on the shoes for example.

Rem has easily surpassed her tho.

It's neat to see the differences in her art, 20 years is a long time.

Otoyo started off, at least, as clothporn. There were parts of Emma where she showed all the little details (Victorians loved that shit too actually, look at their lace wear and embroidery) but you could say that patterns are what Otoyo is all albout.

There's a mediafire posted in this very thread so you don't have to be a cancerous online reading newfag.