Fate/Extra Last Encore

So what will happen from now on? Will Hakuno and Nero die? Why is Hakunon talking all of a sudden? I thought she lost her legs too.

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>Will Hakuno and Nero die?
I hope so.

That's mean!

We have no idea user, I wonder what she will show to Hakuno

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She'll show Hakuno Nero and her fighting together. Because Nero was her servant, not Redman.

>So what will happen from now on?
Who knows.
>Will Hakuno and Nero die?
Maybe. Maybe not.
>Why is Hakunon talking all of a sudden?
She was never a mute. What's the problem?
>I thought she lost her legs too.
This is not only happening inside Hakuno's mind but her getting injured happened a long time ago during one of the previous wars.

Looking at this, this is all in Hakuno fake's inner conscience isn't it? Like the reason why Hakuno fake takes after Hakunon is because she's the strongest person in his being.

Pretty much. The reason could be any really since it's just an excuse to keep Hakuno as the face we see. Hakunon lost like we saw in episode 1, then Hakuno later climbed to the top and lost too like we saw in episode 7. Now this third Hakuno takes the form of Kishinami Hakuno but he's not actually 100% Hakuno, but also the grudges of everyone else who died.

Selfcest when?

There was no male Hakuno besides Nikuiman

Nope. There was.

You missed this. The scenes of Alice and Hakuno interacting in the third floor were actually a flashback to the real Hakuno, notice his CS are different. He managed to beat the third floor by making Alice forfeit, then he promised her he'll come back after he wins but he never returned. Time passed and Alice became that monster, and after seeing nikui Hakuno she froze for a moment, which allowed Nero and Rin to kill her.

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So those memories with him fighting with Gozen is Hakunon or what ?

Actually, that seems likely. I think it might be that Hakunon and Hakuno fought, with Hakunon coming out on top.

Why is the failure playing a part in Hakuno's bizarre Buddhist adventure?

She's mad and wants to show him something

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In typical Nasu fashion there's more to the "fake" Hakuno MC than initially appears. He was literally about to go "walk into the light" following his beating, before he remembered Umu's words and saw the door leading to Hakunon.

When he was having his dead face-off (let me have this one) with Julius, Saber's voice called him back to "normal". He also has no signs of the purple digital degradation that many of the corrupted servants and Julius have.

Combining the fact Julius said he wasn't a real master, that somehow Umu is "covering" for him, and the meeting with hakunon postcredits it seems fairly obvious we're getting the Nasu specialty.

Nasu LITERALLY CANNOT STOP writing about fakes becoming real in some way, we have absolutely no resosn to believe Hakuno will be any different than Ilya, Irisviel, Sieg, Mash, and Shirou in a more abstract sense.

He didn't say Deadface Hakuno was the angry Yang essence of dead Hakunon but it's in the same vein of shit as the Shikis are. Nasu is completely unsubtle, we'll no doubt get a long lecture next episode from hakunon with optional seafood metaphors explaining the possibility of deadface gaining a soul and becoming a true master in order to beat Twice or some shit.

Also, for all the /u/ shitposting the way deadface crawled over to umu and "died" with his face inches away from hers was pretty obviously in a romantic context, maybe he's decided to mix it up a bit and have a servant forcibly fuck humanity into their master rather than the other way around.

If anyone could overcome the NIKUI autism of a deadface through sheer debauchery it'd be emperor fucking Nero claudius

Twice literally calls him nothing more than a mass of death in the shape of her (Female Hakuno) components. There's only two Hakunos, Kishinami Hakuno (Female) and Kishinami Hakuno (Dead Face). There is no third, true male one. The master that befriended Alice was not Hakuno.

Bride Nero says that cheaters are the worst, but isn't Nero a fan of harems?

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That's not necessarily the case. We're told Seraph can no longer dispose of negative emotions, meaning it's possible that NIKUI has been formed several times with different servants and failed multiple times before the start of the show. Since Extra is a game the obvious comparison would be darksouls, with Deadface/Ashen One Hakuno losing memories with each failed attempt.

In a past cycle he could have made it to Alice while she hadn't fully degraded, continued onwards after promising to come back down for her, then later died to Twice/any other floor.
Then, when he ascends once again to meet her he doesn't remember and she's already deteriorated because it's been too long. We have no idea how many NIKUI incarnations have existed prior to current MC, but both Alice and Julius seem familiar with hakuno and it's been a thousand fucking years so I would bet a lot

user Nero is pure and full gap moe seems like a really experienced girl but really isn't and besides even if she had sex Hakuno is her first true love and Nero is really romantic so she wants to cuddle and hold hands with him.

