How did we lose our top positions lads?

How did we lose our top positions lads?

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The grace of god

I don't know. I suspect many people see this places too old for internet.

I did it, it was me. I wanted the newfags to stay out and it's finally working. The touhou-hijack inspired split with /jp/ was simply too ahead of its time and set my plans back, but it's happening.

>beat by Sup Forums
It's over

Where are these stats from and how recent are they? I don't see why anyone even goes to Sup Forums anymore. Sup Forums and Sup Forums need a purge. This site is supposed to be for hobbiests, not political extremists.

Most popular board?
Most cancerous board?

Explain what is this lad

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This is outdated. Sup Forums has been the most active board for more than a year now.

Boomers on Sup Forums


/biz/ recently overtook Sup Forums no?

Why Sup Forums is so popular?
Literally only good for dick posting.

What killed the hype?

Reminder /fit/ and Sup Forums are the only boards that provide something useful with people who know what they're talking about

anime sucks

Not at all.
This chart is also horribly outdated.
Check out for live information on board activity.

do you have an updateone? it would be interesting to see one

>Sup Forums>Sup Forums
Fuck it. I don't want to live on this site anymore.

Shitposting boards will always have more posts.

wow, why is pol so popular? is it bots?

Nope. Sup Forums is the only board on the site that manages more than 100,000 posts per day.

>sad trombone

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That and the 2016 election brought in tons of retards there.

/vg/'s pretty fucking close though.

is this because Sup Forums gets less traffic or is it a result of the other boards gaining more as Sup Forums stays the same?

Political discussion is a very serious matter, not like your cartoon talks.

would rather have less people post on Sup Forums desu

>/po/ forever at the bottom
Why do we even have that board?

>Sup Forums
>123k posts a day

it say that a is in a 86% of normal activity
and tv is in 95%
so a>tv

So people have a place to go when they mistype Sup Forums.

we're all nazis now, get with the times

Sup Forums is the new Sup Forums. It's the board which draws in most of the newfags, and gets up to the most hijinks that get media attention.

Anime is on its way out