Kimetsu 102


102: Hello there, Tokitou-kun
[side] What is this young man chasing after...

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"Go away!!"
"I'm not handing my key, no matter what you have"
"And I definitely ain't teaching you how to use it"
[side] Who's defying the pillar...

What's happening? Are they arguing?
What now? Eavesdropping is bad.
But if they're fighting, I have to intervene

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Before anything: Thanks for the TL user

Nice, thanks.

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"What're you doing!!"

"Get your hands off him!!"

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"You voice is so annoying..."
"Who're you?"

"What're you doing to a kid...!!"
"Get you..."

He's not even flinching!!!

"He has thinner arms and he's smaller than me...!!"

"Get your hands off me"

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"You're really weak"
"I have no idea how you got into the demon hunters..."

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Wasn't this pillar one of the "genius" that Uzui mentioned while he was fighting the sixth upper moon???

Yeah, that panel showed this guy and the rock pillar.

Ehhh, internet is farting out. Time to go see what's wrong


This guy's hairstyle is very similar to Tanjiro's, they're related

Go on. As long you dont find someting like the image, everything is fine

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I really don't think so..

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He says that the puppet was made by his ancestors and has the same hairstyle as sumiyoshi user

I see...
This is why I trust in this old fella..

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There was that one time when user was translating a Yuragi chapter and spent his time wardriving to get a better signal.

Well I wasn't questioning TL user commitment, in fact I am grateful to him (or her or it... haha), I guess I am too old and old fashioned...

>to him (or her or it... haha)
TL is a cat.

Eeehhh, sorta fixed it.

"I sense something strange in that box"
"It feels like a demon... what's in there?"

"Is that..."

"Don't touch"

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"You okay?"

"He took him..."

"Get off me!"

"You don't look so good. Take care of yourself."
"Go away!!"

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gatdamn, only a week after the chapter comes out too

i started the series because the cover looked cool and the premise of the sister doing shit seemed interesting
then the sister turned into a vegetable for no discernible reason only to do battle once every 40 chapters
it's not bad, but i'm pretty disappointed

"I'm not handing this key to anyone"
"Not even under torture"
" "It" is gonna break very soon!!"

"Have you ever been under torture?"
"Adults can't endure that stuff, so it's impossible for you"
"Seems like you're just a dumb kid who doesn't know his place"

"And so what if it's gonna break? Why not name another?"
"You know, in all this time you've been grumbling and mumbling,"
"Do you know how many people have died?"

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Triggered Tanjiro best Tanjiro

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Thank you TL user! I wish I could have your babies!

Agreed... like on chap 81

"This is what happens when you get in the way of a pillar"

"Unlike for you people, time for a pillar is extremely important"
"You'd understand if you think a little"
"Sword smiths can't fight. They can't save people's lives. They're only here t make weapons"

"Come on"

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"Understand your place when you act"
"Because you're a mere baby"

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"What's this about?"

"This... this is... just wrong!! I have no idea why"
"What about consideration!? You can't just forget to be considerate here! That's just cruel!!"

"Am I acting cruel?"
"Are correct!!"

"Everything you said is more or less right"
"But even though you're not wrong,"

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>"And so what if it's gonna break? Why not name another?"
doesn't seem right. something about making one?

"Sword smiths have a very important and precious job"
"They have amazing talents, which are completely different from swordsmen"
"Because frankly, if they don't forge swords for us, we can't do anything at all, right?"

"Swordsmen and sword smiths need each other to function properly"
"Both these people fight the same fight"
"We fight every day, albeit in different places"

"I don't have the time to talk about dumb stuff"

Yaaay brain fart
>"And so what if it's gonna break? Why not make another?"
"You know, in all this time you've been grumbling and mumbling,"
"Do you know how many people have died?"

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"So what now. Can I carry him all the way back down on my own..."
"No, I'll carry him. He's gonna wake up very..."
"His eyelids are shaking there!! He's awake!!"

"You okay?"
"You shouldn't get up so fast..."

"Was Haganezuka-san here?"
"Was he just here?"

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"No. No he wasn't"
"Oh I see. Then maybe it was my imagination..."

"And the pillar!?"
"I gave him the key, so he left"

"Oh you gave it... I guess you had no choice there..."
"Well, I don't really know the situation, so I guess it's not my place to grumble about it..."

"Oh no!"
"I was really happy."
"You protected me despite not knowing a thing..."

"Thank you so much"
"No no, I couldn't be of any use to you..."

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"So what kind of key was it?"

"For a mechanical doll" [You're free to use karakuri doll]
"A mechanical doll?"