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Are there really only 2 episodes left?

No, we will get 11-12 and special broadcast on the internet since they delayed LE release and now their timeslot ended.

If you're her Sousha, would she cuddle with you and take pride in sharing a harem of cuties with you, the same way normal couples share a blankets?

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I want to give this lad a hug

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She said in Extella it would be no problem creating a harem if her Sousha wants so, she might get some dumb idol lizard girl to fuck and after both cuddle and sleep together

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>male masters btfo again
Thanks Nasu.

his sufering never ends and we all know LE will finish with everyone dying

Dumb idol lizards are for pleasuring the emperor and her loving sousha

I hate the fact that there are only memesubs available now.

I wish Apex had the determination to do this until the end.

Kooritsukai isn't exactly a memesub, he isn't good as Apex but isn't bad either

I was going with that mentality until I saw random crap there because it's funny xd

nah, thank you sir.


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I only remember that sad loli sounds but ok, you can wait for chyuu but they take a fucking lot of time to sub

Yeah, that's the pain that I decided to go through, I'm just baffled that no one else is trying.

So... what? Does everyone know they're stuck in a time loop? When did they realize it? Do they think continuously going up is going to change anything? Why aren't they discussing it?
What the fuck is going on?
I have a feeling SHAFT is ignoring key points to make the plot feel more mysterious but in a really retarded way.

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I was sitting there wondering if I had missed an entire floor or something. Classic Shaft.

Honestly enjoying this 100% times more than the game. I hope we get an Extella sequel or something.

that clown was useless in game so that skip is pretty good

Fansubbing is dead and the Fate fanbase is kinda autistic people wanted to raid chyuu discord because of that praetor/maestro thing

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What happened at the end? Who is that giant arm?

That's Rani equipping herself as Lu Bu

Why the fuck is Nasu putting prisma illya bullshit in this?

I just picked this up for the umu counter, I didn't ask for these feels.

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Prilya is literally only canon because Nasu liked the install idea

He wanted to use it in the original extra but it didn't make the cut

It's such a fucking bad idea though, brushing aside Lu Bu and Cu who deserve the screentime for a pointless fanservice character like Rin. I'm fucking ANGRY.

But she died..

Hey what about this cutie?

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I don't know if Cu would fit in LE, would be strange


>don't know if Cu would fit in LE,
If Rin could be shoved into Extra and LE without worry, so can Cu.

What will Nero and Zabiko's date be like in the anime?
I bet it'll be really cute!

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Go away.

Same. My only complaint is that the fights are kinda wonky. Hopefully they fix it in the BDs.

>Will Hakuno and Nero die?
Of course not. They've overcomplicated the details but so far the anime is going the exact same route as the game. Rin/Rani will fuck Nero and she'll use her noble phantasm in the next fight.

>Why is Hakunon talking all of a sudden?
>I thought she lost her legs too
We're in another hacked version of the multimedia room from Extra

The projector will likely show something next episode that we shouldn't be able to normally be see, and it'll be followed by a route altering decision

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Honestly I don't care much about Lu bu I wouldn't mind if Rani had Lu bu install and Rin keeps Cu so Nero fights vs him

Except that Nero was Hakunon's servant; not Gozen.

I'm getting some Kagetsu Tohya vibes here like in the part of the subconscious Nanaya Shiki.


>yfw the Moon HGW has degenerated into this state because in one of their wars there was a certain Dead Apostle Berserker that ripped through the dimensions damaging the space and fucking up the Moon Cell

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I think everyone is going to die. The Moon Cell is a wreck, and even Twice - in an inverse of his game characterization - seems have to given up on absolutely everything.

Maybe Hakuno's here to bring about an end to all suffering?

Fate/Dark souls

No, there was a male Hakuno who fought against Dan and Julius. He also met Alice at some point, before he died.

It's pretty clear that there was a male Master who looked exactly like Hakuno. Hakunon might've made it to the top and fought Saver, but Hakuno was the one who went through the rest of Fate/Extra.

I actually liked the Dead Face-off. I kind of wish we had more of a fight between the two zombies, however. Hakuno just sort of takes it, even when he goes all black and evil.

