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Who are your favorite Charlotte's?

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Big News Morgans >>>> any Charlotte Family member

The only good charlotte is a dead charlotte

Break next week. Possibly

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Oda normally goes four chapters max before a week break, so yeah. Already prepared for it to happen.

Amande and Katakuri tied

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I hate that this is probably because he is trying to do something special for the 900 chapter. I want those fuckers to be wrong.

It's also important to keep in mind that the 200 and 400 milestones didn't have anything particularly interesting happen in those chapters, so it's not a guarantee that 900 will have a standout moment in it. Plus I doubt it's going to top what he did for 800.

M'demon lady

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>900 chapter
>Sanji vs Snack
How would you react?

>tfw 899 cliffhanger is Jinbe getting fatally wounded


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Nah, Sanji vs snack will start next chapter. Chapter 900 will be hin wearing a raid suit

>jobber vs Meme Monk's sloppy seconds


This is Luffy's future wife. Say something nice to her

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>Pudding kissed San-

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Captain Crunch probably

RIP somewhere in the ocean, I loved your cereal.

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She could be their servant

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Wano when?
el próximo año

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When is law going to die?

Don't tell me insecure faggots also hate my other husbando?

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Don't worry. The Virgin Surgeon's end will soon come.

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>Thinking Luffy would end up with someone with an orc mouth
Yeah, no. Evem Luffy has standards

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I'll take a rose petal.... And eat it!

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>katafags and lawfags genocide each other
Truly the best timeline.

>luffy has standards
>luffy cares about appearances
How superficial. I expected better from you.

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What do you guys think will happen in Chapter 900?
a) Carrot joins
b) Caesar/Gastino joins
c) Monet leaps into action and saves Sanji and Luffy from the combined forces of Smoothie and Daifuku? (This results in Carrot not joining.)
d) nothing happens: the chapter

user is right. Even according to the SBS, it clearly says he's interested, but just not interested in looks. Luffy is a feels kind of guy.

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big meme eats the cake you retard

Pudding intro box.
899 will have her shooting them down

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Look, I don't make concrete predictions anymore, because I don't have all the cards in front of me.
I know only what I know, and can't add to a hundred other circumstances that haven't been made.
I've told you again and again what I think is going to happen with Monet.

She's going to come back, as either a temporary friend, or as an adversary.
Her goals will be the release of Doflamingo by any mean's necessary.
Those means are initially going to involve enemies of the Strawhats, but circumstance or simply convenience will make the two meet, and Luffy will decide to be friends with her.
There will be an arc or two where she's acting alongside or even as a crewmate uninitiated, and her interactions will cause either tension that establishes later arcs, or colors her reflection on her choices.
She'll probably find her astronomical dreams will coincide with the Strawhats journey and color her goals further.
She'll get into further and further hair-brained attempts to make getting Dofla out a possibility, before the impossibility and her own state of affairs finally crack; she doesn't really want to do this anymore.
As an outsider in the family circle, Monet felt a devotion to Dofla she hadn't felt for others, but with her work in Punk Hazard, his broken promises, and just the time she's spent with a real genuine family, something in Monet's heart has changed. Maybe the icicle really did do damage, but she also let Chopper go. Sure she'd told herself he wasn't important, 50 beli bounty, but he's a doctor, she knew that. So who's she? What does she want?
Monet decides to offer herself again, and give the Strawhats some critical moment to escape and have their plans unfoiled, by sacrificing herself.
But unlike Dofla, Luffy refuses to let her do it, and despite whatever he intends to do making it far more hard, he and his crew are going to save her.
This makes her realize she's got the family she wanted, and a Pirate King she needed, and joins whole-heartedly.

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Does theory includes Monet going to Impel Down and have a brief convo with Doffy?

Katakuri, Brulee, Yuen, Anana, Oven, Big Mom and her Homies, and Gallete in no particular order.

Daifuku a shit
Cracker a shit
and Raisin a shit

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Reminder only Zoro fanboys think he is stronger than Jinbe.

