Whats the target audience of this kind of anime?

Whats the target audience of this kind of anime?

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Men with great taste

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Childless japanese

Fat men with beards.

Fat girls with dicks.


Abe-kun is trying to make women accept their natural desire to be BRED and PROCREATE. Maria knows what I'm talkan about.

Sup Forums

People who like comfy cute, people who have babysat a lot, people with nieces or nephews or god forbid children.

a futile attempt by shinzo abe to try to reverse the declining birth rate

In the end is the birth rate really THAT bad or is it just lower than it used to be?
Fitting 130,000,000 om an island the size of California, Oregon, and Washington is already pushing it.

I understand the need for a steady birth rate to make sure there isn't a dwarf generation or huge generation gap, but fitting more than 1/3 the population of the U.S. on an island is pushing it.


Lonely NEETs with real vaginas and men with low testosterone

Burly owners of kitchen appliances that can mechanically mix stuff together

>Cute boys taking care of cute children.

Looks like its made for the little girls here at Sup Forums.

>SIR!!! The birth rate is reaching terrible levels!!! What do we do!!!?!!?????
Commission Gakuen Bebīshittāzu in anime form

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My dick

this guys dick

Toddlers are poop and snot machine. 0/10. Would not make anotjer one, 4 kids is my limit. Don't marry a girl who loves fucking, and doesnt like the concept of single child family.

pedos like you op

Me. This show is good for my soul.

Is it just me or is Abe's propaganda to have kids really starting to work? I wish I had a whole bunch of kids so bad.

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my wife wants a minimum of 10 children, how fucked am I?

It’s in Lala isn’t it? It’s a shoujo that anyone can watch or read.

unless you're from glorious nippon he probably thinks of it as a setback

I'm the post above yours and I want that many. I have 8 siblings myself and can't imagine having less than 6. I do recommend you have them all as back to back as you can manage, it makes it way easier. And trick the older ones into watching the younger ones. After the third kid it's not that much extra work.

Next season is a josei series about an gaming otaku and fujoshi couple and a shoujo series about an otaku getting a girlfriend and making friends. Watakoi is probably going to do better. 3D Kanojo isn’t that popular and the source material is completed.

>an gaming otaku and fujoshi couple

I don't know I dropped it fast

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>all, he's so cool and aloof, but secretly he loves kids. he'd make a great dad

Sugita and Sawashiro play their work place friends and they also dabble in otaku culture. The MCs are new talent though. I can’t wait for April.


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i dont even care myself, ive been a friendless workaholic for so long i have a decade worth of money that wont be spent on anything else.

I was an ESL teacher in Asia and this show appeals to me.

forced drama

I swear every time there is a show not aimed at guys or 10 year old kids anons ask this question.

How so? I didn’t feel it because it’s a feel good kind of series. They had to set up the story by making them orphans though. From episodes 2 onwards it’s baby and teenager adventures.

early 20 somethings to mid 30 somethings who want to be fathers

I guess I dropped it too fast then
Might pick up again

It’s not really about fixing the population right now as much as replacing the old people when they die in the upcoming years. They’re planning on a large population decrease in the next 10 years and they don’t have the necessary amount of people to fill it currently

I’ll have what this user is having.

You dropped it on episode one? That’s the most dramatic it ever gets is when they talk about the parents, which doesn’t happen too often.

don't know, my kids are 3-5 yo. Ask your parents.

My siblings and I are all close in age. Good luck, user.

>You dropped it on episode one
Yeah, getting 2-3-4 now and giving it anothet try

Honestly have no clue. You could say it's targeted towards women or people that really want kids, but here I am enjoying the shit out of this and am neither of the above.
>forced drama
Really?I never felt like it was forced in any way possible. Their reactions from finally accepting that their parents are gone and understanding that it was ok to cry rather than pretend to be strong was very natural and quite well done for me.

I thought Naruto had already done that.

It’s aimed at young girls but people enjoy series that are outside their intended demographic all the time. I’m glad anons of all different backgrounds are enjoying it because this season needed a feel good series.

Every episode after 1 are basically 2 parts with both parts about babies and the teens. The only sad or episodes with any drama were episodes were 1-2. The rest is just cute and fluffiness.