I hope current Hakuno and his shitty servant dies. This generic garbage has gone on long enough, NIKKUI and UMU are trash, I have never seen such a dumpster of a character. Two failures in one show hogging most of the screentime is too much, it doesnt work and completely ruins the show. They and their interaction has no substance and "deep" Shaft(Trash) theme is plain bad.

Im honestly watching this with 3x speed out of duty to see it through.

>Hakunon was Nero's true master
YES. fuck that male Hakuno
>for all the /u/
Nah, you're just a limited fool. This is new era yuri. In this season: 7 titles with yuri(including Fate extra)

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just drop it retarded, how dumb you need to be to watch something you need 3x speed to tolerate

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>This is new era yuri. In this season: 7 titles with yuri(including Fate extra)

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as expected, go back to Abe shitshow

Guys which modern people do you think are worthy enough to be called heroic spirits?

I mean people from the 20th and the 21st century.

And reminder that heroic Spirits themselves are not necessarily Warriors or Fighters. They just have to have significant enough influence or be permanently recorded in history.

If I was just pick one, I would say Bill Gates. For an example.

One of two reasons. One, he's essentially the King of the computer era. And that Windows is in practically every home or office.

And two, is that for the very longest time. He has held the title of "world's richest man"

I think both of these are worthy of him being a heroic Spirit. Especially the first, which I believe would also give him the pioneer of the Stars skill

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2/7 of them are most likely actual yuri.
Only series with Yuri I know of is Citrus or whatever.
The others are probably blow out of proportion by delusions.

You sure showed him. Now why don't you tell us what these other "Yuri" shows are

There is already an Armstrong.
I would like to see Simo Hayha or how the fuck his name is pronounced as Archer. Or Red Baron as Rider.

Michael Jackson - 3* Caster.
Audie Murphy - 5* Berserker.
J.R.R. Tolkien - 2* Caster.

And that's just off the top of my head.

>Michael Jackson
Yeah I can definitely see it. He's had that much of an influence
>Audie Murphy
Literally who?

Why did gay bulge miss Li? Is it because Rin doesn't have Cu's full powers, bullshit, or something else?

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>Literally who?
A man who went to hell and came back.

>Does not use a bow

They keep doing it, the absolute madmans.

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Nero x Hakunon best ship
>Now why don't you tell us what these other "Yuri" shows are
brainless pls, i said with yuri and not yurishows.
with yuri =/= yuri shows
show with yuri: Yuru Camp, Sora yori, Grancrest Senki, Toji no Miko, Märchen Mädchen, Fate last encore. Yuri shows: Citrus

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Rin does not use Gay Bulge like Cu or Scat do, those 2 activate the NP and there is a "channeling" time for the reverse causality to happen. Rin tries to hit targets herself without activating the NP.

Stephen Hawking - Caster or Rider with Pioneer of the stars.
Aniki - Berserker with ME E-

The real life Captain America.


The guy so badass that when they made a movie about all the crazy shit he did in World War II, they got him to play himself.

You are one insufferable, I hope one day you just kill yourself.

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I'm not complaining. More Tamamo for me.

Stop spamming already you yuric/u/ck.

Hey don't say that.
Some other fucking literally an Hero'd himself on live stream last week here

Keep posting.

>types like a retard
Checks out.
Literally nothing of value would be lost, every fucking week the same shitposting.

Here is my rider.

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>show with yuri: Yuru Camp, Sora yori, Grancrest Senki, Toji no Miko, Märchen Mädchen, Fate last encore.
>Yuru Camp
I'm not sure about the other but if I had to guess none of them have yuri in them much like the other two.

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>Not Ruler of this gym

I always knew /u/fags are cancer.
Nightingale, help us!

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Worst shitter of a servant.

Zun with a Gensokyo reality marble np.

Take that back!

Yeah I don't think counterforce would let that slide.

Wait, isn't gensokyo technically located in the reverse side of the world?

And if a certain realm demon existed in the Fate Universe, she could walk in and out the land of mysteries and the land of humans as much as she fucking wants while giving counterforce a big fuck you

You know its true as much as amusing she is in Pluribus UMUnum.

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Bros? Where is she? You told me she would show up, and we are 8 episodes in..

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If I'm not mistaken, she's currently hanging out with alternate universe kirei.

And speaking of alternate universe, can someone answer me this. When a timeline gets pruned [object designated for removal], is it that it gets destroyed? Or that it's just no longer protected by counterforce?

On a sticker

Nurse, amputate the /u/fag!