So which mangaka is your favorite artstyle-wise?

So which mangaka is your favorite artstyle-wise?

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Takeda Hiromitsu





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Tetsuo Hara

Kinusa Shimotsuki

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Here are a few favorites.

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Don't you judge me.

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So, you like NTR? Not bad.

I like Sorachi, his desings are simple and look good without having to use balloon tits.

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Murata makes me diamonds. Also like how well he can mimic other styles

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I like boichi a lot

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He draws torsos too long and the digital shading makes everything look too smooth.

I can't choose one, I can give you three at the minimum
>Hamada Yoshikazu
>Mori Kaoru
>Abe Youichi


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Dawman Sayman

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Yoshihiro Togashi

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I love the way he colors and the way he draws eyes. He's my favorite artist tbqh

Kubo is so good at character desing, specially females. Its a shame that he can't write for shit.

Douman Seiman

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laugh all you want but probably Araki Hirohiko and Asano Inio

I like the thick and sharp lines Tabata uses


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On the tecnical aspect he is undeniably good, but his characters all look fucking soules. I dont know how yo explain it, but their faces look like assets put together on templates

Kenichi Sonoda

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What a perfect summary of GCS's strengths and weaknesses

Great action

and then lolis...

I'm not seeing the weakness.

when translate?

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I see no weaknesses there

Purely on art?
Taisi Tsutsui has great attention to detail in clothes and hairstyles and hasn't yet made a character design I don't find appealing in some way in Bokuben.

Aka Akasaka isup there, I read Instant Bullet in almost one sitting and while the plot kinda went sideways at the end I really liked the art.also I didn't realize until recently the same person wrote both instant bullet and fucking kaguya, talk about range.

Tasuku karasuma has my favorite SF artstyle at the moment, there's criminally little manga where the machines actually look like machines and not just fantasy shit

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Hayashida from Dorohedoro is one of my favorites

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Looks like shit

Naoki Urasawa.

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classic degener/a/tes

Matsumoto Jiro

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who dis

Tie between early Nihei and Hayashida

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We failed to protect her.

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