People who want to fap to hot MILFs.

Me, I'm 8 year old, little girl.



tf even is this?

Anime (japanese animation)

Childless single men who masturbate to cartoons

please be in london

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Good lord

In my view, all of the episodes have drama in them. It's just that they're not the heavy kind. It's the one that ends with a resolution. And anything too heavy gets washed away by cuteness anyway.

Wait is Japan that has that weird law about having children and you have to request permission from the goverment?

Pedophiles. The bad kind.

I dropped it when the pedo guy was introduced. I get that he's probably not actually a pedo,but it ruined te comfy for me.

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People who like watching children hitting each other, but wanted more male cast than Mitsuboshi Colors has to offer.

Most of this show's fanbase are fujos, I'm basing this on the YouTube comment section.

Kirin is a pervert.

That's China

>I have 8 siblings myself and can't imagine having less than 6
Are two of your siblings particularly shitty?

>reading youtube comments in the first place

Go back there and stay there forever.

The current birth rate is 1.46 at its lowest it was 1.26 (in 2005). In order for a population to maintain its numbers it needs at least 2.1.
As the previous user said, Japan will suffer a large populational decrease that will affect labor, social security and economy in general

I-I'm sorry, I won't do it again I promise. Please let me stay.

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>all according to keikaku
Keikaku means plan.

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Still a good choice to not commit racial suicide by opening the borders. They have already made it clear they will solve their problems with technology and are fine with dealing with the problems associated with a declining population.

I like Abe posting but people have to realize it's a joke, I am afraid someone will take it seriously.

How many actual Germans are being born in Germany? Immigrants have statistically more children. Cut those out of your equotation, and you are left with an even lower number than the Japanese births. Japanese thus, do not run into the problem of being outbred.
This is of course true for most of the west. Latinos have more children than white people in the US. And some Muslims run large families. Which are the absolute exception among white families.
Make of that what you will, but it changes how we should perceive Japanese birthrates.

>thought I could just watch anime forever
>23 and now breeding instincts are kicking in

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Fujo doesn’t mean female anime fan. I’ve never seen anyone homo shipping for the series. Most of the show’s fans are girls since it is a shoujo series. Some shonen series have a lot of female fans but it’s rare of any shoujo series to have majority male fans.

>taking Sup Forums posts seriously
well that's his problem

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I want to cuddle Kirin so bad. Too fucking cute.

It’s been making me baby crazy

Kotaro and Kirin won best boy and best girl of the season. Every one else can go home.

>this thread

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and now breeding instincts are kicking in
HAHAHA you one weak piece of shit

Was this really necessary?

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My grandfather had 11 confirmed children and probably more that he never knew about before he died (65). My youngest aunt is 20. You'll do fine; your wife on the other hand may not do so well.

Have you been near real kids?, they really do that.

Anons dick

Super lolicons, also known as extreme pedos.

Just hit 24 and I feel the same, beforehand I firmly believed I would never want kids, now all I can think of is being a father one day.
Sometimes you just never know what you want out of life.

my sister had a kid at 24 and she’s miserable when i visit her.
the dad lost his full time job and now works parttime and they had to move back in with his parents until he can find better work.
kids are expensive as fuck.

Not keen on having one now, just that I thought I would never want one until recently.
If I do, I am gonna make sure I have damn good employment with job security, losing a job with several mouths to feed is fucking shitty.

That’s Kodomo no Jikan.

Japs aren't that dumb to fall for this propaganda. Abe is finished and he deserves it for mistreating the working class as the representative of the oligarchs.


Is he kill?, I haven't seen him in a long time pls say no

Kodomo no Jikan is for regular pedos. I’m pretty pedo, but I’m not pedo enough for toddlers.

Definitely not me. Nope, not this user here.
I just want to be happy.

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Mine isn't so much breeding as it is wanting to protect and care for children.

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There is a self insert character.
You know it's the moment to drop the Anime when he appears.

No, I just think 6 is the minimum amount of kids so that they can help with the burden of raising kids and be interesting once they're adults. Plus can you imagine all the grandchildren running around at family gatherings?

I only have one hand available for counting