"My ancestors made it and it has 108 different movements"
"Whoaa!! Amazing!"
"Its power surpasses that of humans, so it's used as a training dummy"

"Oh I see. He was going to train..."
"Yes... but it's slowly deteriorating and it might break soon"

"Whoa what's that!?"
"The guy from before started..."

"Over here"

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If he's related to original Sun user then he has 0 blood relation to Tanjiro. If he's not then he's probably related to Tanjiro.

You know, everyone assumed based on the way the page was laid out that Mist pillar was the one that became a pillar 2 months after picking up a sword, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was the one with memory loss. Would seem to fit with the way he acts.

"Is the battle doll my ancestors made long ago"

"Yorichi Zeroshiki" [Or Yorichi v0, or Yori v1.0. I'm not bothering translating]
[side] Its appearance... where have we seen those earrings before...

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Aaaah so the "secret weapon" is a replicant... Nice

There's no reason they'd be related, Tanjirou's family were all just charcoal farmers in the middle of nowhere, they had no connection to the demon hunters aside from rescuing the breath of the sun user

It has a black katana... Intencional or coincidence????

>"Get your hands off me"
You let go. "This... this is... just wrong!! I have no idea why" "Sword smiths have a very important and precious job"
Sword smiths have a very important and crucial job!

>"They have amazing talents, which are completely different from swordsmen"
They possess amazing skills that are different from swordsman's.

>"You protected me despite not knowing a thing..."
You stood up for a complete stranger like me...

yes, the manga is in black & white, you fucking moron

>They possess amazing skills that are different from swordsman's.

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As always, thanks for the TL!

Thanks. It's nice having help.

I wish I could help you user-kun, but I don't know moonrunes...

Potatojirou strikes again!

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Happy to help. I happen to be back on evening shift so I was able to help out again this time.

Thank you for your dedication.

Oh so this is regular nitpick user?

Make edits of Tanjirou

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I'd love to but I'm not the Mikubro edit user

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ded thred

Pretty sure that isn't grammatically correct. You could say from "a swordsman".

why is the mist pillar such a fucking dick

Prodigies are always assholes

kek user i love ya

Ehhh, I guess I can do vol 10 extras since I have insomnia right now.

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Thank you!!

[Ch 82 title]

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[After ch 82]
The crow brigade (with sparrow): In a panic
Inosuke's crow is sticking with Inosuke
[Box] Superior
"Pillars!! No pillars yet!?"
Sparrow thinks Zenitsu is still missing.

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And people thought Tanjiro would find some kind of magic sword that will boost his abilitys. Kimetsu stands above such things.

Who thought that?

[After ch 81]
Laughing ->
Senjirou has been exchanging letters with Tanjirou and he loves Zenitsu and Inosuke. He finds them so entertaining he can't stop laughing.

Whoops this is after ch 80

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After ch 82

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After ch 83

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[After ch 84]
Taishou Rumors
"Uzui-san's crow is super fashionable. I hear he's the fashion diva of the crow world"
Whoo! Whoo!!

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[After ch 85]
Sparrow has found Zenitsu

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[After ch 86]
These two are observing when the right time to jump in is.
"Stop booming and bamming! We can't join in!!"
*Booming and Bamming (Causing explosions)

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[After ch 87]
From Weekly Shounen Jump 2018 Issue 2-3
From Weekly Shounen Jump 2018 Issue 36-37
From Weekly Shounen Jump 2018 Issue 4-5

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It has 108 moves, surely Tanjirou can copy some of them.

That's so cute! I wish he could have a bigger role in the story but I know it's safer if he stays home

is this the new Bleach?

Posters on another websites. Basically "Tanrjiro will find Escalibut hurr durr".

It is the new Assasination Classroom.

No. This is the new Ghost Buster

If a couple of years go by, he can be Tanjirou's first kouhai. Zenitsu, Inosuke, Kanao and Genya are unfit to teach.

No, this is the new Prison School

no author comments this time?

I wouldn't be surprised if TL user just fell asleep.

See for why

You've got your priorities wrong, Tanjiro is one of the best MC's ever and reading it for him makes everything more enjoyable

That’s true, because when he was first introduced he said he would forget anything they were doing regarding Tanjirou

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Shitty artwork

That's the point of the pupet, to teach Tanjirou some real Sun breathing techniques since he only knows the Dance of the fire god

Oh crap I fell asleep at my desk again

thank you as always!

Right uhhh I feel like I did this one before.

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And I definitely did this one before.

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You didn't, if I remember correctly this came in a special print-out for Children's day and this didn't have any digital version.

I have called myself nitpicker in the past but I haven't been around for months.