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And all of that? That can happen in a lot of different arcs. But why lock that assumption into one particular set of events where it isn't necessary? I tried that with Dressrosa, but I didn't know a fleet was about to form. I sort of tried that in Zou, but I didn't know that Jack was going to get 1HKO'd.

So I have my omnitheory. There's a lot of ways she could come back, but there's too many variables to say 'this is when that chekov's gun will fire'. I can look at hints, I can look at clues and allusions, and start to get rumblings, but the other shoe dropping is out of my control.

If you need a broad range of when it would seem ridiculous, I can give that. If Kaidou's come and gone, and we've gone through Future Island and Vegapunk, and she hasn't come back, then yes, I suppose it's unlikely she will beyond that. All the things that could tie to Doflamingo have passed, and so have any Punk Hazard connections. That's when I'd be ready to stop. She's got time to come back still, that's why I keep it up.

Maybe here's where she kidnaps Luffy to bring him to Kaidou as an offering for his services. Maybe this is where she saves them with a snow duplicate wedding cake. Or maybe it isn't. I don't really care.

Are we good now?

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Patrician taste

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1. Stop ban evading
2. Monet is dead
The volume fixed the mistake

Reminder that jinbe is yonkou tier

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Garp is going to die off screen

Chapter 900 will have Urouge swoop in and solo everyone on the island

"The Ninth"

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How does the Ma D. Monk do it?!

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Well, I do have a theory that long after all that, she'll meet Doflamingo again, alone. In Mariejois. Near the end of the journey.

She'll be shocked, and scared of him and him knowing what she's decided, but he'll be happy to see her alive and well. Or maybe he's just bluffing.
He'll say he was so pleased to learn she wasn't dead, and ask her how she's been, ask her about this 'joining the Strawhats' business. When she confirms it, he'll nod and say he's a strong captain and a loyal crew to sail with. He won't condemn or approve, just seem to understand it.
He'll ask her ever so kindly to let loose his chains. The place seems to be under siege, and if something fell on him in these seastone chains it may well kill him.
And she almost does, then stops and spits out that she's moved on, and she hates how he treated her as an outcast. She hated the family he made, and she's found a new family. She means most of it.
Dofla will take a strong and deep look at her, and sigh. Oh well, he remarks, he supposes he was too cold to her. He's still glad she has her own life to live now. He means most of it.

So she leaves, and in the aftermath of the chaos, she comes back, one more time. The chains are there, but Doflamingo's gone. She gets a chill, and looks about the wreckage, but it's all quiet, so she flies off back to the Strawhats.

And that's the last WE ever see of Doflamingo.

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Reminder that Jinbe is:
>Best Warlord
>Best Straw Hat
>Best Fishman
>Best Bro
And nobody else can compete.

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>joining the fucking Straw kiddies
dude has crew orgies every other day

Foreshadowing for Pudding shooting them down?

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I wonder if she will use Zeus to rescue them from Pudding? So her evil side starts to attack Sanji?

But Katakuri wins the best bro contest every year. I'm pretty sure he can compete with Jinbei on that at least.

Katakuri despite his eating tendencies is a man of class. Plus this sets up his kids as princes.

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Dude im telling you, I have a feeling Sanji turned her down and she is pissed now.
We will later see her in a cover story looking for another husband

I want her to somehow escapes WCI and reunite with Lola and both try to find husbands for themselves.

But of course Katakuri would win. He has a bigger family.

Jinbe wins the best bro contest in the Straw Hats though.

I can't wait to see Jinbei join desu. Imagine all of those salty carrotfags

I have nothing against you so I won't roast you but don't post yourself here like that. Easy ammunition for people that don't like you. Especially looking like that/sounding like that just like the fat whale from ealier

Did you have to make a video about it?


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>people on the internet would call me fat
Yes. He's that much of a faggot.

Did you just talk about yourself in first and third person?
What kind of autism is this?

princes of jobbonia

I-... wait... correcting you would be another form of autism. I'm onto your tricks.

>monetfag was assblasted enough to make a video
Praise be. You've easily passed up sanafag on the sperg level. Shine on you crazy diamond.

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Monetfag is a Sup Forumstard too. His autism level is off the charts

>Karakuri is a man of class
Wrong. That's the facade he puts on while he's being the 'perfect big brother' to the Charlotte family. When he's alone, he is able to be himself in all of his gluttonous glory. With Luffy, Katakuri wouldn't have to pretend anymore because he wouldn't care.

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F, Yubashiri was a good katana.

So this arc unquestionably cements Sanji as the superior member of the Monster Trio right?

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will the monet fag just mind break and an hero when monet never shows up again?

If anything it's the opposite.

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>only character to ever take Zoro's number 2 spot in a popularity poll
>got closer to Luffy's spot at the top than anyone ever has by a pretty wide margin

Never. Law is endgame.

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Please don't feed the Monetfag, bitch is dead


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No it pretty much cements him as a bottom of the barrel tier disgrace.

Brook was able to stand up to her for a couple minutes, she's not nearly as strong physically as the other three, and certainly nowhere near Kaido or Black Beard.

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>Kidd above Brook and Vivi
>Bartolomeo at the top 10
Truly the worst poll ever

So easy to trigger the insecure fuck boys.
Not even him but maybe I should start doing the same

>completely demolished both Monet and Pica with little effort
>able to stand up to Captain Gravity

We still have no clue just how powerful he got. It's too early to tell, we need to see Zoro go all out post-timeskip.

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That top 6 just confirms that fujoshi are the main part of the one
piece fanbase now

Not that it's suprising considering all of the gay shit posted in these threads

Reminder that Zoro cuts mountains with ease while your joke of a supposed monster trio member can't even kick down a metal door.

Real men cry faggot

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Why couldn't he cut the cage on dressrosa then? Kek

But the other sbs says he isnt interested. Could you explain what he is interested in in the first sbs and what he isnt interested in in the second one? Because to me it looks like this two contradict each other and Oda just confirmed Luffy is asexual. And before you say "its only about personality for luffy" there hasnt ever been a women who luffy was interested in because of her personality. Its just headcanon stuff.

Vivi hadn't appeared for like 500 chapter. Brook is always underrated.

>Sanji gets a raid suit
>Frank recerse engineers it
>it uses the memory shape technology to become able to have a shit ton of weapons inside his body without having to become more deformed
I really that this becomes Franky's power up(together with a nee body made of kairoseki) instead of just learnig fucking haki

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Ye, but Sanji has been getting shit on consistently and that's just one highlight. I'm not even anti-Sanji, I want him to do better. Whichever editor came up with the "Year of Sanji" tag line was hopefully fired and scorned.

Because Doffy's strings are far stronger than mountains. Dozens of haki users and world-class warriors could barely even slow them down.

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Because Birdcage was bullshit. Not even Fujitora was able to stop it.

Who outside of the Monster Trio learned Haki? Usopp learned observation, but that totally fits his character and the situation.

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Brook is a bad as an fas as Fuck, besides she was trying to capture him alive yo hoho!

>Marco at the twelfth spot.
Great taste japan

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He's coming back baby!

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How JUSTed will he look like?

I'm more interested in Ace's former first mate giving Luffy some heavy shit talk.

Found the biggest doffyfag on YouTube
This guy seems like an accidental shitposter and I hate him for that, am I being unreasonable?

>the majority of the top 25 are handsome boys
>Great taste


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What's the problem, weeb?

The first SBS clearly says he's interested in females. Every person is interested in looks and personality. So there are 2 factors that define interest. Oda was responding to looks. The next SBS clearly contradicts this by saying Luffy is not interested in looks. Therefore, one factor of Luffy's interest in females is overwritten by Oda. That is looks. Therefore, Luffy is still interested by way of personality, but not looks.

In order for the new SBS to completely contradict Luffy's interest, you would need Oda to flat out eliminate both factors to a man's interest in females. NEXT.

I think everyone would be satisfied if Hancock simply had Luffy's babies and took care of them and found extreme happiness with her own family while Katakuri got all of Luffy's loving

Women just can't satisfy Luffy's needs

>calling someone a weeb
>on Sup Forums

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